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Friday, January 13, 2012

In Exile In the High Dessert

Mistress and Slave are on the lam again, if only for a week or so, taking some time off at our high desert hideaway here in the Southwest.  We plan to get in plenty of skiing, relaxation, and, of course, connubial bliss.  And this time we did not need help from the Sex Blogger Protection Program.

While originally we intended to go completely dark for a week, that seemed to make things a little ..... off..... yesterday morning. Though Mistress got the attention she deserved, with Slave's lips and tingue buried in those clean shaven folds.... something was missing.

"It's strange not to have the blog to read when you worship, Slave.... it's like going to a great restaurant and not trying an appetizer before the main course."

It's nice to think of my daily prattle as sauteed fois gras,  or an artisan roasted beet salad

So while this week I may be abbreviated in my discourse, I get the message.... my prime directive is to please Mistress, and whether  she is the only one who reads this, or it filters out to but a few of our more devoted readers, it really makes no difference.

Mistress shall get her morning appetizer!

Yesterday, over at All Mine, Suzanne described a rather intense spanking she bestowed on Tammy, and she speculated whether our prospective bet between the competing sex blog universes over the outcome of the Broncos v. Patriots play-off game should include a spanking as part of the stakes. And while Mistress greedily was thinking of something more carnal, involving the legendary trophy cock, we do realize that considering our distance it might be hard to "collect" on such a bet.  Or that Suzanne might consider the TC something she wants to keep a tighter grip on (at least until the Super Bowl!). So what about this as an alternative:

If the Pats beat the spread (whatever it is right now), then there will be a spanking:  The WC (who's team will be carrying the UCTMW banner), will persuade his wife B to administer  a good old fashioned paddling, with the implement of her choice, with a photo to be taken and posted as proof that the debt was properly paid!

On the other hand, if the Broncos beat the spread, then the tables will turn at All Mine, and Tammy. as agent for the UCTMW winners, will administer an appropriate spanking to Suzanne, with a picture to be posted to prove that the debt has been paid!  (Of course, if Jay wants to be chivalrous, he can always step in and "take it for the team".)

Naturally, we are open to any alternative you may want to propose, Suzanne.

But wouldn't it be nice to have a little personal skin in the game tomorrow night?  I am sure the WC won't mind, and I am sure Mistress would be willing to make it worth his while if he agrees to put his own ass on the line. But let's hear from him too.

Bets aside.... we made it here last night at around 10:30 or so Mountain time, not particularly exhausted. A nearly full moon lit up the mountains behind our home, and there were  patches of snow around from the storms that came through here in late December. We hear that there is a nice base up on the ski mountain, and we will be heading up there later this morning.

Once we had stowed away our things (we travel light since our home here has lots of climate suitable clothing), Mistress and Slave prepared for bed.

But she did have a question.

"Did you bring your device, Slave....."

She's referring to my aneros, a little surrogate to remind me that my ass, like the rest of me, belongs to Mistress.

"I did....."

"Well then go insert it now, Slave.... we've had a long day and I want to make sure I have a suitably hard cock...."

As you can imagine that was not a problem.


Donna said...

It sounds beautiful with the snow and the moonlight and one another!

And just so I'm clear, if Suzanne accepts the bet and the game doesn't go the way the WC hopes, that red glow as I look toward the western night sky may not be the reflection from Mars, but the WC's red bottom?

Enjoy yourselves!

Property of Mrs C said...

Let me say what a privilege it is to be counted among your “more devoted readers”, but more importantly that you guys didn’t desert us during this high stakes contest that has us all on edge. Why it could take on Biblical proportions!
That being said, Tammy spanking Suzanne? Really? That just seems wrong on every level!

Anonymous said...

O, i'm glad you didn't really leave us high and dry!

um, so to speak...



WC said...

Well all, here is my proposal

And BTW B paddless hard!

I am willing to put my ass on the line as described

But I think both Jay's and Suzanne's asses should be on the line too

Guess they would just have to spank each other:)

And I am willing to throw Molly's ass in too

Mick can take care of that duty

And of course we will use the latest point spread before kickoff,

B is going to love this bet!

No risk to her...

Well Suzanne?


Suzanne said...

Well WC...I like parts of this. I sent you a copy of our rebuttal to your offer.

The still negotiating,


WC said...

Suzanne I sent you a counter proposal

Let me know what you tinnk..

And Mick,

We may get Molly to watch a football game after all!