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Sunday, July 3, 2011

From The Smokies.... West.

After a long travel day courtesy of our “back to the future” air travel system (you know, fewer flights, more crowded, worse connections, etc.), Mistress and I made it to our beloved mountain hideaway.

On route during the 3 hour drive from the nearest airport we passed within about 20 miles of the uncontrolled wildfires threatening the home of the atomic bomb, and a stockpile for everything from nuclear weapons to barrels of refuse contaminated with all sorts of deadly substances.

If you’ve never seen a forest fire at that range, it’s an awesome and, in ways, frightening sight. Smoke billowed from peaks and ravines and long ridge lines which must have spanned 20 or 30 miles. Considering the terrain, the heat and the wind, it will be a long time before that fire is under control. That is very tough duty for the 1200 or so souls out there in the wild, battling it.

For us, the inconvenience is a haze that has settled over the mountains here, muting the normally vibrant blue skies. Donna has warned us to acquire some masks if we plan to hike or bike ride.  And we will be on the lookout. But hopefully the winds will shift and keep the smoke minimal here, about 60 miles from the active blaze. If not, we may load up our bikes and head north to Colorado where the air is likely to be fresher.

It did make for an unusually red “lipstick” sunset last night, as the photo shows. That's the end of our drive, with the setting sun framed by a latilla fence and the chimisa bushes that clutter our "yard".

Once we arrived and packed away the groceries, the first thing Mistress did last evening was strip off the travel clothes, and we settled down out on our patio to read the local paper and enjoy the sort-of-fresh air and somewhat obscured views.

Mistress looked lovely, her breasts exposed , a lovely Indian necklace I’d  gotten her at Christmas hanging between them.

And since it had been a while for both of us in the sex category, it didn’t take long for us to head back inside, cuddle up nakers under the covers and …. Proceed.

Nothing fancy or flashy. Just good old, end of the day sex in the privacy of our special place. Mistress looked particularly fetching her legs spread, arms over her head as I proceeded to use lips and tongue to give her the worship she deserved.

“I hope it’s not too skunky down there, Slave…it’s been cooped up all day traveling. “

“No problem, Mistress… you’ve been airing all of yourself out this last hour or so….”

After she writhed to a nice preliminary come, she demanded the opportunity to feed on her cock. And who was I to stand in her way?

But soon I was begging for the privilege to fuck her. And she was mercifully indulgent.


After a little snooze we woke to watch the sunset in its smoked over glory and strolled our “grounds”, which show the impact of this season’s drought.  (Mistress wore that black nightie for her tour).

Today I will be clipping away some of the branches and dry brush near the house to make sure things are safe, though we have plenty of space from the forest.

Today’s Sunday… switch day here at our UCTMW branch office. Molly already knows it’s going to be naked Sunday for her…. With the exception of our bike ride and dinner with some friends.

“That sounds good Slave…. I can work on those tan lines….”

But Slave plans to throw a few curve balls into those plans.

Have a great Sunday, all.


nilla said...

i cannot imagine what a forest fire is like. Seeing on the telly is just not the same. The overpowering smell of woodsmoke (which i normally love)...the red glow, the snapping did an awesome job describing it.

i just finished reading a book about smokejumpers. Totally frightening job (one for pure adreneline junkies to be sure!)

I hope that your little abode remains safe, and that you and Mistress have a wonderful and relaxing time there.



Donna said...

I first wrote something romantic and gushy about the two of you but, remembering the admonition last week about kissing up for cash raises and bonuses, deleted it.

Hey, if you need to escape the flames, maybe the WC would put you guys up, doesn't he live our there somewhere? That could make for a cozy mini-vacation and great write-ups for the blog! I'm sure we would all love to hear about the three of you together!

Isn't it great to live in a place where wearing a nightie or going nude outside isn't an issue? Mistress looks quite fetching in that photo and I can tell from the photo that you are walking the requisite number of steps behind your Mistress. Good job, Mick!

The Senior Correspondent who isn't begging for a raise, but sure wouldn't say no to one.

beingaisha said...

The fires sound scary...

I'm glad you're being careful, arent' too close to them, and have each other!



Myli said...

20 miles of wildfires? Wow. Sounds scary! But sounds like a nice time!