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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hiding from the Heat

The unrelenting heat here required some alterations of the normal Sunday game plan at the UCTMW World HQ.

Both of us have missed our daily bike rides. We (and particularly I ) need the exercise. But with the so called “heat index” over 100 degrees all this week,  mid-day or after work riding has been out of the question.

So yesterday morning’s plan was a real aberration: rather than sex with its usual switch twist, it was outside and onto our bikes at about 8:30 am. The air was already getting into super-heated range, but we had it in us for two loops up a rather challenging neighborhood hill.

By the time we got home, and showered off the “glow”, we were ready for some of our more normal Sunday morning activity. But it was just too darn hot for anything complicated.

“Do you mind if I give you a pass on switch day, Mistress….”

“No problem Slave…”

But Mistress did get a special treat. After some oral worship as she read the blog, I reached under the bed for her power tool. Mistress laid back on the sheets, her lovely limbs stretched out towards the corners of the bed, as I deployed it between her well exercised thighs.

Mistress closed her eyes and focused on the powerful vibrating bulb pressed between those moist lips and worked up to a rockin’ cum, her hips rising up off the bed  in her final throes to purchase a little more stimulation.

Then she pushed the Hitachi away.

“Let me taste my cock, Slave…”

Who was I to deny her?

She worked me with those soft, sensual lips until I was begging for permission to fuck her, and kindly relented just as my desperation was getting to code red levels.

Afterwards we did our best to hide from the heat the rest of the morning and afternoon. I stepped outside only long enough to pick up some groceries and to move the sprinklers on our quickly browning lawn.

Meanwhile the sullen teens – who purport to now  be “adults” these days- were whining to their Mother that they were “bored”. (Did we have to remind them that they both had autos at their disposal and a freshly paid allowance in their pockets?)

Fortunately, they found something to do: they went with their grandmother to the movies, leaving us in glorious solitude for a few hot afternoon hours.

We tried to hide our glee as they headed out at around 3:00 pm, and then promptly retired to our chambers.

Nap time.

Sex time.

More nap time.

Pass the Magazine Section time.

Wishing the girls had gone to a double feature.

Yes, it was a  very lazy day hiding from the heat here in River City.


beingaisha said...

A lovely way to spend another incredibly hot day!

It rained in the early evening here, may have cooled things down a touch. Hope it got youall too.

MissBehaviour said...

Whilst I understand the strains of heat, we over here have some envy - oh for a few predictable weeks of heat somewhere around 30C - anything better than the heavy rains and 15-18C we've had recently....


WC said...


We are reduced to complaining about the weather on sex blogs. Global warming must be real!!!

Memo to the right u r missing the boat


nilla said...

dont get me started on global warming being a natural phenomenon that we humans are just part of...i promised myself not to rant about that!

sounds like an afternoon of hot, sweaty sex--and wasn't that wonderful?