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Saturday, February 19, 2011

All Work. Little Play.

It was a long day here in the Windy City yesterday. Some work meetings and a related dinner kept me engaged from about 7:30 am until after 10 pm.

Mistress was busy too, shepherding one of the teens around the campus of a local University, and then shopping with the teens on Michigan Ave. I am told she was collecting some boot shots for our upcoming Boot Week extravaganza. But I know what you all will want is those shots with Mistress in her boots and little else.

Patience all. You will soon be knee deep in them.

If you checked yesterday’s comments, a brief message of thanks for your thoughts popped up late yesterday afternoon from our Western Correspondent. Mistress reports having a brief conversation with him as she lounged in our hotel room waiting for my return last night.

“He still sounds pretty bad, Slave…. And those pain killers he is taking have him pretty out of it.”

We sort of wish he had stayed a little longer until the nursing staff was done with him… I mean not had their way with hom, so much as sending him on his way after a full recovery.

But it may just mean he needed access to that stash of high priced lubricant. If so, that could be a good sign.

If course, due to our HIPPA obligations to our employees, it would be unlawful for us to share the exact nature of M’s malady. Bu that can lead to some speculation.

Donna, our Southern Correspondent, always up for making trouble, wondered if M had an adverse reaction to a device known as the Andro-Penis, described and shown below in a column by a blogger named Dr. Dick. Here is the link to the full article, which I have excerpted a bit below.

Andro Penis —— $203.06
Dr Dick & Carlos
Dr Dick: “Before Carlos and I begin our discussion, I want to direct your attention to three postings I’ve made concerning penis enlargement. Historical Views On Cock Size, First Penis Enlargement

Methods and Devices and Pumps and Pumps Effects On Penis Size. These three articles will hopefully put today’s discussion in context.”
Carlos: “Yeah, Dr Dick asked me to read through all these columns before I accepted his invitation to join him in reviewing the Andro Penis. I think I should also mention that every since I was a teenager I’ve been embarrassed about the size of my cock. People tell me that I have nothing to be ashamed about, that my cock is average sized, but that never seemed to make my desire for a bigger penis go away.”
Dr Dick: “Yes, I’m afraid it’s precisely men like Carlos, here, that often fall prey to the unscrupulous people who market dubious enlargement devices, pills and creams.”
Carlos: “Yep, that would be me. I’ve been gullible enough to plunk down hard-earned money on a half-dozen enlargement schemes. All have been a disappointment. I guess that’s why I volunteered for this project. I knew it wouldn’t cost me any money, and there was the chance that the Andro Penis, what with all the medical jargon on their site, might actually work.”
Dr Dick: “Indeed, the Andro Penis website is loaded with scientific studies touting its efficacy. There’s even a page on their site filled with doctors and their endorsements of the product. Yet, upon closer inspection, the physician statements are mostly generic. Each speaks of tissue expansion by way of stretching, or ithisca

Carlos: “The Andro Penis is a medical looking apparatus that uses traction to stretch your penis. Ya have to wear on your dick for hours on end, every day, for up to six months. I promised Dr Dick that I would be able to handle this kind of commitment and that I was motivated to give this a try. The enlargement kit comes in a handsome case, which contains the stretching device, loads of extra parts, an instructional DVD, and booklet with written instructions in 27 languages. The booklet also helps you track your progress.”
Dr Dick: “Once I was confident Carlos understood the commitment I turned over the kit and sent him on his way. I told him that I wanted to hear from him at least once a month for an update.”
Carlos: “Ok, so you should know that the Andro Penis is pretty simple to attach to your cock. There’s a ring that fits down around the base of your cock with two metal rods attached to it on either side. These two metal rods attach to another part where your dick-head fits into this kind of noose. And then you just tighten it till there’s the desired tension. I know it sounds super uncomfortable, but it wasn’t that bad. At least it wasn’t at first. And then every seven days you attach these little extenders to the end of each of the metal rods. This is what causes your dick to stretch. The longer you wear the thing and the more extenders you use is supposed to determine how big your unit will get. The kit recommended that I wear the device for nine hours a day. That’s a lot! You can take breaks, if you need to, but the whole idea is to keep up the traction for a total of six months.”
Dr Dick: “That’s precisely the thing I wanted Carlos to report to me about. Would he be able to sustain that kind of commitment and endure that kind of discomfort just to grow his dick bigger?”

Well, it should come as no great surprise that the under-endowed Carlos found that wearing the Andro-Penis was rather painful, inconvenient to wear, and had no lasting effects.

Could this be what led to M’s sudden illness and hospitalization. We think not. From the photos Mistress has seen, M would have use an Andro-Penis of suitable size fabricated at a machine shop specializing in the sort of hydraulic devices used to operate the wing flaps on a 747.

But thank you Donna for the helpful suggestion. I am sure it will lift M’s spirits, if not any of his body parts.

And lest you fear, Slave did get some “action” yesterday morning, before hustling off to his meetings. Mistress’s lush body was so warm and cuddly under the covers of this huge bed, and I made sure I exploited all opportunities when they arose.

And since I have to resume those meetings again this morning, it’s time to shut down the laptop and respond to my prime directive.

Have a great weekend all!


nilla said...

funnah! just hysterical...and still hoping the WC continues to improve...

enjoy your time in the windy city, tho it seems you've been pretty busy, Mick...

Happy weekend!


sin said...

I dunno - objects in photos may appear larger than they are.

And boots... hmmmm

beingaisha said...

Too funny - I love the Andro Penis story. But I'm starting to think that Donna deserves some kind of byline on your blog... Or a bigger paycheck. Just a thought.


Donna said...

Dear Aisha,
Thank you for your kind words. I'm feeling a bit surly. WC has not accepted my apology, so I remain...unrewarded.

Didn't I send him a beautiful and scenic get well card with a thought provoking (if slightly snarky) sentiment on it? Didn't I say I was sorry?

Tomorrow is Sunday, funday as we usually call it, but there will be no fun in Mudville for Donna. (sniffling sadly)

Wouldn't you think he could spare a moment from sponge baths (provided by the Home Nursing Staff that I understand are lined up out his door and down the sidewalk), to send just a few words to let Bill pretend I've learned my lesson?


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

M has been sprung from the hospital... altho it sounds like he sprung himself. Hopefully he will catch up on the blogs soon so he can accept that apology, Donna. Otherwise it could be a long weekend for you. Mick

Donna said...

Well, crap!

On both counts, with the idea he might have checked himself out of the hospital the bigger crap.

Doesn't he know that people care about him and want him to do whatever it takes to be well?

How else can I torment and tease him?

How else can I live vicariously through Molly?

And also, no O's for me. Crap!