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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heading Back to River City....

Saturday was our last full day here. Slave is up early at our High Desert Hideaway, getting ready for our drive back to the airport and "civilization". It's snowing and blustery, and as I gazed out into the dark field in front of our house I was a tad spooked?

Were those shadows just the chamisa bushes swaying in the wind?  No.... a little more studying made it clear these were beasts, grazing in our yard in the snow.  Too small for Buffalo (and there really aren't wild ones out here).  Maybe Elk? or a neighbor's cows or horses that got loose in the wind storm last night?  Hard to tell in the dark.

Heck, it could be those local Yak, on the lam to escape being stuffed into a tasty lasagna!

Wonder if they will still be there when the sun starts to peek over the mountain?

Speaking of sunrise, it could be a favorite time of the day here. Yesterday, the rising sun blazed through the window of our bedroom, bathing our bed in warm blinding light just as Mistress was riding her cock to a 2nd or 3rd cum.  After we were both spent, I asked her to stay in place so I could take this photo of her lovely sun streaked form.

Later we went back up to the Ski Mountain to get in a few last runs on our fading legs. Nine days in a row have taken a toll, and when the clouds moved in and wind picked up, we decided to beat a retreat back home for some last of the week lazing about.

On our of our last chair lift rides we were joined by a rather rugged, bearded ski patrol dude (no, not the object of Mistress's fantasy). Who was a taciturn sort. I had learned my lesson, and did not ask him if Dave ----- was on the mountain. But as we were riding Mistress played me a little.

"When we get home, I will need my 'supplies'"

Of course, I knew she was referring to her strap-on and its little accessory.

"I understand....", deleting her proper title (as she had mine) in deference to the Ski Patrol dude sitting beside her.

And sure enough, when Mistress and Slave arrived back at our cabin, after we stowed away all the ski paraphernalia for our next journey west, Mistress insisted I assemble the proper equipment for our afternoon diversion. Of course, I followed my orders to the T.

But then she reminded me of something else....

"Get the riding crop, Slave.... don't you still have to pay your obligation to Suzanne over that stupid sports bet?"

No..... wouldn't want to forget that. She had me take my place, and lit into my ass.... though I must admit I got off much lighter than either she or the WC did last week. I guess I've been a good Slave.  But she did take this picture to prove to Suzanne our debt had been satisfied.

"Make sure this gets posted, Slave.."


Suzanne said...

Well done Molly! It may have been a little lenient, but it's the thought that counts :)



aisha said...

What beautiful pictures....

Um, well, most of them. The one looks a little ouch-y. Still a nice picture, of course, but yow.


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Spencer said...

Nice photos and as the one said before me that one looks a little painful!!

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