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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saying So Long to Our Beautiful Valley

It’s our last morning here. Soon we’ll be packing up and heading back to River City.

In consideration for Suzanne’s long battle these last two weeks with celibacy, and to give me enough time for some morning kanoolding with Mistress, I will pass over the sexcapades here in our Mountain hideaway on Saturday. Suffice it to say that Mistress made sure to use her strap-on one more time before we head back to our surly teens and other forms of reality.

We did make sure to have a nice day yesterday in other categories of activity too…. A nice long bike ride down and then up out of a valley near here that always gets my cardio-system thrumming. Here is Mistress on the downward trail, and then at an overlook after coming out of what we call “the hole”.

Isn’t that vivid riding shirt muy caliente?

Then another walk down into the gorge for some sunbathing, soaking and reading. Here is an shot down into the hot springs area, which you can see was quite popular yesterday afternoon.

Aftewards, it was home for a little nap and that aforementioned ass fucking that Mistress applied to her Slave, with much delight shared by both participants.

I made us some dinner – gnocchi with some locally made basil based pesto and organic asparagus. Delicious if I do say so myself. And it reminded us both how much we enjoy just eating here at our little cottage – the two of us – watching the sky as some more monsoon showers passed across that vast open expanse to our south.

Finally, it was off to a local concert venue for a show by the Iguanas, a New Orleans band I had heard at a club on Frenchmen St. years ago, BK.

The band is an eclectic mix of grateful dead jam style band, latin and Cajun all melted together, that had the local crowd up and dancing from the first song. Of course, some dancers are flashier than others, and Mistress and I enjoyed watching a particularly expressive couple out in the floor, twirling and bending into one another.

Mistress has never been the showy sort that puts all that sensuality out on the dance floor like this lady, and she asked it that was a problem for me.

“Of course not Mistress…. I like it that you save it for the bedroom.”

We speculated whether someone who gets all hot and expressive on the dance floor cools off when the doors are closed and the lights go down.
I guess it would be hard to construct a scientific study to that end, wouldn’t it?

But by the time the band hit their stride, about an hour into their set, I did get Mistress out on the floor, swaying against me to a slow and sensual latin beat, and later, as the tempo picked up, on this, the band’s final number.

It was a great evening, just the two of us, and a cast of dancing locals, without the social posse that can get a little tedious, even out here.

It’s memories like these of our beautiful valley that keep us coming back, just like in this song (Beautiful Valley)  by a local singer / songwriter. (Check it out, because it comes with a lovely musical postcard of our little piece of heaven here).

Donna will have something for you all tomorrow, as Molly and Mick struggle to get back into commuter and work mode.


beingaisha said...

Nice to hear the tenderness between you two.



WC said...


Brian taught me how too use my computer in califorina.

Hope your trip homw didnt suck too bad.

The likes Calif a lot,