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Monday, July 4, 2011

Indoor (and Outdoor) Fireworks

It's a big day here in our little town. Molly and MIck are hosting a gathering of friends on our patio, to warm up for our local 4th of July Parade, with it's horses, ancient pickups, mid-wife float and lots of other off-beat Americana. I have to get in motion soon, making an apple crisp and preparing the mix for the Bellini's that Mistress requires on this annual celebration.

But I didn't want to let you readers down on reporting our all day switch activities here in the shadows of the Smokey Sangre de Christo Mountains.

So I am providing a photo montage with a description of some of the props. Allow your imagination provide a more detailed narrative.


Location: in the bedroom.

Equipment required: leather cuffs and their little locks; rope; ceiling hook; riding crop; hitachi magic wand:


Location: After bike ride, Mistress strips down for some naked sunbathing. Slave devotes himself to pruning bushes and trees, but finds some time to make sure Mistress can "relax" and enjoy her day wothout too many distractions.

Equipment: power tool, leather cuffs, rope, chaise lounge, sunscreen,

While my pruning tools were manual, I made sure to take a few brakes for hydration and to deploy her favorite  power tool on Mistress.

I know, this would have been a good time to deploy the clothespins, but Mistress was using them to let all her tie-dye dresses dry.

Location: I had to run a few errands, so released Mistress (should I have let her linger in the hot sun alone... nice concept but I'm not that "cruel"). She napped and read while I was gone. When I returned some late afternoon storm clouds were popping up. But before we adjourned back to our bed, there was one more Act to perform out on our patio.

Equipment: picnic table; beach towel, power tool; cuffs and rope.  more sunscreen.
Have a great independence day, all. And keep the fireworks indoors, unless you have a very private patio.... there's song for that too! (Indoor Fireworks)


beingaisha said...

Great picture-story Mick! They are, indeed, worth a thousand!

Happy Fourth!


Myli said...

What a great post! I want a ceiling hook so bad! But my fwb said I'm too freakin' short, so it doesn't make sense. Oh well :( Oh and the pics are amazing too!

Donna said...

I love the post today! Great pictures!

You did a fabulous job of working red, white and blue into the pictures. The red cuffs and stripes on Molly's ass, the blue on the Hitachi, the towel, the picture on the wall, and the bright white of the rope,it's a BDSM Fourth of July photo shoot in so many delightful ways!

So tell me, how long did it take you to apply the sunscreen? Did some areas require more attention than others?

Have a great one!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Hey, Asian Girl. Thanks for the comments lately. and tell your fwb just to get longer rope.

Donna, glad you appreciated our patriotic pallate here. and I did take a while with the sunscreen, though should have done it more frequently. Those breasts look a little pink this am.


Suzanne said...

I guess the fireworks were a day early at your place! Lovely photos too :) Have a great holiday and enjoy the rest of your vacation.



Alujna said...

Looks like you had both indoor and outdoor fireworks :D!

WC said...

Love the very hot pictures!

The now horny,


nilla said...

didn't get to comment yesterday (too much wife, not enough privacy!) but this was hot as where-you-are, to be sure...

muy caliente, Mistress! As spicy as salsa, and some great visual images...

Thanks for sharing!