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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day

After four days of glorious sunshine, a storm front moved in over our mountain range, dumping about a foot on us with some high winds to boot.

Since our ski days are limited this season, Molly and Mick were not about to pass on the powder day, despite the challenging conditions. But we did take a few more breaks than normal to keep us warm and not too exhausted from fighting the heavy, wet snow. 

By mid-afternoon, Mistress was already thinking about the next thing up on our agenda.

"I'm looking forward to riding your cock this afternoon, Slave."

"Ummmm.... that does sound good."

We had planned on listening to some apres ski entertainment, then heading into town to stock up on some provisions. (We've been so lazy that we've survived on some items in the larder, and what we could scavenge at a tiny market near our house).

But by the time we finished the snow slowed slog down the mountain to our house, we were in no mood for the 8 mile trip to the closest real grocery store. It was back to the tiny organic market for me to cobble together something for dinner.

One thing I passed on was the locally made Yak Lasagna.

After our close working relationship with the Yaks in What-the-Hell-it-Stan, the last time we were on the Lam, it seemed a little cruel to buy the pre-prepared lasagna, or even the ground Yak  on sale.

But I was curious, and found the web site and Blog of the local Yak purveyors.  While they seem to make and market a high quality product, I was a little troubled to see the cute photos of Bonnie, progressing from little "calf" (or whatever you call a baby Yak), to full grown.  I mean, isn't she cute? (Though I'm not so sure about the ear studs).

It also got me thinking about the WC. I mean if the lovely Molly isn't enough to tempt him to make the 5 hour or so drive down here, would it help if we threw in a Yak to keep him just a little warmer at night?  If so, he might not need to wear his special winter time briefs to avoid recurrence of that frost bite suffered last winter.

After I'd made my dinner selections, I headed home to Molly, who had already shed her ski wear and was alluringly naked, tucked into our bed, catching up on some emails on her laptop.

"I take it we're deferring dinner for a while, Mistress?'

"Food can wait a little while Slave take off your cloths and get in here.... I have some riding to do."
I was more than happy to obey.

1 comment:

WC said...

Well Donna do you think you can knit a vibrator in my new cock warmer?

Then I can be warm and happy!

Funny Mick

And good luck chasing famous outdoorsmen Molly!

The cock is safe now,