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Monday, January 10, 2011

Consumer Warning


From: Mick Collins, Executive Editor
To: Users of “”

Subject: WARNING

It’s come to my attention here at the World Headquarters of UCTMW that someone using the rough physical description and identity of our Publisher, Molly Collins has recently experimented with the on-line match making site “”, by posting a profile purporting to seek a Male Dominant for the purpose of exploring her purportedly submissive side.

As a result, Ms. Collins has received a variety of solicitations from the constituency that ask for more details or additional information about Ms. Collins’ interests. A review of her “profile” suggests that those interested review our postings here at UCTMW and then describe their interests and availability.

However, the basic premise of the profile, which does feature an alluring photo of Ms. Collins taken recently from the rear at our remote location on the Mountain Time Zone, is that somehow our Publisher is “submissive” curious, and would be interested in exploring that side of her sexuality with the right Dom-ly candidate.

To that extent, the profile seems to be misleading, and therefore we send out this brief disclaimer to it’s potential readers.

I should know.

I have certain contractual rights to “turn the tables” on Ms. Collins each Sunday. We call it “Switch Day” here at our HQ.

If yesterday morning was an example of our Publisher “submitting”, even because of a contractual obligation, then God help the ambitious Dom who might try to bend Ms. Collins to his will.

After I woke Ms. Collins after a good night’s sleep at around 9 am, and presented her with the morning papers, she took her time perusing the local news, then surfed through a number of her favorite sex blogs.

She seemed particularly amused by the story from Brooke, at Puppy Tales, and her story about being forced to masturbate in some special panties picked out my her Master.

When it came time to read my morning’s work product, about her little adventure at the Gym on Saturday, I slid beneath the sheets to graze in her moist folds, as is my habit.

“Hmmm …. Already very damp down here, Mistress.”

“Well I have been doing some reading, Slave…. That can get me going you know.”

Yes, so it seems. Thank you, Brooke, for the jump start.

Of course, since it was my so called switch day, I was simply priming the pump down there. Mistress would have to wait for her satisfaction.

But when she put down the computer, and I pulled out the leather wrist cuffs that were to be deployed to make Mistress helpless, she got very dodgy.

“But it’s so chilly, Slave.”

She wrapped herself in a sheet, rolling away from me. I almost had to read the contract section to her to make her surrender her wrists as I finally was able to bind them together, and then secure them over her head on the bed to assure she would not wiggle away from me.

After that, she did seem to get in the mood of the morning’s activities a bit better, not resisting as I used another set of leather binders to lock down her ankles. Then with some prodding and poking she agreed to roll onto her tummy.

“There, was that so terrible, Mistress.”

“I guess it depends on what you might do next, Slave.”

“Well my bottom can still remember how you used that crop on me yesterday afternoon….. and I do believe in that whole goosey / gander rule….”

I stepped into the closet, retrieving the crop that had been so enthusiastically deployed by her on Saturday.

After a few test thwacks, I seemed to get my range. But what impressed me is that in contrast to my whiney squirmy behavior the day before, Mistress was almost placid as I covered her bottom with the tip of the crop.

“Don’t I do this hard enough Mistress?”

“Well I think women are a little better padded back there Slave….”

Maybe that’s the problem, my boney, scrawny ass.

So I upped the tempo and intensity a notch, making nice little red marks on her bottom. And that seemed to get a bit of a rise out of her. I noticed her ass squirming a bit more, and the way her delicious arousal aroma was filling the room suggested that there may have been something else going on there too.

“I can smell you from here, Mistress… are a greedy little slut at heart, aren’t you.”

“Don’t let the secret out, Slave….”

Who me?

After those red marks became nice and pronounced, I fushed out one of those feathers that ‘Nilla had suggested we acquire a few months back. As I ran it over the soles of her feet, then up the inside of her legs to the crease between those lovely butt cheeks, I had Mistress wiggling and writhing nicely.

Dropping the feather, I slid down onto the bed, covering her body with mine. I suspect she could feel my very engaged cock poling it’s way between the backs of her thighs, the ones that could not part sufficiently because her ankles were still tightly bound.

She wriggled a bit in frustration as I kissed the back of her neck, and used a tongue to probe her dainty ear.

But you could tell she was growing impatient.

“Uhhhh…. When do I get to come, Slave……”

“Anxious are we….”

“Well you’ve been at this a while and we do need to go to the gym this morning.”

At this point, I‘m wondering how some Big Bad Dom that might stumble onto the “MollyCollins” profile might respond to this sort of attitude. But as it happens, I was about to deploy the power tool. Mistress’s wait was coming to an end.

You could tell she was pleased when the little hummmm from the Hitachi filled the room. As best she could, she lifted her hips and parted her thighs to accommodate it as I slid it towards those juicy folds, and let her capture it against the by now sodden bed sheets.

“Ohhh… Slave…… niccccce.”

“Glad you like it Mistress….. but remember , I want to here “May I come now Master” before you let go…..”

She was churning against it now, her eyes screwed shut, her thighs squeezing so desperately hard, her hips rising then pounding down against her favorite toy. I wonder if the Hitachi folks do consumer testing to make sure the suckers don’t break when subject to this sort of physical abuse.

I whispered in her ear about the sort of Dom that might make her worship his cock for hours before rewarding her with the sort of climax that would come so easily to her now.

That seemed to push her wanton little mind over the edge, and I heard the magic words.

“Master….. may I come now, please may I come…..”

“Yes you may little slut….”

And she did, stretching out for what seemed like more than two minutes, moaning and convulsing against the bed, with those little sobs I love so much thrown in for good measure.

“You can turn it off now, Slave.”

You see guys, this is the problem: she quickly gets back into command mode, once the reward is collected.

And of course, it’s hard for me not to get back into Slave mode too, so without hesitation I shut down her little power tool. I even released her ankles, if only to facilitate me rolling her over and taking the reward that I planned to collect before completely releasing her.

After I had my own well earned explosion, taken only with permission of course, we lay there a bit, exhausted in that lovely way….. but soon Mistress was back to her non-sub ways.

“Untie me now Slave…. I need to use the bathroom.”

“Of course, Mistress….”

I untied the leather thong that connected her bound wrists to the top of the bed, leaving her red cuffs still locked and joined together.

“What about these, Slave….. unlock them too.”

“But you look so cute walking around like that, Mistress.”

“But I can’t wipe…..”

“Would you like me to do the honors….”

She just gave me that look.

And of course I retrieved the little keys. Switch Day was clearly over. And though a good day was had by all, I want to make it clear to all those potential Doms out there:

Mistress is a real project. You would have your work cut out for you if you ever had the opportunity to “train” her.


beingaisha said...

That's great, Mick! I can sooooo picture that!! {laughing}

Having met Mistress Molly, it is indeed difficult for me to imagine her being very submissive for long... and that seems to work well for you two.


P.S. Will you join Sfp and me in telling tacky stories about potential Doms?

strivingforpeace said...

with a cast of characters along the right hands side...

nilla said...

oh...can i do that too? i had a plethora of them myself...*grinning @ sfp's cast of characters*

Mistress Molly?

you *are* a handful, aren't you?

i'm not sure if i should *applaud* that or shake my head and giggle...

naughty naughty....


sin said...

boy I can't wait for all of you to have a cast of characters along the right hand side!

subbrooke said...

Oh Mick that is just going to tempt all the Doms out there. Most like nothing better than a challenge.

Plus, she has that smokin' hot ass to tempt them. I'm sure her mailbox will be full in no time.

Great post.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

yes, it is smokin' hot. and her mailbox is already full. but with solicitations from a (mostly) very bizarre rogues gallery.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brooke,
glad you think the 47-year old ass is smokin-hot! Don't love having it out there for public view