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Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Far Flung Staff Drops the Ball.... at Least for a Day

This has been a week in which media empires have been left with some black eyes.
Our competitors over at the Murdoch empire have been trying to recover from some sort of scandal about ahcking into the cell phones of royals, celebrities and ordinary citizens .  Heads have been rolling, and Parliamentary committees are getting in line to play a wack-a-Ruppert now that it turns out the emperor has lost his body armour.

At Reuters, some columnist then made his own mistake, reporting that Murdoch's company had gotten about a $4 Billion tax refund from the US government last year, when, in fact, it had paid about that much in taxes on its profits from the delusional ramblings of it's "fair and balanced" cast of crazies.
 The columnist was on NPR yesterday groveling in apology.

But here at UCTMW World Enterprises, we've made out own mistakes.

Yesterday was "World Nude Day", but it was not reported on these pages in a timely fashion.  

This is something that our WC would normally be tuned in on, and make sure it was timely reported here. But he seems to be MIA out west, possibly doing some investigative reporting on the lives of Arnold Schwartzeneger's former mistresses now that Maria has dumped him. We look forward to that report... maybe in the next decade.

  Fortunately, our southern Correspondent was able to take some time off from renovating our Appalachian Branch Office yesterday evening to catch our mistake and prepare the following belated entry to commemorate the day:

Thursday, July 14th was National Nude Day! No Kidding!

I just can't believe UCTMW missed this!!!
Maybe we could celebrate a day or two late. Would that be okay?

I took the time to research this, and Friday the 15th is Tapioca Pudding Day and Saturday the 16th is Cow Appreciation Day. I would be willing to sacrifice the usual festivities for either or both of those holidays for a chance to make up for missing National Nude Day!

I suppose I should be honest and confess that I never eat tapioca pudding. I don't feel the need to buy food with lumps when I seem to have a knack for unintentionally making foods like mashed potatoes or gravies with lots of lumps. And then there was that bad flu season when, along with the rest of his dinner, our son offered up some projectile tapioca vomiting that arched from his high chair and completely missed the table to stick to the opposite wall. That may have been a bit TMI. Sorry about that.

As far as Cow Appreciation goes, I grew up in an area that raises cattle. They are beautiful. They are soft. They are at their best when grilled and served with a bit of Worcestershire sauce.

So, what do you think? I know it may be too late for Friday, but what about Saturday and Sunday? Sunday the 17th must be all about the UCTMW celebration of Molly's birthday as well as your anniversary because nothing else is listed on the official holiday calendar.
Just imagine how much more fun it would be to enjoy your special time together if you were both nude all day long? Send the surly teens off to their friend's homes, strip down, put on some music and celebrate good times!

Is this a good idea, or what? We can't just let National Nude Day just slip away without participating, can we?



Stephen said...

Who gives a flying F*** about Rupert Murtdoch and phone hacking - mostly pseudo celebs and hypocritical politicians.

I read my newspaper this morning and looked in vain for more news about 12 million people dying of malnutrition/dehydration/disease in east Africa. 12 MILLION ! It cries to heaven to be reported on day in and day out.

Instead of that ,what do we get in the headlines - F******** NewsCorp

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I feel for you Stephen.... it does seem that we focus on the sensational rather than the meaningful. But here at UCTMW we will just try to keep it light and sexy.


Suzanne said...

First, an early birthday wish to Mistress Molly. Of course, at our age, birthdays aren't what they used to be, a seem to come in rapid fire fashion. can possibly find solace in the fact that we are both getting old together :)

Second...DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT miss Internationl Fem Dom Day ( on July 24th!!!! Mick, please assign someone to cover this event. Unfortunately, I won't be around.



beingaisha said...

I definitely think you should celebrate World Nude Day - maybe nude dancing to the musical selection from Donna?

Never to late to celebrate.


Donna said...

Oh crap, Mick, I forgot to add the sexy part of the blog today. Here it is, just a bit late.

Bill said, "You will." I said, "Yes, Sir." So we did.

That was really way more exciting with the many up close photos to support the dialogue but, as you can tell from the rest of my post today, my computer screwed up sending the photos. I am quite sure it was the computer and not an error on my part. You believe me, don't you? Don't you?

Anyone else hearing crickets chirping?

The Technologically Amish,

nilla said...

unfortunately, i will be unable to participate in Nat'l World Nude Day...somehow the idea of prancing all my bits at work on Saturday holds small appeal...*laughing*...and that's just from the staff ...(giggling) And Sunday we have company over (who would fall over and die if i told them what day we were celebrating!)

but i hope you all enjoy it in my stead...



WC said...

The also technologically Amish,

and very tired from long day traveling

but will be back in the saddle minyana,