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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drive by Domme

(Tomorrow’s blog today).

No doubt I deserved to be in my cage all day today.

I could not drive Mistress to work, because of an appointment across town.

And I had scheduled myself to go to a big college basketball game tonight here in River City, with some guy friends.

Mistress was invited to join me at the game, but opted to go to the gym instead. She is really not the sedentary sports fan, as her lush but well conditioned body demonstrates to all who have seen it on display on these pages. She’s the active type who gets cranky without regular vigorous exercise.

We had hoped to get to share lunch instead of dinner tonight, but alas, my meeting went on through the lunch hour. I was afraid I would not be seeing Mistress until after the game tonight, at around 10 pm.

So I was delighted when Mistress announced she would be stopping by my office at about 4:30 pm, before she headed to her gym and I headed to meet my buddies for a few pre-game beverages.

She waltzed into my office as I was polishing off some emails, and I quickly dropped my work to close the door and move the chair (her throne) against the door.

You can see her here, just moments ago, with that maroon spread, that protects the upholstery from her aromatic juices.

“Slave… I wore your favorite tights.” She spread her legs, revealing those peek-a-boo tights, with the strategic opening. It makes worship on the fly so much more convenient. No need to remove those above the knee boots, or peal off her tights. Just spread your legs, and let the Slave do the rest.

As I fell to my knees and went to work, Mistress described her conversation with our Western Correspondent.

“He says you’re desperate for me to cuckold you, Slave…. That you’re accessing is because he and I have not gotten together yet in the flesh yet….”

I was …. Busy…. So did not respond. But I must say the thought of Mistress in the arms (or clutches) of another man does add a certain twitch to my cock. And in it’s cage, as I knelt there, the poor work-a-day thing was straining a bit against it’s metal bars.


AS I worked away at Mistress’s damp and wanton parts, taking her clit between my lips and suctioning gently, her legs squeezed my head tightly, until she let out a stifled moan, lifting herself to me just slightly, before relaxing her grip.

It seemed I had served my purpose.

She patted my head, a signal that my work down there was done, at least for now.

“I told M that you would be out tonight, Slave…. So he may be calling me…. Is the Hitachi in its proper place.”

“It’s right there under the bed, Mistress…. All plugged in and ready for you..”

“Good Slave…. Now walk me to the elevator….”

I did, kissed her goodbye.

She discretely ran her hand down over my crotch, confirming that the cage was locked in place.

“Don’t be too late, Slave..”

I guess I better get there before Mistress nods off… or that cage could be on until morning.


SometimesSpanked said...

Wow... an amazing pic of Mistress! Sexy story of your day. I'm sure you'll be making good time when heading home to Her tonight! :)

beingaisha said...

That is a great picture!

Hope youall had a lovely time last night when you got home!


sin said...

Awesome pic. I have boot envy. And Molly clearly spends tons of time at the gym, she looks amazing. Isn't she nice to feed your fetish with the dark tights and boots so regularly?