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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Corporate Intrigue

In Washington the intrigue and posturing gives us a headache here in River City….We escaped with our sullen teens last night to finally see that Silly “Bridesmaids” movie, which is absolutely hilarious. Laughing through that movie was so much better than staying home and watching all those talking heads sensationalize the likelihood that by next week at this time we will be on another one of those financial roller coaster rides with no guarantee of a safe landing.

But there have been some amusing developments here at the World HQ which may be worth sharing – just a bit – with our more devoted readers.

First, and out of the blue, Mistress got a “linked in” message from a former suitor who had responded way back in the early days of this blog to her posting in search of a “part time Dom”. I recall that we called him S in those days, back in December of January of 2009.

Mistress and S had met twice and then …. Pssst. He seemed to have some strange existential fear of taking a next step that Mistress had indicated she was willing to take in response to his request. And – oddly for a guy who was posting on FetLife – he was mired in some strange moral concern about the consequences of the actions he had proposed to her in their early meet and chats.

A strange Catholic guilt thing for him – and Mistress was not too amused at putting herself out there only to be “judged” by this dork. (oops. Slave slips into editorial commentary).

Now, suddenly this guy is back…. Making little comments about how he often thinks about the opportunity he had passed on 18 months ago. Then he wants to talk via phone. And when we got home from the movie last night, there was a text message from him on Mistress’s I-phone, at around 11 pm.

“Are you around?”


Of course, Mistress ignored this little overture from S. No doubt he would play Lucy with the football one more time of given the chance, and make Molly feel …. Rejected. Not a good feeling.

“It seems like this happens a lot, Slave…. Guys end up regretting stepping back….”

“I can’t blame them Mistress…..”

But, as it turns out, Mistress does have another more active mysterious suitor. Someone who is local, and found her from her “MollyCollins” posting on CollarMe. It’s been there for several months. And occasionally she gets an email response by an interested party.

I act as the screener, and routinely ignore most of the usually bizarre and shallow messages that show up.

Things like “tell me more”, and “just checking you out. We seem to have similar interests.” There was the guy who wanted to play Doctor with her. And one who's only message was "Morn". Is this a trypical way of suggesting a more meaningful conversation? Not for Mistress. Mistress is looking for someone who intrigues, not someone who needs to be intrigued. And the guys who are shorter than her, or live hundreds of miles away: Forgettaboutit.

Of course, there are also messages from subs seemingly interested in joining her stable. But as Mistress says, “Being the Domme is hard work”. What Mistress was looking for is a “part time Dom”, not another house Slave to pamper.

But a few weeks ago, Mistress did get a more elaborate and intriguing response from a local gentleman with a European background. He seemed to have an ability to string a few sentences together and sophisticated tastes that mingled with his Dom-ish tendencies.

He was also reading the blog, referenced in Mistress’s CollarMe posting, and seemed to “get” on a higher level what Mistress was in the mood for….

They’ve been engaging one another for a few weeks now – via text mostly. He’ll be back from an overseas trip in a week or two. And his emergence as a “contender” will coincide with the emptying of the UCTMW nest.

Obviously, we will keep you updated, without trying to get anyone’s curiosity too piqued.

Stay tuned.


beingaisha said...

Glad your Mistress has decided not to go backwards with the Ambivalent Suitor - and intrigued by new Dom... Wonder if I or any of the other sub-sisters have talked to him...



nilla said...

"without getting anyones interests too piqued".. ha! as if!

First, good for Molly for turning her nose up at the Dom dud. For pitys snooze, ya looze. Dumb forker.

second, the offer of a new Domly guy sounds intriguing.
Here's hoping there is a sniggle of chemistry if the IRL meet happens.



Donna said...

Wait, wait, wait! Doesn't Bill need to do a security check? And shouldn't I check out this man's...available equipment to be sure it is UP to the HIGH standards required for our CEO?

Hey Mick, I know how you love for me to fill in with a a blog post. If you let me check him out in an up close and personal manner for a few days, I would be happy to write a blog post about the experience. I promise I would be very clear about the long and the short, hard and soft, good Dom and bad Dom of the situation, if you know what I mean.

Yes? Please?

The ever helpful (and clearly begging) Senior Correspondent,

Anonymous said...


doubt you have met him. bear with us. not sure at all how this goes -- but we will share as we get comfortable. I know that the blog is public -- at least kind of with our small little group here-- and we have chosen to put most of it out there. gasp...sometimes molly collins likes some privacy (dare say?) mick is the more public of the two of us. and yes, wondering folks...our WC is very much in the loop

sin said...

Mick is a sharer, Molly is more private. Good luck to all.