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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Our Senior Correspondent did her thing yesterday, to impressive “lengths”.

Having seen Mistress’s observations that she had never witnessed an “uncut” cock, she went about some laborious research and emailed our CEO a collection of photos for her review.

Short ones. Long ones. Hairy ones. Ones attached to smiling blondes. Ones attached to biker dudes. You get the picture. (Well actually you don’t…. only we did here at the World HQ.

And while it’s tempting to simply share this collection with you…. Well, not here at UCTMW. We try to keep it kind of “classy” here.

Sure we give you lots of photos of Mistress’s wonderful body. And we throw in some fanciful shots of other bodies too. You’ve even seen some blurry photos of Mick in his cage.

But so far – no full on shots of cocks or feminine folds, with or without their fur.

Yes it’s been tempting to share the magnificent dimensions of Judge Miguel’s special occasion cock. But you will have to find that sort of thing somewhere else.

As I said…. We like to keep it classy.

But then Mistress did have her curiosity piqued by Donna’s photos.

“I wonder how that works, Slave…. So you’re trying to give someone a blow job…. What do you do with all that “stuff”.

Fortunately, I could not help her.

But feel free to give her some pointers, dear readers.

Moving on to logistics…. It’s a busy weekend here at the UCTMW World HQ. My nephew is getting married here in a small ceremony this afternoon in a local park overlooking the River where Mistress did her swimming a week ago. Family is in from out of town, including one of my older daughters.

There will be lots of socializing…. Too much for Mick’s taste, frankly.

So, maybe it’s a good time for me to button up the blog and head up to the CEO’s executive suite, before all sorts of socializing hell breaks loose. One has to seize the chances when they present themselves.

Have a great weekend.


Donna said...

It's a shame the blog is too classy for the photos because it was quite a sexy collection of cocks I sent to Mistress, wasn't it? It took a bit of time and much up close studying to decide which photos of uncircumcised mouthwatering equipment would be best to send.

Oops, I may have stepped out of classy-land there for a moment. Sorry about that.

Good luck with all the relatives. I am right there with you on all that nice-nice socializing. I would rather go to a good BDSM dungeon any day!

Your Sexy Senior Correspondent,

sin said...

Donna, I don't think it's unclassy to TALK about them.

And Molly, I've seen uncut ones, but never touched one or had to figure out what to do with all that other stuff either. Good questions though.


beingaisha said...


Apparently, i've never seen one... and that's ok, no offense to anyone reading this that might have an uncut one. If the situation arose, so to speak, I'm sure I'd figure out how to resolve it.



WC said...

good morning u 2 lunatics,

and Donna you go girl.

the time challenged,


Anonymous said...

Now you have me about just one or two???

nilla said...

i have no pointers to share. Sorry.

but the thought of all the naughty on your computers cracks me up!


with the Babycakes song in my head....Roll it, and pat it and mark it with a B (for bj?) and put it in ...mwhahahahaha...