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Thursday, July 28, 2011

HNT Bonanza

In my editorial planning here at UCTMW I had been preping ideas with my staff for this week's HNT. What to feature? which body parts? word robe? Over coffee with myself on Tuesday I mulled the options.

Then, as I was kneeling for worship Tuesday at the end of the work day, the contrast of Mistress's turqouise undies contrasting with her smooth swarthy flesh called out for my camera.

I figured that was a wrap for this week's HNT, and knew our readers would come away satisfied. Or at least the view would put the WC in the mood to satisfy himself- his primary skill set.

But then around noon yesterday I got a text from Mistress.

"Stopped by your girlfriend's store, Slave. Picked up something you will like."


A little background. I've been candid on this page that in a prior life I was less than a perfect husband. Before I met Mistress in 1987, I was in a prior marriage. And it seemed I had significant fidelity issues. There was a woman I worked with back in the early 1980's and well..... If Mistress was my Mike Dukakis era  lover, then this girl, we'll call her J, was my Walter Mondale era lover.

That's water over the bridge. But  some years ago, J opened a very stylish  lingerie store in one of our more opulent local neighborhoods. It's where I always go to find something lovely for Mistress. You've seen many of those confections on these pages. And they always seem to please Mistress.

But maybe because of my history with the proprietress, Mistress has always been reluctant to go shopping there herself. It could be a sign of her growing security or confidence as a Domme that she felt comfortable stepping inside this nice little shop, trying on something, and taking it home to show her Slave.

Or maybe there was another explanation.

"I was having a really shitty work day, Slave. This seemed like a good way to get my mind off that...."

Whatever the reason, after our evening bike ride, Mistress came home and I helped her fasten up the back of her new acquisition. Here is the result. What do you think?


beingaisha said...

O, that is awesome! I love it. Great look, Molly!!


sin said...

Ohhh, pretty. I love the new lingerie.

And "the view would put the WC in the mood to satisfy himself- his primary skill set" made me snort my coffee. You have a way with words Mick.

nilla said...

liked the first shot, very the new lingerie...and it does seem to have put Mistress in a better mood...*smiles*

happy HNT Mick and Molly!


Donna said...

Oh wow! I love that! It is perfect for our CEO, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

How sweet that she gave you a heads up that she had a sexy surprise for you. Hopefully you weren't caged as you sat there imagining what she might have purchased.


Bill, Director of Security UCTMW, INT said...

I can see that we will have to ramp up the security if Mistress is going to wear outfits like that, Very Nice!

WC said...

Now Mick,

Your arent still pissed about the little ski shack on the slopes of Vail,

Are you?

And BTW Donna you and Bill realy should use the ski shack.

The no skill set,


Sheen V said...

Beautiful lingerie set, and she looks gorgeous in it!

sissy tammy said...


You really are "killing" me.

The still-locked up and waiting for Suzanne's return,


Carol said...

Lovely photos, lingerie and poses. Such a treat!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I can tell what draws eyes and comments to this blog. Not my pithy prose, but Mistress's delectable body.

The shifting to my photos,


WC said...

Very cool Tammy,

I guess we can add you to our beloved and beneficent CEO;s fan club.

The also a fan,


MissBehaviour said...

Mmmm (or M&M ;-),
That is a set MissBehaviour would love to wear herself of course ;-)

I've been pondering over your impending 'nest-flown' celebrations and have a small suggestion.

Why not conduct worship in every room in the house over the course of a day, with Mistress achieving 'release' in each, perhaps with a little checklist to encourage. Of course some photographic evidence for doubters such as WC or even a couple of suitable anonymous treats for your ardent followers would be nice.

Such an element in any celebrations would reinforce that Molly is the absolute Mistress of the house and will take her pleasure wherever, whenever and however she damn-well pleases. Whether Slave gets any reward (other than of course the honour of worship) during the whole operation is entirely dependent on her mercy.