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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Contemplation on Journalistic "Ethics"

It sounds like things in Japan have gotten even worse since Molly and Mick fucked each other silly and went to bed. I suppose if I want to keep all of this light and bubbly, as we certainly strive to do for you readers, I need to remember to NOT review the morning’s news before getting to work on our morning UCTMW dispatch.

We do have some occasional readers from the “Floating Kingdom”, and if they happen to stop by today, just know that the world is thinking of your beautiful and enigmatic country. When the official advice (at least in the north) is to stay inside, close the windows and turn off the air conditioning, I suppose there is not much else productive that you can do but have sex… at least that’s what Molly and Mick would be doing to pass the time.

In any event, our thoughts and concerns are with you in this challenging and dangerous time.

Now, back to our regular, programming….

It seemed like a full on business day here in River City yesterday. The time shift had us all a bit disoriented in the morning, as I struggled to meet my 7 am deadline, before waking Mistress with my attentive tongue. Fortunately, she did not object to the photo I had posted of her nipples en vise. Our protocol is that she must have first approval rights of any photos I post of her luscious body. (Are all dommes quite so vain? Or should I simply say “proprietary”?)

But yesterday, with time of the essence, and not wanting to wake her any earlier than necessary, I took a risk. Had she been displeased, I am sure there would have been a punishment for my tender ass.

Instead, I was rewarded with the opportunity to lavish her fragrant parts with worship, then take my own pleasure from her. One bullet dodged there, dear readers.

Both of us had busy days to work through, but I did get a call from Mistress to check out an email we received at our account. The folks at were offering our UCTMW Management Team the opportunity to test some of their products in exchange for a little promotion. Wow! The growing media empire gets it’s first cross-marketing opportunity!

Of course, I dusted off the cobwebs of my “ethics for journalists” book, and realized that a REAL reporter would never accept a free product in exchange for a review. I mean, would the NY Times restaurant critic accept free meals and disclose her identity at Le Bernardin, or some other high priced Manhattan palace of haute cuisine? Wouldn’t that compromise her journalistic integrity?

But then I asked myself a more pertinent question: WWRMD? (as in “what would Ruppert Murdock do?”)

I mean, here at UCTMW Enterprises, our secondary objective is to build a sleazy on-line media empire to rival his. (Of course, our primary objective is simply to please Mistress/CEO Molly)

I quickly concluded that if offered free sex toys, Ruppert and his “fair and balanced” team would greedily stick out their hands and keep asking for more.

After I ran this proposal by our Senior and Western Correspondents, I quickly got back to the folks at and asked how high we could jump. Seems our next step is to check out their web site and give them some ideas on toys that would tickle our fancy – and other erogenous zones.

But this should be a participatory sport, dear readers. If there are some items on their web site that you would just love to see brought to bear on Mistress (or her devoted Slave), then please let us know.

On the drive home, Mistress and Slave talked about this cool new opportunity for a bit, but then the subject changed to her developing training regimen with our WC/PT.

“M’s getting rather bossy, Slave…. He tried to cut me off from orgasms today?”

“Oh really, Mistress….”

“Yes, he’s thinking that he needs to expand my abstinence time in preparation for our training sessions…”

I could tell the very thought of that made Mistress squirm a bit. While she might not admit it, I suspect she thinks it’s rather hot when her WC takes a little more charge of her wanton ways.

“So what did you tell him?”

“I negotiated for more time, Slave…. Waiting until Thursday sounds terrible….”

“Well I guess we better get as many in before the window of opportunity closes, Mistress.”

Sure enough, Mistress allowed me to worship her before she was off to a meeting with Surly Teen #2. She pulled off her form fitting pants, and I wedged my tongue around her lacy black thong, kneeling on our bedroom floor to get the proper angle.
She came with some discrete little moans, so as not to alarm the teens down the hall.

Then later last evening, after dinner was completed, Mistress was paging through the blogs, keeping up with our little community. She seemed to slow down and take particular notice of Suzanne’s reunion with Jay. It certainly seemed to put her in the mood, and soon Slave was tending to her needs again.

As I slid in and out of her, nibbling on her nipples and neck, I mentioned their little story line.

“I bet you’d like that Mistress…. Making out in the back of the car with M or some other hot guy as I drove you home….”

“Ummmm… it does have it’s appeal, Slave….”

Well it’s time for me to wake her now, particularly if I want to get in a few more cums for her, just in case M shuts her down for the week.


aisha said...

I'm overwhelmed with what's going on in Japan... and appreciate you recognizing it.

And glad that you and Molly are continuing to build your own happy space! Can't wait to see toy reviews!


sin said...

I am spending more time with the news and less time with blogs this week. Like you, I am very concerned.

WC said...

Dear Mick,

I can now seen why you are the managing editor.

You put sadness grief and consolation, together with funny, together with hot. All in one post. Well done.

I think I will have a few suggestions for toys to be used on switch day or in conference calls to my new pupil, the CEO of this vast media empire.

Your amigo,

Miguel/ new PTTTCEO

Suzanne said...

I think everyone's thoughts are with those poor people in Japan. It's a tragedy that touches all of us.

Another concern of mine....all you guys seem to do now is have sex....and now you will have toys to test????? How will UCTMW enterprises ever survive?

mouse said...

Mick; et al,

Hearts go out to those in Japan.

Enjoy the toys and can't wait for the reviews, as long as you're honest about them it's really not a problem.


Donna said...

Dear Mick,

Bill asked that I pass along a personal request. He would like for you to see whether you might be able to work out a similar situation with Gerber Knives. Just yesterday he was moving the bedroom furniture for a better sight line from the bed to the outdoor springtime sights (makes me all springy, if you know what I mean) and in moving the bed he came across his beloved WWII Italian bayonet. Tears in his eyes, he held it aloft and gave it a sweet little kiss before putting it back in it's case. Bill would also be pleased to review black-op items from US Cavalry or Cutting Edge Tactical. After all, he is your go-to security guy for UCTMW, International.

For me, I'm a simple girl. I think a body swing for out on the deck. Maybe one with straps and a harness, and cuffs and made so I could be positioned right side up or upside down. A matching flogger and paddle would be nice, too. I'm just a simple girl.

Hugs from your Senior Correspondent,

MissBehaviour said...

Interesting - product placement or sponsorship in kind! You might like a brief look at remarks on UCTMW Inc. A new chapter in your enterpreneurial life?