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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Senior Correspondent on Love and Books

Molly and Mick hosted a big graduation party last night. As always, Mistress ordered exactly twice as much food as needed. So if any one needs any extra chili or barbeque chicken, please stop by the World HQ.... there are also a few beers and some wine left over, since Mick always stocks the bar to provide about twice as much as anyone consumes.

Anyway, with rather extensive cleanup duties on tap, (and I'm not talking about the tyoe of duties that Tammy over at All Mine is required to perform) it was very fortunate for me that Donna stepped to the plate once again with some probing commentary....

So, this morning I was reading erotica. It’s what I do. After early retirement, I became bored and started looking around to see what I might do in service to mankind. Basic requirements were that it needed to be something I could do from home, something I would enjoy and something that would keep my brain cells firing. 

I carefully considered my favorite hobbies. They include sex, BDSM, making love in the great outdoors, playing with sex toys, and encouraging people (and politicians) to be less judgmental about the sexual preferences of others. I quickly ruled out the only job that came to mind associated with my hobbies primarily because it’s illegal in the state where I live and because I only have three sets of sheets for my bed.

Instead, I ended up working for a company that reviews books. While the company reviews books of all genres, they were specifically in need of someone willing to read and review the rapidly growing market of erotica, BDSM, and gay and lesbian fiction. Talk about right up my alley! In exchange for summarizing and giving my opinion about books and writing styles, I receive copies of books, some hardbacks, some paperbacks but mostly e-books. For those of you who don’t think receiving books is true payment, either you aren’t a bibliophile or you haven’t checked out the price of books lately. 

Some of my reviews have led to terrific personal friendships. The first that comes to mind is Master R from La Domaine in New York. His book is entitled Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R. I was blown away by this factual and historically relevant recounting of the experiences of Master R’s life in the world of S&M and how he came to run the world’s oldest training chateau for Masters, Mistresses and slaves. Mistress Collette, Master’s partner, is an amazing Dominatrix and is about to be featured in a documentary.  

The book is available through their website: It is definitely a not Safe for Work site.  At La Domaine, not only do they offer training classes for Masters, Mistresses and all permutation of BDSM folks, they also do couples training, assisting with communication, timing, precision and all the lovely and naughty things that keep our lives so exciting. And, yes, they have been instrumental in assisting my Dom and me when we hit a wall. I can’t imagine not having read that book, not having become friends with Master R and Mistress Collette.

I have also met many authors who are part of the BDSM world in their private lives and have taken that personal experience and used it as the backdrop or foreground for their fiction. A couple of the greats in my opinion are Claire Thompson and Annabel Joseph. Both offer well written, hard hitting and thought provoking novels about the BDSM world and the variety of people and situations that make it interesting, wonderful and also dangerous.

In the world of m/m sex coupled with BDSM, The Deviations Series by Jodi Payne and Chris Owen is a mainstay for me. Two more of my favorite authors in that genre are Sean Michael and Kim Dare. Sean writes everything from short stories to series and from humor to tragedy. While I have some favorites, I have never read a Sean Michael story I didn’t enjoy. His books are deeply rooted in the physical and emotional relationships between and among gay men who simply want to be free to love who they love and lead their lives without judgment or fear. Kim Dare is a young writer from Wales who writes primarily shorter m/m BDSM fiction. Kim’s stories and series often show the convoluted paths we walk in finding and accepting fully those we love.

You may wonder about the importance I place on all this, and I would say that I think our species, when not mired down in judgment, name calling and/or religious ridiculousness, has sexuality as a primary need. It isn’t just a want, not a ‘wouldn't it be nice’ sort of thing, but a need. To try to deny or demonize an activity or a group of people for attempting to fulfill that need is, to me, cruel and inhumane. As long as the sex is among those over 18, willing and able to realize and offer full consent for what is happening and as long as all parties respect a word or gesture that has the power to bring everything to a stop, the manner of expression is private. That doesn’t mean I, personally, want to experience all of it, it means that you have the right to experience what you want without my interference.

The books I review aren’t on par with Ulysses or Moby Dick, although there certainly are a number of references to dicks. These are books and stories written for personal enjoyment. Those who buy and read them come in all ages, sexes, and sexual orientations and I think that’s a great thing. For many people, the first step toward accepting new ideas or differences in others is to read or view things in a non-threatening environment.
I absolutely love it when Bill reads sexy stories aloud to me. I melt when he drops into his Dom voice while reading, and we have started many wonderful times together with reading. On one occasion it became important for another reason. I am claustrophobic so MRIs are very, very difficult for me. During one very long series of MRIs, Bill arranged ahead of time to be permitted to stay in the room with me as much as possible. Unbeknownst to me, he had brought a favorite sexy book of mine and after the technician went into the control area Bill began reading it to me in quite a loud voice so that I could hear him over the distance he was required to keep as well as over the noises of the machine. It was less what he read than the sound of his voice that kept me calm. As we were leaving the technician gave us the usual follow-up information and then quietly asked whether he could have the name of that book; he thought his wife might like it. Ah, the power of love and the power of books!


Donna said...

The beautifully sexy woman in the photo is Mistress Collette from La Domaine.


sin said...

Yay Donna for the book reviews. I think this should be a regular feature. I was just pondering on what to read next so I will look into some of these. There is SO much stuff on the internet, and lots of nicely dirty, but I wouldn't necessarily want to read a whole book of it. So thanks.

Btw, Mick and Molly, we always have way too much food, way too much booze at our parties. Which is crazy really, but, seen another way, aren't we lucky to be able to do that?


Suzanne said...


After all these years you've found your calling! One of the greatest gifts anyone can receive is finding a job they have a passion for!

Molly & mick - tammy is good at vanilla type clean up duties as well :) Sounds like you could use her today.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

yes, Suzanne.... would you mind letting Mistress borrow Tammy for some lite duty clean up?


Donna said...

Thanks Sin, I'll talk to the powers that be and see if I can get the okay to add a review on the side bar every now and then.

Suzanne, you are absolutely right, it is indeed a gift and a passion. And by the way Suzanne, if Tammy is going to be shared, we would like our names to be added to the list, please?


nilla said...


i love the picture in my head of Bill reading to you during your MRI, and a sexy book at that.

i simply love that. if that isn't a prime example of living your values (and being uber confident)...i don't know what is.

i adore you guys!


Donna said...

Thank you, nilla. Bill truly is a great guy.

And just so you know, I read UCTMW first and then head straight over to your blog every morning. More than once Bill has said he should write you a thank you note for how charged up I get from your stories. Frequently I head back to bed to wake Bill and work off some of my sexual energy...with great enthusiasm.


beingaisha said...

I can't believe I'm just now reading this post! Great information on the books, Donna - I agree, it should be a regular feature. And I can vouch for the fascination of Master: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Master R. A great book.