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("Sex Bloggers Protection Program"). Follow their adventures here until its safe for them to resume their prior alter-egos.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Big, Sweaty Irish / Latin Wedding

Because of all the family activities yesterday, it was a Saturday relatively short on sex here at the UCTMW World HQ.  Of course, we got in our early morning session before the teens and their big sister were up and moving.  But after that…. We were way too overscheduled and harried for much fun behind the closed doors of our CEO’s executive suite.

As I was taking my two cute grandchildren to the market and then swimming with the help of the older daughter, Mistress was making a COSTCO run and getting her lovely nails worked over.

By the time we got back home at around 2:00 pm, we were both so gassed from the hot and humid weather that the best “action” we could muster was a 40 minute nap, cuddled against one another naked, before the next round of socializing began.

Mistress showered, and then began primping for this quickly scheduled spontaneous wedding in a local park gazebo. It was another steamy day here, and Mistress picked a vivid summer frock. She found some sort of adhesive “bra” to eliminate the strap lines, which seemed both odd and alluring. I had to take a photo to share with our readers.

The groom yesterday was my nephew, son of my much  missed younger brother who passed away about 4 years ago.  He’s a solid, red headed Irish lad, who despite a healthy appetite for the suds (and a bit of a gut to show for it) recently completed a marathon.

 His bride is a stunning, dark complexioned woman from South America he met about two years ago. She’s in her mid-20’s and my brother (and our father) would have loved to welcome her exotic looks and charm to our burgeoning Irish-American- Jewish clan.

Side by side, she and Mistress match up well in terms of both skin tone and attractively curvy bodies.  Folks were already commenting on how lovely their children will look.

They needed to rush the wedding to satisfy our nation’s byzantine immigration laws, and preserve her visa. So the ceremony was short and very sweet, and presided over by a local judge who, oddly, did the honors for Molly and Mick at our impromptu wedding about 18 years ago this month. So there was a pleasant bit of déjà vu to the whole affair for us.

The reception was thrown in the yard at the groom’s mother’s home (my former sister in law), and the night took on a Woody Allen movie quality, with the old (me, my mother, and my brother’s old friends), the new (a slew of grandchildren) , and the exotic (all that Latin dance music).

I took a surreptitious shot of Mistress’s vivid dress and her sensible yet elegant sandals to give you a feel for the evening.

At one point, before the dancing began in earnest, a strapping young man, barely 30, dressed in jeans and a preppy blue button down shirt approached. He said “Hi Mick… is this your gorgeous wife?”  It took me a while to remember him. Then I realized he was one of the groom’s high school friends, a kid I’d not seen in about 12 years.  I guess that would make him around 30.

He quickly zeroed in on Molly in a way that was quite flirtatious. It turned out he’s a West Point Grad, an officer who has seen both Iraq and Afghanistan in recent tours. He had a disarming and charming demeanor, but no doubt tough on the inside.

I stepped away to chat with some other folks, knowing that Mistress might enjoy the attention, and curious about whether how far the young stud would go to play his hand. 

Later Mistress said she noticed his flirting, but ultimately played the “I’m about as old as your Mom” card.  But apparently our sullen teens also noticed this chat (I’d bet they both thought this young officer was cute and worth flirting with too).

Sullen teen #2 took a photo of Molly talking to the young officer, and put a caption on it to show her sister and mother later that evening:

“Cougar on the prowl.’’

Naughty girl.  But worth a few laughs between us all as the evening progressed. Maybe that’s what happens when you give your teen daughters free access to the wine at a wedding reception.

In the car on the ride home we were all laughing about the evening’s events, and the young, flirtatious officer.

“She even called me a cougar in front of him when we were getting ready to leave.”

Gales of laughter.

‘And what did he say?”

“He said ‘your mother is not a cougar’, girls.”

I wondered… what made him think that?  I think she’s got a lot of potential.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Our Senior Correspondent did her thing yesterday, to impressive “lengths”.

Having seen Mistress’s observations that she had never witnessed an “uncut” cock, she went about some laborious research and emailed our CEO a collection of photos for her review.

Short ones. Long ones. Hairy ones. Ones attached to smiling blondes. Ones attached to biker dudes. You get the picture. (Well actually you don’t…. only we did here at the World HQ.

And while it’s tempting to simply share this collection with you…. Well, not here at UCTMW. We try to keep it kind of “classy” here.

Sure we give you lots of photos of Mistress’s wonderful body. And we throw in some fanciful shots of other bodies too. You’ve even seen some blurry photos of Mick in his cage.

But so far – no full on shots of cocks or feminine folds, with or without their fur.

Yes it’s been tempting to share the magnificent dimensions of Judge Miguel’s special occasion cock. But you will have to find that sort of thing somewhere else.

As I said…. We like to keep it classy.

But then Mistress did have her curiosity piqued by Donna’s photos.

“I wonder how that works, Slave…. So you’re trying to give someone a blow job…. What do you do with all that “stuff”.

Fortunately, I could not help her.

But feel free to give her some pointers, dear readers.

Moving on to logistics…. It’s a busy weekend here at the UCTMW World HQ. My nephew is getting married here in a small ceremony this afternoon in a local park overlooking the River where Mistress did her swimming a week ago. Family is in from out of town, including one of my older daughters.

There will be lots of socializing…. Too much for Mick’s taste, frankly.

So, maybe it’s a good time for me to button up the blog and head up to the CEO’s executive suite, before all sorts of socializing hell breaks loose. One has to seize the chances when they present themselves.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Things You Learn While Golfing

After seeing all your comments here yesterday in response to my “HNT Bonanza”, I can see what the story is dear readers. You don’t turn to this page for my pithy prose, but for the glimpses of Mistress’s delectable body.

And who can blame you.

So I will endeavor to make sure I give you what you are looking for as we move forward.

Plus the more pics, the fewer words I need to conjure up for you here. A Win Win for all of us.

Today’s photo comes from a drop by at my office for a little worship. Mistress has been doing lots of “networking” of late, so we’ve not had a much time for workday lunches. But she did drop by around 2:30 yesterday for a little devotion. This shows her before the panties came off and I devoted my lips and tongue to her pleasure.

After work, we did not have the time for much sexual recreation though. Mistress had planned an evening with teen #1 to acquire all those items a cute girl needs for her dorm room. Only three weeks away before she heads to college….

I used my evening to take teen #2 out for pizza and to see the Captain America money.  Actually it was lots of fun… it’s a shame he’s not around to go kick the ass of some folks in Washington and make them do their jobs.

When I got home around 10 pm, I found Mistress in our bed, sans bottoms, chatting on the phone.

“Just talking to the WC, Slave….”

I raised and eyebrow, and looked for signs of the Hitachi sitting next to her on the bed.

After she bid her personal trainer goodnight, I asked Mistress if she’d had a little impromptu date with the WC.

“Actually, no Slave….”

‘So what were you talking about?”

“Uncircumcised cocks…..”


When she saw my curiosity she explained that se had mentioned to him that she had never seen an uncircumcised cock up close and personal.

Of course, she knew that “Judge Miguel” comes “cut”.

“Did the WC have any advice for you?”

“He said his brother in law, who’s from Australia, has one and described it a little…”

“And so he’ s checked out his brother in law’s cock? “

“He says he’s seen it when they’ve gone golfing…. Guys sometimes have to take a leak out on the course….”

“Funny, when I’ve gone golfing and needed to do that, I’ve usually walked into the weeds or woods by myself, not with my fellow golfers….”

Mistress gave me that funny look.

“You’re not going to put that in the blog, are you Slave?”

Sometimes you gotta go with what you have, dear readers.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

HNT Bonanza

In my editorial planning here at UCTMW I had been preping ideas with my staff for this week's HNT. What to feature? which body parts? word robe? Over coffee with myself on Tuesday I mulled the options.

Then, as I was kneeling for worship Tuesday at the end of the work day, the contrast of Mistress's turqouise undies contrasting with her smooth swarthy flesh called out for my camera.

I figured that was a wrap for this week's HNT, and knew our readers would come away satisfied. Or at least the view would put the WC in the mood to satisfy himself- his primary skill set.

But then around noon yesterday I got a text from Mistress.

"Stopped by your girlfriend's store, Slave. Picked up something you will like."


A little background. I've been candid on this page that in a prior life I was less than a perfect husband. Before I met Mistress in 1987, I was in a prior marriage. And it seemed I had significant fidelity issues. There was a woman I worked with back in the early 1980's and well..... If Mistress was my Mike Dukakis era  lover, then this girl, we'll call her J, was my Walter Mondale era lover.

That's water over the bridge. But  some years ago, J opened a very stylish  lingerie store in one of our more opulent local neighborhoods. It's where I always go to find something lovely for Mistress. You've seen many of those confections on these pages. And they always seem to please Mistress.

But maybe because of my history with the proprietress, Mistress has always been reluctant to go shopping there herself. It could be a sign of her growing security or confidence as a Domme that she felt comfortable stepping inside this nice little shop, trying on something, and taking it home to show her Slave.

Or maybe there was another explanation.

"I was having a really shitty work day, Slave. This seemed like a good way to get my mind off that...."

Whatever the reason, after our evening bike ride, Mistress came home and I helped her fasten up the back of her new acquisition. Here is the result. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Handy Technology: Pluses and Minuses

Mistress is pretty teched up these days: her I-phone; laptop and I-Pad are usually handy. And although she’s not as connected as our sullen teens, who frequently have to be asked to park their text messaging devices during family dinners, she usually has her I-phone handy.

You never know when a cock shot from Our WC might pop up to demonstrate to Mistress what he’s had his hands on, as it did for her yesterday afternoon.

And I can text her a shot of me in my cage when she wants to satisfy any security concerns.

Or maybe she will find a little smutty missive from her prospective Part-time Dom who is off in Europe right now.

But what got me started down this line of thought was some events here yesterday morning in our CEO’s executive suite.

I had hammered out the blog while cursing at the talking heads on Morning Joe, who were bloviating about the game of water torture the “lawmakers” in Congress are playing with the national debt. Then I brought my laptop up to Mistress so she could read my morning work product.

The night before we had agreed there would be no time for full blown morning sex – just a little worship on my part- because Mistress had to meet someone at the airport for an early meeting.

But when I woke her she found a text message on her I-phone from the woman she was meeting. Her flight had been cancelled, giving us some more time that could be well spent….

The worship proceeded, and pleased, Mistress granted me consent to fuck her.

“I thought you’d never ask, Mistress….”

I mounted my luscious beauty, and was taking my top, making sure she had at least one more juicy cum before I focused on taking my own pleasure from her.

Slave was Oh so close …. but then…. The I-phone was making it’s little ringing noise.


Technology Interruptus.

“I hate to do this Slave…. but it’s probably the lady I’m supposed to meet …. She needs to tell me when she’ll arrive.”

Of course, Duty called, and I am but a Slave in any event…. Pampered though I might be. I slid out and off, and rolled back onto my back. Cock still hard and damp, and a tad frustrated.

Mistress paced a bit at the foot of our bed, talking to her colleague. She was in a fetching short nightie. Within a few minutes their business was done. And fortunately she returned her attention to her Slave.

“Now, where were we Slave.”

By now, the work-a-day cock was in “at ease” mode. She slid into bed next to me, and lowered her mouth to “her cock”. By the time she was done, Slave was begging once again to fuck her.

“I think I’m taking it for a ride first Slave…”

Mmmm. That little break ahd given Mistress her second horny wind.

She slid on top of me – the full frontal cowgirl – and rode me to two more shuddering cums, her fingers teasing my balls as she rode. When she had her fill she slid off, laid back and let Slave finish the job he had started some time ago.

So while we were interrupted briefly by her handy technology, as it turned out, we ended up with two juicy sessions when there might have been only one.

An assist to the I – phone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Corporate Intrigue

In Washington the intrigue and posturing gives us a headache here in River City….We escaped with our sullen teens last night to finally see that Silly “Bridesmaids” movie, which is absolutely hilarious. Laughing through that movie was so much better than staying home and watching all those talking heads sensationalize the likelihood that by next week at this time we will be on another one of those financial roller coaster rides with no guarantee of a safe landing.

But there have been some amusing developments here at the World HQ which may be worth sharing – just a bit – with our more devoted readers.

First, and out of the blue, Mistress got a “linked in” message from a former suitor who had responded way back in the early days of this blog to her posting in search of a “part time Dom”. I recall that we called him S in those days, back in December of January of 2009.

Mistress and S had met twice and then …. Pssst. He seemed to have some strange existential fear of taking a next step that Mistress had indicated she was willing to take in response to his request. And – oddly for a guy who was posting on FetLife – he was mired in some strange moral concern about the consequences of the actions he had proposed to her in their early meet and chats.

A strange Catholic guilt thing for him – and Mistress was not too amused at putting herself out there only to be “judged” by this dork. (oops. Slave slips into editorial commentary).

Now, suddenly this guy is back…. Making little comments about how he often thinks about the opportunity he had passed on 18 months ago. Then he wants to talk via phone. And when we got home from the movie last night, there was a text message from him on Mistress’s I-phone, at around 11 pm.

“Are you around?”


Of course, Mistress ignored this little overture from S. No doubt he would play Lucy with the football one more time of given the chance, and make Molly feel …. Rejected. Not a good feeling.

“It seems like this happens a lot, Slave…. Guys end up regretting stepping back….”

“I can’t blame them Mistress…..”

But, as it turns out, Mistress does have another more active mysterious suitor. Someone who is local, and found her from her “MollyCollins” posting on CollarMe. It’s been there for several months. And occasionally she gets an email response by an interested party.

I act as the screener, and routinely ignore most of the usually bizarre and shallow messages that show up.

Things like “tell me more”, and “just checking you out. We seem to have similar interests.” There was the guy who wanted to play Doctor with her. And one who's only message was "Morn". Is this a trypical way of suggesting a more meaningful conversation? Not for Mistress. Mistress is looking for someone who intrigues, not someone who needs to be intrigued. And the guys who are shorter than her, or live hundreds of miles away: Forgettaboutit.

Of course, there are also messages from subs seemingly interested in joining her stable. But as Mistress says, “Being the Domme is hard work”. What Mistress was looking for is a “part time Dom”, not another house Slave to pamper.

But a few weeks ago, Mistress did get a more elaborate and intriguing response from a local gentleman with a European background. He seemed to have an ability to string a few sentences together and sophisticated tastes that mingled with his Dom-ish tendencies.

He was also reading the blog, referenced in Mistress’s CollarMe posting, and seemed to “get” on a higher level what Mistress was in the mood for….

They’ve been engaging one another for a few weeks now – via text mostly. He’ll be back from an overseas trip in a week or two. And his emergence as a “contender” will coincide with the emptying of the UCTMW nest.

Obviously, we will keep you updated, without trying to get anyone’s curiosity too piqued.

Stay tuned.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiding from the Heat

The unrelenting heat here required some alterations of the normal Sunday game plan at the UCTMW World HQ.

Both of us have missed our daily bike rides. We (and particularly I ) need the exercise. But with the so called “heat index” over 100 degrees all this week,  mid-day or after work riding has been out of the question.

So yesterday morning’s plan was a real aberration: rather than sex with its usual switch twist, it was outside and onto our bikes at about 8:30 am. The air was already getting into super-heated range, but we had it in us for two loops up a rather challenging neighborhood hill.

By the time we got home, and showered off the “glow”, we were ready for some of our more normal Sunday morning activity. But it was just too darn hot for anything complicated.

“Do you mind if I give you a pass on switch day, Mistress….”

“No problem Slave…”

But Mistress did get a special treat. After some oral worship as she read the blog, I reached under the bed for her power tool. Mistress laid back on the sheets, her lovely limbs stretched out towards the corners of the bed, as I deployed it between her well exercised thighs.

Mistress closed her eyes and focused on the powerful vibrating bulb pressed between those moist lips and worked up to a rockin’ cum, her hips rising up off the bed  in her final throes to purchase a little more stimulation.

Then she pushed the Hitachi away.

“Let me taste my cock, Slave…”

Who was I to deny her?

She worked me with those soft, sensual lips until I was begging for permission to fuck her, and kindly relented just as my desperation was getting to code red levels.

Afterwards we did our best to hide from the heat the rest of the morning and afternoon. I stepped outside only long enough to pick up some groceries and to move the sprinklers on our quickly browning lawn.

Meanwhile the sullen teens – who purport to now  be “adults” these days- were whining to their Mother that they were “bored”. (Did we have to remind them that they both had autos at their disposal and a freshly paid allowance in their pockets?)

Fortunately, they found something to do: they went with their grandmother to the movies, leaving us in glorious solitude for a few hot afternoon hours.

We tried to hide our glee as they headed out at around 3:00 pm, and then promptly retired to our chambers.

Nap time.

Sex time.

More nap time.

Pass the Magazine Section time.

Wishing the girls had gone to a double feature.

Yes, it was a  very lazy day hiding from the heat here in River City.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Into the Deep...

We had a busy and early day here in River City yesterday – thanks to Donna for filling in for us on this page.

Mistress finally had a chance to join a group of intrepid souls who annually swim across and back our big River here. It’s an early morning affair, since barge and recreational boat traffic is stopped by the Coast Guard for an hour or so to accommodate the swimmers.

So we were up and out the door by 6 am. Mistress looked fetching in her blue bathing suit and the matching bathing cap assigned her (my guess is the cap is required to make the swimmers easier to see from the kayaks and other small boats out there to help any swimmers in distress). And she was quite game when it was time to hop into the brown and murky river and set off for the opposite shore. In fact, it was so hot and steamy here despite the early hour that Slave, who does not have the distance swimming experience of Mistress, wished he had brought his swim costume and given it a try.

She emerged about 19 minutes later, after the approximately 900 yard swim smiling and proud of her accomplishment. And I was very proud of her too.

Of course, it would have been nice to go home and hose mistress down after her dip in the big muddy, nap a bit and have some morning sex. But it was also our sullen teen #2’s 18th birthday. It was time to turn our attention to her.

Mistress had arranged for a salon day for the three women of the house (the girls are no longer the “divas in training” as an old friend used to refer to them --- they have now graduated from diva training school).

So I dropped Mistress off where she would be meeting the ladies and spent about two hours doing some yard work and tree pruning in the 100 degree plus blast furnace we call the local environment these days.

Mistress and Slave were finally ready for some R&R at around 4 pm – a nap followed by some much anticipated sex. I mean, it had been since Friday evening? That’s not what this pampered house Slave has come to expect.

“I think I’m too tired for ass fucking this afternoon, Slave….”

“Not a problem, Mistress…. Plain old, plain old is just what the doctor ordered.”

And so it was.

Later there was a family dinner – sullen #2 had demanded sushi and cupcakes – so it was a long family day here at the World HQ.

While I was doing my yard work, I got a call from one of my older daughters. She congratulated me on having seen all of my 4 daughters make it to “adulthood” without any trauma – no arrests, no drop outs, no addictions, only a little drama in between. And I suppose its more luck than achievement. Their Mothers probably had more to do with it than me. But it certainly is nice to have that child reading thing behind. Not that there won’t be more stressful and complicated (and expensive) benchmarks ahead of us.

But at least Mistress and her Slave will be getting a little more space in the months to come. Imagine the trouble we can get ourselves into here at the World HQ.

Our Senior Correspondent reminded us that today is International BDSM day…. Here’s a link from Lady Evyl describing its origins. International BDSM Day / Lady Evyl

I tried to do a little more research on any planned festivities, but came up blank. Though I did find this interesting  article by Dr. Susan Block on the history and origins of erotic spanking. It's well worth the peruse. I did not realize that spanking was the subject of serious “scholarship” as long ago as the 17th Century, by Germans, no less:

"In the 17th century, two German authors made their name in spanking research: the German physician Johann Heinrich Meibom, who wrote a best-selling treatise on the use of flogging as a medical and sexual stimulant, and German medical botanist and poet Kristian Frantz Paullini, whose Flagellum Salutis praised flagellation for its curative use in treating diseases as diverse as melancholia, paralysis, toothache, sleepwalking, deafness, and nymphomania, as well as for pleasure and sexual arousal."

It’s amusing to know that even in the 17th Century, grad students and University faculty were collaborating on seemingly useless, if titillating research, isn’t it? Can you imagine the experiments that the “Herr Professors” engaged in as they pursued knowledge for its own sake?

“Class there is a lab sign-up sheet here on my desk for those of you frauleins who want to involve themselves in some break through scientific research. Plus you can earn a little extra class participation credit on your semester grade.”

Because our “grown up” kids are both home this morning, the celebration of International BDSM Day likely will be a little muted here at the UCTMW World HQ. But since it is Switch Day here in River City, at least the crop will be in my hand….

Please let us know how you all will be commemorating the day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too darn hot.

It is so damn hot all over this country! Mick was correct in the blog yesterday in saying I am concerned about public health, it went along with career territory. I offer you today some suggestions for cooling off in this heat and, as a bonus, have thrown in some suggestions for keeping things safe.
For those of us who live near a trout stream in the mountains, cooling off can be as simple as going fishing. This picture is a clear demonstration that one can wear proper safety gear and still stay cool. I know you are wondering whether this is a photo of Bill but, of course, I’m not telling.
A suggestion I would make for those who don’t have access to a stream for fishing, is an ice dildo. This involves placing a condom in a toilet paper cardboard tube, stretching the top of the condom over the top of the tube, filling with water and freezing for five or six hours.  Run it under cool water until you can peel off both the cardboard tube and the condom. Continue holding it under running water until it starts to melt, you don’t want that painful tongue frozen to a lamppost thing going on with delicate tissues. And now you are ready to play.
Usually outside play is best for this due to the drip factor. How to play, you ask? Well, you are sure to garner attention as you use it as a dildo in your favorite orifice, or two, as you lounge by the pool or on a soft towel under a shady tree. Or, you can use fruit juice instead of water in the making of the dildo and suck on it as you dream of cooler climes, or whatever it is that sucking brings to mind for you.
Frozen dildos can be especially fun for BDSM parties celebrating a new collar or some other great event. Each D/s team is given a frozen dildo and the game is to see which team can make their dildo melt the fastest using only body parts. Woo-hoo! And if you followed the helpful hint above and used juice rather than water, the clean-up, using tongues only, can be even more enjoyable than the original game. And we all know that fruit juice is good for us.
Some people don’t seem as bothered by the heat as others. Take the WC; he loves to work on his tan. For the sake of our readers at UCTMW, I have completed a very thorough inspection of this photo, and I can see that the poor man is not sweating adequately. That can be very dangerous, indeed! Should you observe this situation, you should insist the hunk come into the air conditioning with you and you should check him out with the standard BDSM tests for energy, stamina and hydration immediately! Should he become disoriented and attempt to walk away, you can break out the Shibari books and Twisted Monk gear and tie him up or down until he comes to his senses, or just comes. Whichever.

We all know that common sense, water and sunscreen should always be our focus during a heat wave. Take, for example, the picture below. Being a person concerned about public health, I would insist this car wash be moved to a location in the shade and then would volunteer to check to be sure the correct amount of sunscreen is applied to these fine bodies from head to toe and all regions over and under and in between. As with lube, better too much sunscreen than not enough, and regular application is absolutely vital. To that end, I would also volunteer to stay for the entire car wash, checking regularly to make sure the sunscreen didn’t wash off. My dedication to public health is almost astounding, isn’t it?
In the end, I suppose the best thing we can do is try to find a way to keep our minds off of the heat and know that, in the words of our grandmothers, this too shall pass. And, it won’t be long before we can go back to complaining about the cold weather.
In the meantime, I will share a few ideas to take your mind off the heat.

Time to break out those fans and try to stay cool!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Early Morning Muster

Can you see that little shiny smear on Mistress’s oh so delectable cheeks?
That photo was taken only moments ago, up in our executive suite here at the World HQ.

Mistress usually is a very good sleeper. As those of us who follow us here at UCTMW know, it’s usually her Slave that wakes up early, makes some coffee, prepares the daily entry, and then wakes Mistress for some early morning reading, worship, and if I’m lucky, sex. (And as you know, this Slave is a very pampered and lucky guy).

But on occasion, Mistress can be a little restless.

At around 4 am this morning, she began talking --- there were a few work things on her mind, and then the big swim tomorrow. (I’ll cover that later).

“Uhhh… do you want to have sex, Slave….”

Well, against my training Slave was pretty drowsy and mumbled something to that effect. Mistress politely took no for an answer (I am sure there will be a punishment later), tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail.

Then she was heading downstairs to do a little work on our table top computer.

Slave drifted back to sleep. My dream focused on taking the bar exam with Mistress, an unlikely but strange scenario.

It was about an hour later, maybe 5:15 am, that Mistress came back to bed, a noisy coterie of kitties meowing to beat the band in her wake.

Slave was again disrespectful, muttering something about “Grand Central Station” (there was an article about it in the Times yesterday, so it must have been top of mind). But I cuddled back up to Mistress once she slid under the sheet, and somehow the kitties quieted…. Ah, I think I was going back to sleep again.

“Do you want to have sex NOW, Slave…..”

Well I knew that it would be a very big mistake to demur twice in own morning.

“Of course, Mistress….”

Soon I found my face self planted between her luscious thighs, an early morning breakfast of Mistress’s addictive juices before my morning coffee was an unexpected but delicious treat.

When she seemed sated with my attentions, she turned her attention to me.

“I want to suck on my cock, Slave….”

I was more than happy to oblige, rolling over onto my back to give her full access. She wasn’t disappointed.

“Ahhh… the morning cock…. My favorite kind.”

Yes, it had woken up, maybe even more completely than me.

After some of Mistress’s skilled attention, Slave was soon begging for the privilege of fucking her. But Mistress had her own ideas.

“I’m going to ride it for a while, Slave….”

And so she did, to several more moaning cums, until she was exhausted, and let me finish the job she started on top.

That little smear is a remnant of what I left behind.

As we cuddled afterwards, Mistress seemed relaxed and dosed off, finally. And her Slave was ready to for his own morning routine, but made sure to take this photo as an instant record of an early morning here at the UCTMW World HQ.


As to that swim: tomorrow morning will be another early wake up here. Mistress has signed on to join about 100 other crazies for a swim across and back the width of our mighty River. Barge traffic will be stopped for the occasion.

Mistress is a very capable distance swimmer, but most of her swimming is in a pool, not a deep dark river with a strong current and lots of detritus to avoid. It does sound like safety precautions are good though, and she is gung ho for the challenge.

The total distance is about 900 yards across and back (about 9 futball pitches for those of you on the metric system). She estimates it will take her about 45 mintues to get across and back.

While there are no sharks or octo-pussies in our big river, there are reports of giant mutant catfish. Let’s hope they don’t lasso her with one of those long whiskers and drag her down.

On our drive home last night, we called Donna to confirm she can pitch in for the Saturday AM post. She was a little concerned about health and safety concerns. We apologized for the short notice. Otherwise maybe Bill, our director of security international could have come up to personally steer our “Wonder Woman’s” escort skiff, and protect her from logs or scary fishies.

We will report on the outcome in Sunday morning’s blog.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

HNT / Date Night

It was a rather hectic work day for both Mistress and her Slave yesterday. And while we were not denied our early morning wake up sex, there was no time for Mistress to stop by for some office worship. Then, after work, we had dinner downtown with a colleague of the Mistress.

So by the time we got home, maybe around 7:30 pm, we were a little tuckered out.

Of course, that did not stop me from taking the opportunity, once Mistress had stripped away the work costume, to fall to my knees and apply my oral skills for her benefit. And take some photos for HNT too.

Mistress had been talking about leaving for work a little earlier today, in order to have a training session via phone with the WC. But there were issues with that … namely teens who want to have cars at home at  their disposal so as to do what sullen teens do…. Whatever that might be on a hot River City Thursday.

But then… she got a text from the WC. His family was stepping out for a while. Would Mistress like to have a little date with him this very evening?

“Do you mind, Slave….”

“Of course not, Mistress…..”

So when the appointed time came, Slave excused himself and camped out downstairs for the next 45 minutes our so. It was a good chance to catch up with Jon Stewart and Colbert via Hulu. 

And soon enough Mistress was paging me to return to her “executive suite”.

Mistress seemed well taken care of, lying on our bed.  Rachel Maddow was on the TV, yammering on.

“I had to keep it on so the girls wouldn’t overhear, Slave.”

“Pretty impressive if you can come with that voice droning on in the background Mistress…. Amazing focus.”

(It’s not that I disagree with her POV, it’s that  endless rapid fire prattle that drives old Mick insane).

She laughed. I turned off the TV.

“So how many, Mistress?”

“”Four or five, Slave….”


“So do you want to fuck me now, Slave….”

Hmmm.  I had written that off for the evening. But somehow, all those pheremones unleashed by Molly, her Hitachi and the verbal promptings of the WC had overcome the fatigue.

“Are you really up to it…. It turns out you’ve had a lot of unanticipated action tonight, Mistress….”

“Just go put in your device, Slave” (my little white aneros).

I like it when Mistress gets all bossy like that. And, of course, followed her orders. What else would a good, if pampered house Slave do?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Clock is Ticking

Sullen teen # 1 returned home yesterday from a trip to equatorial climes with her grandmother. A Lovely high school graduation present, which I suspect that grandmother enjoyed every bit as much as the teen.

It was good to have her back, and Slave made a nice dinner - grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, green beans – for the four of us.

Sitting down for dinner, it brought up the ticking clock: in almost exactly 30 days, both of them will have de-nested: # 1 off to college; #2 off to Europe for a year of study abroad.


Sure, we will miss them, and while #1 will only be about an hour away and is likely to show up on our doorstep with dirty laundry and to visit her cats more often than we may come to like, #2 really will be gone for about 11 months. There certainly will be gulps and red eyes when we see her off at the airport on August 17.

But … Can you imagine the “trouble” Mistress and Slave can get into if left to their own devices?

Naked Sundays?

For sure.

Finding various nooks and cranies of the house to “break in”, or maybe adapt for kinkier purposes.


Maybe even some special guest stars to add to our Blog.

Camp Molly and Mick anyone?

Kinky Kooking Klasses?

It will be a small consolation prize, I suspect, even as we miss the little ladies that seem to have grown up so quickly.

In the meantime, we will be spending a little more time than normal with the teens, to the extent they will allow it, knowing that opportunities to build on the O count are just around the corner.

And that’s not to say that Slave will not continue to do his duty around here. Last night, after we greeted our long lost teen, and I slid the potatoes into the oven, I made sure that Mistress was given some devoted worship, sucking away until she’d had at least two orgasms, her hips rising off the bed and those little muffled sighs emitting from her lips.


Makes me want to shut down here and go upstairs for more, before it’s time to head to work.

Oh, and here’s an extra reading assignment. Apparently one of our female Presidential candidates has a submissive streak – but only because the bible says it’s the right thing to do. Check it out here (a submissive President?).

Do you think Margaret Thatcher submitted to dottering Dennis?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot, Humid Weather Forces Indoor Exercise

Mistress and Slave must have gotten over their post vacation lethargy, based on yesterday’s O count. There was our usual wake-up sex, commenced with the traditional “Slave licks, Mistress reads”, as she perused our blog.

Then, shortly after her lunch with a business colleague,  Mistress breezed into my office for a little “apertif” courtesy of my devoted lips and tongue. It’s  a routine that Slave can’t get enough of and that Mistress seems to enjoy as well. And it is so remediating to rest my head against her inner thigh, her hands sliding across my scalp for a minute or two after Mistress has her fill with my oral attention.
That little break always recharges me for the rest of my busy day.

We had driven together, so Mistress met me in the lobby of my office tower around 5:15 for the drive home. She as chatting with the WC as I stepped out of the elevator, and told him she would call back once we were on the road.

Mistress was wearing a short, brownish cotton dress, and I could tell that she had been ogled a bit on her walk across town. She had that sexy glow she gets when talking to her distant “boyfriend”, and her mood was infectious.  I was already wondering of I could somehow dodge that scheduled bike ride in this oppressive humidity and heat, and get some more intimate exercise once we got home.

On our drive, Mistress got the WC back on the line. Of course I could only hear one side of the conversation, but she filled me in on the rest once she signed off.

There was some talk about the cock picture he had sent her for her birthday….

“You told me about your 2 hours of epic sex with B…. but when did you have the time to send that picture….”

(He claims that he took it during the “epic sex”, when B had something else to do….)

“How did you do that , say …. Hold on honey…. I need to take a picture of my cock before it gets deflated….”

I did forget to mention that Mistress and the WC also had a brief “date” on Sunday afternoon, as Slave was rooting for the ladies’ soccer team …. They covered that subject too, as Slave negotiated through stop and go expressway traffic on the way home, catching occasional glimpses of Mistress’s buff and tanned thighs, spread next to me.

“Where did you get that story you told me from, M….. I figured it was just a continuation of your morning sex with B.”

(She later shared a bit of the story…. “I was in bed with the two of them Slave…. sucking her tits as he fucked me… you know, that whole thing._)

Whatever the theme, it seemed to help put a nice little exclamation point on Mistress’s birthday on Sunday.

By the time we got home, and Mistress realized that the hazy, mid-90’s air was ardly hospitable to a post work bike ride, I was anle to pitch some pre-dinner “relaxation” time.

And you can imagine where that led. Mistress was worshipped as she read your comments, as well as some of the other hot entries that popped up yesterday. She seemed a little surprised though when I suggested some pre-dinner fucking after she had been suitably serviced.

“Why Slave…. you surprise me….”

It’s good to know I still have that capablility.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mistress's Evaluation of her Slave

As Suzanne noted in her own Blog, All Mine, yesterday, it was an anomaly of our calendar that Mistress’s birthday ended up on our Sunday switch day.

Sort of like the slot machine hitting three oranges.

Aisha asked the other day why we included a Switch Day in our contract. It arose from some discussions we had during the drafting and negotiation stage. In the past, Mick had always enjoyed using a little bondage and some occasional “discipline” in our sex, going back to our pre-marital, “dating” days back in the 1980’s. My sense was that Molly always enjoyed it. So even though the decision had been made that it was time for me to submit to her authority in this phase of our life, it made sense to provide this little recreational opportunity for both of us.

With it established as a firm date on our calendar, it also assures that Slave does not get lazy and slack off when the opportunity presents itself. All in all, it’s made for some very hot encounters, as the written and photographic record here at UCTMW attests, and seems to provide a balance that might otherwise be missing for Molly, who might otherwise get a little tired of being “in charge” 24/7.

(I do wonder whether the need for (or dynamics of) switch day in our life might change if Mistress ever acquired that part time Dom that she fancies).

In any event, there we were – Molly’s birthday and out Anniversary – and our Switch Day. After I presented Molly with a little surprise gift she had not anticipated, and we read our morning papers for a while it was time for me to execute her “sentence”.

The red cuffs were applied. I pulled a hard wooden chair to the middle of our bedroom floor, and made sure the Hitachi was handy.

“What are you doing, Slave.”

“It’s your birthday, Mistress…. Time for a birthday spanking….”

I turned on a Celtic radio show to make sure the sounds that we would be generating were not audible down the hall to sullen teen # 2. Mistress was pulled over my lap, her tush well positioned.

I gave her some light and deft strokes, fingers probing a bit between her legs. The little slut was already wet in anticipation (or was that because I had been licking her so persuasively as she had read the blog a few minutes earlier).

Then I proceeded, counting in my head so as not to make too much noise. After each set of ten, I paused for some more gentle teasing caresses.

She did squirm, Oh so delightfully.

After about 30 I feigned that I had lost track of the count. Mistress very accurately supplied the right number. It was good to know that she wasn’t going to cheat herself or me to the exact quota of her big day.

(Of course, if she had added an extra 10, there would have been a penalty).

When I was done, and added one for “luck”, Mistress had a very red ass, and was squirming anxiously on my lap. She was more than ready for her birthday treat: the application of the power tool between those luscious pink ass cheeks.

Still draped across my lap, she wriggled and moaned with delight as I brought her to the edge, and granted her permission to come.

And when she had her first, she requested that we return to our bed for a couple of more cums with the Hitachi before I took my own pleasure from her.

So you can see that this birthday switch day was a special one for Mistress.

And for me too, since later in the day, Mistress typed up her annual evaluation of her Slave for me to share with all of you:

First and foremost, with a shout out to Miss Behavior… you are correct sister, that we at UCTMW (Americans) purport to reflect those great old American, Puritan values and work ethic, and look like a corporate empire. But I assure you that Mick and I really seek to work as little as possible and would much rather spend our days involved with each other’s bodies and writing about it. This going to work stuff is for the birds. Simply put, it is getting in the way of our higher pursuits!

Sadly, Mick and I are deeply steeped in how individuals should be evaluated (in the workplace) and how to course correct to ensure continual improvement (does that sound straight out of HR or what?) I am close to a wholesale change in my own daytime work life. There has to be a better way to pay for college and multiple mortgages. Shall we all unite and find advertisers for our blogs? Have them “bound” and sell as literary tombs? Let me know.

But here is the bottom line on Mick’s evaluation for the last year:

I agree 150% with his personal assessment. I might have given him higher scores than he has given himself. In the coming year, I would like him to focus on the following though:

1) Molly’s workday stress and desire to fix it: trust me on this. I will continue to pull my weight. Be supportive. Indulge my unbridled Great American optimism.
2) When I ask you for the 12th time of the day how I look, do not smirk or roll your eyes…simply repeat that I am ravishing.
3) Be honest about other women that you find hot. I can see through the white lies.
4) Be kinder to our darling cats. They make me VERY happy and we don’t want those cure little girls to have a complex about men. It’s up to you.

On the sex and attention part, you are wonderful. I truly enjoyed the surprise birthday gift and our special anniversary. I would like to renew for another year.

Thank you, Mistress. Of course, I want to renew too, though I don’t think I have the technical option to choose under our contract. I’ll make sure to focus on these tasks in the months to come.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Birthday, Anniversary and Slave's Self Evaluation, 2011

I think Mistress had a very fulfilling Birthday / Anniversary Eve here in River City. No it was not as relaxing as last Saturday, when we wee safely ensconced at our mountain hideaway. But still…

Early morning sex, not too rushed.

A Bike ride.

Mistress and the surly teen had some quality time together, running errands and seeing a movie as I did some yard work and visited my ever cranky mother.

Mid afternoon nap with her Slave.

More sex, featuring a nice ass fucking of your truly.

An impromptu “training session” with the WC, finally back from yet another vacation leave, which added four more Hitachi induced cums to her total for the day.

Then dinner out at our favorite local restaurant and some dancing afterwards to end the day.

Hopefully Mistress has not run through her cum quota for the weekend, because it is switch day, and I’m thinking a full compliment of birthday spanks is in order.

What snuck up on us is that today is the one day of the year that Slave has the option of asking for some amendments to his contract. And of course it also gives Mistress the chance to see if she wants to tweak it (or throw me out with the trash too, I suppose).

The contract is what got us rolling here at UCTMW – it is the “sine qua non” – as the WC no doubt would put it if he could remember his Latin. The whole point was to get Mistress through a period of insecurity about us, and demonstrate my devotion to her.

Last year I did a little self-evaluation as a way to review our terms, so let’s try that one more time.

So here goes –he language from our contract with my self evaluation commentary and ranking on a scale of 1 (bad slave) to 5 (excellent Slave):


1. Slave’s body and particularly his penis and ass belong solely to Mistress. Slave accepts the claim of ownership over his physical body by Mistress. His body is the property of the Mistress and he agrees to be commanded, trained and punished as a slave and is duty bound to fulfill the pleasures and desires of his Mistress to the best of his abilities.

Self rating 4- No problems here again this year, I hope. I have allowed Mistress full and exclusive use. When she says to strip, kneel, accept a spanking, I am always ready to hop to for her. Nor have there been any others treading on her rights. However, sometimes I do forget to worship at the first opportunity. So there is definitely room for improvement.

2. Slave will submit himself to his Mistress fully and completely. He accepts that his principle concern, goal and purpose in life as a slave will be to enhance the pleasure, happiness and quality of life of his Mistress. To perform any personal services, errands, and sexual services and to accept any training, punishment, humiliation, degradation or other use demanded of him by his Mistress, in private or in public.

Self rating 3- I still need to improve in this category. No problems with the training, punishment, etc. But I should be focused more on making Mistress’s life easier by volunteering to perform annoying and burdensome tasks, rather than waiting for direction. And sometimes I do forget to finish the assigned tasks, like those light bulbs in the girl’s bathroom…. Will make sure that gets handled today, Mistress.

3. The slave gives the Mistress the sole and exclusive use of his body. This may include, but is not limited to, the length of his hair, shaving of his body hair, tattooing, body weight and manner of dress and undress.

Self rating 4- I don’t think there are any problems in this area. Fortunately, Mistress is not into tatoos. And our clothing tastes coincide. At her request I have avoided any head shaving.

4.The slave will not allow or permit the use of his body by any other person, to include physical contact or sexual relations.

SO far N/A. No one has come onto me this year that I am aware of. I guess on no longer send off those “available” vibes. Either that or I’m tool old, bald and paunchy.

5. The slave must make himself available to his Owner at all times and to this end must ensure that he carries a telephone with him all day, every day, that the telephone is available to receive calls and the telephone number is known to his Owner. The slave shall report any calls to the Mistress that she would find disturbing. If the slave receives such calls, he shall quickly tell the caller that he is NOT to be contacted under any circumstances. This is enforced for text messages, emails or any contact what so ever.

Self Rating: 2- I violated this rule yesterday by forgetting my cell phone and we lost touch for a while. But no problem with those “bad” calls.

5. If for any reason the slave learns that he may be unable to respond immediately to an order or call from his Owner (such as a business meeting or a trip which takes the slave out of reasonable traveling distance from his Owner), he must immediately explain his lack of contact to his Owner by email or text message. If he fails to do so, he will be considered to be in breach of this contract (see clause IV/5). Note that this punishment will likely not be of the slave’s liking or meet any desires.

Self Rating: 3- I think I have covered my ass in this way, usually by a text message or email explaining I am on a conference call, etc. But sometimes I can be a little slow with my explanation.

6. The Owner may at any time give, rent, or lend the slave to another Mistress without consulting or giving notice to the slave. The rights and privileges afforded by this contract will be automatically transferred to the new Owner.

So far, N/A. Mistress has no available “babysitters” like Suzanne does over at ALL Mine. Then again, it’s pretty rare that she goes away for more than a day or two.

7. In order to ensure the slave’s compliance and obedience to his Owner, he will at the direction and sole option of mistress be locked in a chastity device, which he will not be able to remove without permission of the Mistress. The slave should never expect the device to be removed other than by Mistress or with her permission. On such occasions that it is removed (for example, for the device to be cleaned), Mistress has the right to restrain Slave and not release him from such restraints until the chastity device is once again locked in place.

Self Rating: 3 – I happily and without too much whining apply my cock cage and have Mistress lock it ,when requested. We have not used it as much in recent months because we drive to work together.

8. The Owner shall have complete and absolute control over the slave and all of her commands shall be swiftly and diligently obeyed. The slave will accept any and all consequences, as outlined under REMEDIAL ACTIONS, for any failures to do so.

Self Rating 3- I may not do the swift thing as swiftly as I should sometimes. So far, the consequences have been easy to accept.

9. Even the slave’s thoughts belong to Mistress. He shall fully and completely answer the question “what are you thinking, slave?” whenever asked, without resentment or sarcasm. He will fully disclose to Mistress any thoughts he may have on ways in which she can enhance his submission to her, which she may either accept or reject at her discretion.

Self Rating 3- I hope I have improved in this area.

10.. The slave may not ask for this contract to be terminated. Only Mistress may terminate it.

Self rating – 5. No problem here.

11. This contract is made in good faith by both parties and shall be considered binding.

12. The slave gives the Mistress power to interpret this document as she sees fit. The slave gives the Mistress the authority to enforce the agreements made in this contract, using, if she feels necessary, physical punishment (see below).

Self rating -4 I can’t recall any issues re: interpretation in the last year.

1. The Mistress has no obligations or duties towards the slave whatsoever, except as noted in this Agreement.

2. The Mistress will have ownership of slave's body, to use and or abuse as she sees fit for whatever purposes she desires.

4. Mistress has the right to engage in other relationships with men or women, of whatever nature, without obtaining additional consent from the Slave. Such relationships may include “vanilla” relationships, her taking or training of additional slaves, or her submission to other men or women.

Self rating 4: In this area, I have not only been accepting, but supportive.

4. Mistress has the right to disclose to any person her status as the Owner of Slave and the terms of this contract.

5. On Sunday mornings for at least 2 hours, and at other times of the week, upon agreement of the parties, Mistress will submit completely and totally to slave, as if she was the Slave and he was the Master/Owner of her under the terms of this agreement.

Self rating – 4- Hopefully I have not abused this privilege. I believe Mistress’s enjoys these occasional opportunities to “turn over the keys”.


1. It is slave’s obligation to determine when his chastity device should be worn, and to offer to put it on whenever he leaves the home. Failure to ask mistress if he should wear his chastity device will be grounds for punishment.
Self Rating 1- I have failed in this area. Yesterday I did not ask whether she wanted me to wear it.

3. When slave returns home from work or any other absence for more than one hour, he will kneel and offer to worship Mistress’ and kiss her feet.
Self Rating 2- Again, I have been sloppy. This is hit or miss for me, and I need to remind myself of this obligation, even if Mistress may seem otherwise preoccupied because she wants to ride a bike, etc.

5. Slave shall not sleep in underwear, and may be instructed to strip completely or partially at any time Mistress directs.
Self Rating 4- I have become well trained to sleep only in underwear, and strip on command without question. Big deal you might say, and you would be right. Who could complain about being asked to strip by such a fetching Mistress.

7. No more than once per week, typically on Sunday morning unless otherwise agreed, slave may restrain and use a riding crop on mistress to give her pleasure, but must stop if directed to stop.
Self rating 1- I did screw up with that clothespin episode a few weeks back..

Slave will submit without resistance to any restraints or physical punishment that mistress chooses to impose.
Self rating – 4. No problem here. But Mistress has not used restraints on me much in the last year.

9. Slave will never masturbate or otherwise stimulate his penis without Mistress’s consent.
Self rating 5- I remain well trained not to touch unless directed. When Mistress went to Europe I did masturbate once each day, with her permission and under her direction.

When mistress is out of town, Slave will wear his chastity device as directed, and not remove it unless he receives specific permission from Mistress.

Self rating 5- when this has happened, I have towed the chastity device line.

10. Slave will beg for permission to come, and not come unless he receives Mistress’s permission.
Self Evaluation 4- I think there was only 1 or 2 out of many opportunities this last year when my “permission” requirement was breached, usually because she is so damn hot.

Mistress may use a strap on or any other device to penetrate Slave to remind him of her control and dominance.

Self Evaluation 4- Yum.

12. Slave will insert any device designated by Mistress as she directs.

Self Evaluation 5 – well trained here. Though I guess I don’t know how I would handle a device other than our trusty white aneros.

13. When having sex, Slave may penetrate mistress only after begging for and receiving her permission, and will withdraw immediately if directed.

Self Evaluation 3- Probably need to work on my begging. Sometimes I just take the cue and go for it.

14. Slave will report any overtures or solicitations from any female to Mistress, and reject such solicitation with the statement that he is happily married and devoted to his wife/ Mistress.

N/A so far.

15. If Mistress leaves the City for any reason, Slave will be available by phone, text or email at all times unless involved in a business meeting or court engagement

Self Evaluation 4- I don’t believe Mistress has lost track of me under these circumstances when she is out of town, other than an occasional time when I am in a meeting or on another call.
16. Slave will explain in advance any work or social engagements, and get permission from Mistress before attending any engagements.
Self Evaluation 3- I think I have improved in this area, though there may be times when I don’t go over my schedule in sufficient detail with Mistress.

17. Mistress may deny the Slave the right to attend any social engagement, or spend time with any persons at her sole discretion.
Self Evaluation 4- No resistance on my part to these restrictions.

18. When in private, Slave will address Mistress as “Mistress”. Mistress may refer to Slave as “Slave” at any time.
Self Evaluation 2- Sometimes a “baby” r “darling” still slips out. Need to work on this to keep me in the proper mind set. Every now and then Mistress has let a “slave” slip out in a social setting.

20. At her discretion, Mistress may require Slave to wear a collar indicating his status as Slave.
N/A so far, other than that night with Aisha and her former friend..
21. Mistress has the right to declare periods of abstinence at her discretion.
Self Rating- 4- When Mistress calls for Abstinence I have not grumbled.

Slave will pleasure Mistress whenever requested, to the best of his ability.

Self Rating 4- Always room for improvement though.

22. Mistress may require Slave to masturbate whenever she demands.
Self Rating 4- Never reluctant to do this for Mistress

These rules applicable to slave may be amended and supplemented from time to time as Mistress directs, at her sole discretion.


The slave agrees to submit himself completely to his Mistress, to accept her domination of him and to unquestioningly and without exception obey any and all demands that she may make of him. The Owner has the following means of redress should she deem the slave to be in non-compliance with an order:

1. Without limitation, the Owner may inflict upon the slave any punishment with whatever implements she wishes to use. The slave understands and consents that such punishments may include severe pain and suffering, including pain and suffering of a sexual nature. The duration of such punishments and the level of pain inflicted will be decided solely by the Mistress.

2. The slave has no right to protest his Mistress’s decision in any matter, least of all his own punishment. He shall hold his Mistress blameless for any physical or emotional damage she may inflict upon him and in signing this contract the slave consents, without exception, to any and all punishments, physical or otherwise, that the Owner chooses to inflict upon him.

Self Evaluation 2- I can still probably be a little manipulative when it comes to decision making around here. So improvement is required.

I look forward to hearing Mistress performance review of her Slave.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lick and Lunch

A harried week was finally coming to an end yesterday. It seems like it was a month that we were out in our little Mountain Hideaway, but, alas, it was only 6 days ago.

But fortunately, Mistress’s lunch engagement cancelled, and she found her way over to my office around 1 pm.

It had been a while since there had been an opportunity for office worship, so even as we exchanged pleasantries of the day, I was closing my door, shuffling the chair against it, spreading the little blanket, and bracing Mistress as she slid out of her black panties.

Soon I was on my knees, devouring.

There is nothing like the sweet addictive tastes of her juices, which linger on my cheeks and lips for the rest of the afternoon.

After she was satisfied, we headed out for lunch. The ugly weather had broken, it was in the mid 80’s, and the sky was actually blue rather than a murky, hazy brown. So we snatched some salads at a carry out and ate outside on our public square.

It was good to share some time with her in the bright sunshine.

As I kissed her goodbye, heading back to work, she said, "Thanks for the lick and lunch, Slave."

"My pleasure, Mistress."

After work we headed home, nothing on our schedule other than a buke ride and maybe some 2nd run movie on netflix.

The ride was invigorating. But after I showered I realized I had dropped the ball.

“Would you like me to worship, Mistress?”

“I was wondering when you would ask, Slave.”

AS she played with her new toy – the I-Pad her employer acquired for her this week, I fell to my knees again, but then realized the “Slave’s eye view” was worthy of a photo to share. I wonder if Steve Jobs will give us some product placement credit here at UCTMW?

“Stephen Colbert was right, Slave…. it’s really just like an oversized I-phone.”

But it probably is easier to hold and peruse sex blogs while being worshipped.