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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Into the Deep...

We had a busy and early day here in River City yesterday – thanks to Donna for filling in for us on this page.

Mistress finally had a chance to join a group of intrepid souls who annually swim across and back our big River here. It’s an early morning affair, since barge and recreational boat traffic is stopped by the Coast Guard for an hour or so to accommodate the swimmers.

So we were up and out the door by 6 am. Mistress looked fetching in her blue bathing suit and the matching bathing cap assigned her (my guess is the cap is required to make the swimmers easier to see from the kayaks and other small boats out there to help any swimmers in distress). And she was quite game when it was time to hop into the brown and murky river and set off for the opposite shore. In fact, it was so hot and steamy here despite the early hour that Slave, who does not have the distance swimming experience of Mistress, wished he had brought his swim costume and given it a try.

She emerged about 19 minutes later, after the approximately 900 yard swim smiling and proud of her accomplishment. And I was very proud of her too.

Of course, it would have been nice to go home and hose mistress down after her dip in the big muddy, nap a bit and have some morning sex. But it was also our sullen teen #2’s 18th birthday. It was time to turn our attention to her.

Mistress had arranged for a salon day for the three women of the house (the girls are no longer the “divas in training” as an old friend used to refer to them --- they have now graduated from diva training school).

So I dropped Mistress off where she would be meeting the ladies and spent about two hours doing some yard work and tree pruning in the 100 degree plus blast furnace we call the local environment these days.

Mistress and Slave were finally ready for some R&R at around 4 pm – a nap followed by some much anticipated sex. I mean, it had been since Friday evening? That’s not what this pampered house Slave has come to expect.

“I think I’m too tired for ass fucking this afternoon, Slave….”

“Not a problem, Mistress…. Plain old, plain old is just what the doctor ordered.”

And so it was.

Later there was a family dinner – sullen #2 had demanded sushi and cupcakes – so it was a long family day here at the World HQ.

While I was doing my yard work, I got a call from one of my older daughters. She congratulated me on having seen all of my 4 daughters make it to “adulthood” without any trauma – no arrests, no drop outs, no addictions, only a little drama in between. And I suppose its more luck than achievement. Their Mothers probably had more to do with it than me. But it certainly is nice to have that child reading thing behind. Not that there won’t be more stressful and complicated (and expensive) benchmarks ahead of us.

But at least Mistress and her Slave will be getting a little more space in the months to come. Imagine the trouble we can get ourselves into here at the World HQ.

Our Senior Correspondent reminded us that today is International BDSM day…. Here’s a link from Lady Evyl describing its origins. International BDSM Day / Lady Evyl

I tried to do a little more research on any planned festivities, but came up blank. Though I did find this interesting  article by Dr. Susan Block on the history and origins of erotic spanking. It's well worth the peruse. I did not realize that spanking was the subject of serious “scholarship” as long ago as the 17th Century, by Germans, no less:

"In the 17th century, two German authors made their name in spanking research: the German physician Johann Heinrich Meibom, who wrote a best-selling treatise on the use of flogging as a medical and sexual stimulant, and German medical botanist and poet Kristian Frantz Paullini, whose Flagellum Salutis praised flagellation for its curative use in treating diseases as diverse as melancholia, paralysis, toothache, sleepwalking, deafness, and nymphomania, as well as for pleasure and sexual arousal."

It’s amusing to know that even in the 17th Century, grad students and University faculty were collaborating on seemingly useless, if titillating research, isn’t it? Can you imagine the experiments that the “Herr Professors” engaged in as they pursued knowledge for its own sake?

“Class there is a lab sign-up sheet here on my desk for those of you frauleins who want to involve themselves in some break through scientific research. Plus you can earn a little extra class participation credit on your semester grade.”

Because our “grown up” kids are both home this morning, the celebration of International BDSM Day likely will be a little muted here at the UCTMW World HQ. But since it is Switch Day here in River City, at least the crop will be in my hand….

Please let us know how you all will be commemorating the day.


sin said...

Congrats to Molly on surviving the big muddy river.

And congrats to all concerned on getting 4 girls to 18 without trauma (although of course there was drama).


Bill,Dir of Security, UCTMW said...

Lovely picture of mistress, and some education as well! I love a well rounded blog!

Donna said...

Happy International BDSM Day!

I awoke to find a paddle on the bedside table and a flogger draped over the headboard, if that gives you a clue as to how our BDSM Day has started...and it isn't even 9:00 AM yet! Woo-hoo!

Can't wait to see what the rest of the day holds for me, the sub with the red bottom and smiling face.

Hugs to all,

beingaisha said...

Congratulations Molly - that's impressive!

And I'll celebrate the day by going to the Munch, I suppose...


sissy tammy said...


Congratulation on behalf of Suzanne and myself on the successful swim.

i might have been misled that it was International "Femdom" Day; a conspiracy perhaps?

Mick, how lucky can you get? All of these little quirks in the calendar falling in your favor? Pampered and lucky...good combination for a "slave"!!