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Friday, July 22, 2011

Early Morning Muster

Can you see that little shiny smear on Mistress’s oh so delectable cheeks?
That photo was taken only moments ago, up in our executive suite here at the World HQ.

Mistress usually is a very good sleeper. As those of us who follow us here at UCTMW know, it’s usually her Slave that wakes up early, makes some coffee, prepares the daily entry, and then wakes Mistress for some early morning reading, worship, and if I’m lucky, sex. (And as you know, this Slave is a very pampered and lucky guy).

But on occasion, Mistress can be a little restless.

At around 4 am this morning, she began talking --- there were a few work things on her mind, and then the big swim tomorrow. (I’ll cover that later).

“Uhhh… do you want to have sex, Slave….”

Well, against my training Slave was pretty drowsy and mumbled something to that effect. Mistress politely took no for an answer (I am sure there will be a punishment later), tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail.

Then she was heading downstairs to do a little work on our table top computer.

Slave drifted back to sleep. My dream focused on taking the bar exam with Mistress, an unlikely but strange scenario.

It was about an hour later, maybe 5:15 am, that Mistress came back to bed, a noisy coterie of kitties meowing to beat the band in her wake.

Slave was again disrespectful, muttering something about “Grand Central Station” (there was an article about it in the Times yesterday, so it must have been top of mind). But I cuddled back up to Mistress once she slid under the sheet, and somehow the kitties quieted…. Ah, I think I was going back to sleep again.

“Do you want to have sex NOW, Slave…..”

Well I knew that it would be a very big mistake to demur twice in own morning.

“Of course, Mistress….”

Soon I found my face self planted between her luscious thighs, an early morning breakfast of Mistress’s addictive juices before my morning coffee was an unexpected but delicious treat.

When she seemed sated with my attentions, she turned her attention to me.

“I want to suck on my cock, Slave….”

I was more than happy to oblige, rolling over onto my back to give her full access. She wasn’t disappointed.

“Ahhh… the morning cock…. My favorite kind.”

Yes, it had woken up, maybe even more completely than me.

After some of Mistress’s skilled attention, Slave was soon begging for the privilege of fucking her. But Mistress had her own ideas.

“I’m going to ride it for a while, Slave….”

And so she did, to several more moaning cums, until she was exhausted, and let me finish the job she started on top.

That little smear is a remnant of what I left behind.

As we cuddled afterwards, Mistress seemed relaxed and dosed off, finally. And her Slave was ready to for his own morning routine, but made sure to take this photo as an instant record of an early morning here at the UCTMW World HQ.


As to that swim: tomorrow morning will be another early wake up here. Mistress has signed on to join about 100 other crazies for a swim across and back the width of our mighty River. Barge traffic will be stopped for the occasion.

Mistress is a very capable distance swimmer, but most of her swimming is in a pool, not a deep dark river with a strong current and lots of detritus to avoid. It does sound like safety precautions are good though, and she is gung ho for the challenge.

The total distance is about 900 yards across and back (about 9 futball pitches for those of you on the metric system). She estimates it will take her about 45 mintues to get across and back.

While there are no sharks or octo-pussies in our big river, there are reports of giant mutant catfish. Let’s hope they don’t lasso her with one of those long whiskers and drag her down.

On our drive home last night, we called Donna to confirm she can pitch in for the Saturday AM post. She was a little concerned about health and safety concerns. We apologized for the short notice. Otherwise maybe Bill, our director of security international could have come up to personally steer our “Wonder Woman’s” escort skiff, and protect her from logs or scary fishies.

We will report on the outcome in Sunday morning’s blog.


beingaisha said...

Omigoodnessgracious! Your Mistress is, indeed, a wild woman - no, wait, i meant a Wonder Woman! Um, maybe both.

Swimming the river. Yikes.

I'll be pulling for you, Molly!!


Donna said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous,gorgeous photo!

Mick, you must admit that the idea of our beautiful CEO swimming through that filthy water presents a situation where it is entirely reasonable for those of us who care about her to ask a few health and safety questions.

Not to worry about the short notice on the swim, Bill spent the evening pulling together his scuba gear, including knives and spear gun, and will be leaving here in just a few hours to set up a safety perimeter in the swimming area. Please tell Mistress not to be shocked when she spots a man in a wet suit swimming next to her with a knife between his teeth, it's just her Director of Security.

Your Senior Correspondent,