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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mistress's Evaluation of her Slave

As Suzanne noted in her own Blog, All Mine, yesterday, it was an anomaly of our calendar that Mistress’s birthday ended up on our Sunday switch day.

Sort of like the slot machine hitting three oranges.

Aisha asked the other day why we included a Switch Day in our contract. It arose from some discussions we had during the drafting and negotiation stage. In the past, Mick had always enjoyed using a little bondage and some occasional “discipline” in our sex, going back to our pre-marital, “dating” days back in the 1980’s. My sense was that Molly always enjoyed it. So even though the decision had been made that it was time for me to submit to her authority in this phase of our life, it made sense to provide this little recreational opportunity for both of us.

With it established as a firm date on our calendar, it also assures that Slave does not get lazy and slack off when the opportunity presents itself. All in all, it’s made for some very hot encounters, as the written and photographic record here at UCTMW attests, and seems to provide a balance that might otherwise be missing for Molly, who might otherwise get a little tired of being “in charge” 24/7.

(I do wonder whether the need for (or dynamics of) switch day in our life might change if Mistress ever acquired that part time Dom that she fancies).

In any event, there we were – Molly’s birthday and out Anniversary – and our Switch Day. After I presented Molly with a little surprise gift she had not anticipated, and we read our morning papers for a while it was time for me to execute her “sentence”.

The red cuffs were applied. I pulled a hard wooden chair to the middle of our bedroom floor, and made sure the Hitachi was handy.

“What are you doing, Slave.”

“It’s your birthday, Mistress…. Time for a birthday spanking….”

I turned on a Celtic radio show to make sure the sounds that we would be generating were not audible down the hall to sullen teen # 2. Mistress was pulled over my lap, her tush well positioned.

I gave her some light and deft strokes, fingers probing a bit between her legs. The little slut was already wet in anticipation (or was that because I had been licking her so persuasively as she had read the blog a few minutes earlier).

Then I proceeded, counting in my head so as not to make too much noise. After each set of ten, I paused for some more gentle teasing caresses.

She did squirm, Oh so delightfully.

After about 30 I feigned that I had lost track of the count. Mistress very accurately supplied the right number. It was good to know that she wasn’t going to cheat herself or me to the exact quota of her big day.

(Of course, if she had added an extra 10, there would have been a penalty).

When I was done, and added one for “luck”, Mistress had a very red ass, and was squirming anxiously on my lap. She was more than ready for her birthday treat: the application of the power tool between those luscious pink ass cheeks.

Still draped across my lap, she wriggled and moaned with delight as I brought her to the edge, and granted her permission to come.

And when she had her first, she requested that we return to our bed for a couple of more cums with the Hitachi before I took my own pleasure from her.

So you can see that this birthday switch day was a special one for Mistress.

And for me too, since later in the day, Mistress typed up her annual evaluation of her Slave for me to share with all of you:

First and foremost, with a shout out to Miss Behavior… you are correct sister, that we at UCTMW (Americans) purport to reflect those great old American, Puritan values and work ethic, and look like a corporate empire. But I assure you that Mick and I really seek to work as little as possible and would much rather spend our days involved with each other’s bodies and writing about it. This going to work stuff is for the birds. Simply put, it is getting in the way of our higher pursuits!

Sadly, Mick and I are deeply steeped in how individuals should be evaluated (in the workplace) and how to course correct to ensure continual improvement (does that sound straight out of HR or what?) I am close to a wholesale change in my own daytime work life. There has to be a better way to pay for college and multiple mortgages. Shall we all unite and find advertisers for our blogs? Have them “bound” and sell as literary tombs? Let me know.

But here is the bottom line on Mick’s evaluation for the last year:

I agree 150% with his personal assessment. I might have given him higher scores than he has given himself. In the coming year, I would like him to focus on the following though:

1) Molly’s workday stress and desire to fix it: trust me on this. I will continue to pull my weight. Be supportive. Indulge my unbridled Great American optimism.
2) When I ask you for the 12th time of the day how I look, do not smirk or roll your eyes…simply repeat that I am ravishing.
3) Be honest about other women that you find hot. I can see through the white lies.
4) Be kinder to our darling cats. They make me VERY happy and we don’t want those cure little girls to have a complex about men. It’s up to you.

On the sex and attention part, you are wonderful. I truly enjoyed the surprise birthday gift and our special anniversary. I would like to renew for another year.

Thank you, Mistress. Of course, I want to renew too, though I don’t think I have the technical option to choose under our contract. I’ll make sure to focus on these tasks in the months to come.


MissBehaviour said...


I always figured that the American work ethic wasn't all it was cracked up to be ;-)

Now please reassure us across the pond that UCTMW reserves brinkmanship exclusively to the throes of sexual excess, rather than with your debts, unlike some others we might mention.

Have a great next year - we'll all follow you assidiously.


nilla said...

great post (as always) and some great birthday spankings and O's...

the evaluation's key points are perfect! You should *always* tell Mistress she is stunning. Google a thesaurus if you need a list of other appropriate adjectives...or as the subsisters for a list that you can write on your forearm...

And remember that when you do tell Mistress "yes, she is a hot looker" about another gal, that you also add "but she is no where as hot as YOU, Mistress" (coz we all know that is totally true...)

as to the cats?

Geeze Mick...aren't you supposed to be taking better care of Mistress's pussy?




Suzanne said...

Nice job by both of you! Ever consider requiring a minimum amount of orgasms provided per day? week? etc? I'm sure it sounds utterly ridiculous, especially for you two, but every try to keep track?

Congrats on another successful contract "negotiation"!!!



Donna said...

I'm so happy the contract worked out well.

On a personal note, I assume this means Bill and I are also still employed? We are well aware that not every job pays at this scale or offers a similar benefit package.

@Suzanne- I'm thinking they shouldn't keep track of orgasms by putting notches in the bed frame; structural integrity would be compromised in no time!

Hugs to all
and gentle sitting to Mistress,


beingaisha said...

Nice evaluation from Da Boss, Mick - good job! And nice to know how the switch day originated.

And great picture of your Mistress' lovely birthday-spanked ass.

Looking forward to another year of reading your sex filled stories, and hope we get to have some RL contact again!