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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lick and Lunch

A harried week was finally coming to an end yesterday. It seems like it was a month that we were out in our little Mountain Hideaway, but, alas, it was only 6 days ago.

But fortunately, Mistress’s lunch engagement cancelled, and she found her way over to my office around 1 pm.

It had been a while since there had been an opportunity for office worship, so even as we exchanged pleasantries of the day, I was closing my door, shuffling the chair against it, spreading the little blanket, and bracing Mistress as she slid out of her black panties.

Soon I was on my knees, devouring.

There is nothing like the sweet addictive tastes of her juices, which linger on my cheeks and lips for the rest of the afternoon.

After she was satisfied, we headed out for lunch. The ugly weather had broken, it was in the mid 80’s, and the sky was actually blue rather than a murky, hazy brown. So we snatched some salads at a carry out and ate outside on our public square.

It was good to share some time with her in the bright sunshine.

As I kissed her goodbye, heading back to work, she said, "Thanks for the lick and lunch, Slave."

"My pleasure, Mistress."

After work we headed home, nothing on our schedule other than a buke ride and maybe some 2nd run movie on netflix.

The ride was invigorating. But after I showered I realized I had dropped the ball.

“Would you like me to worship, Mistress?”

“I was wondering when you would ask, Slave.”

AS she played with her new toy – the I-Pad her employer acquired for her this week, I fell to my knees again, but then realized the “Slave’s eye view” was worthy of a photo to share. I wonder if Steve Jobs will give us some product placement credit here at UCTMW?

“Stephen Colbert was right, Slave…. it’s really just like an oversized I-phone.”

But it probably is easier to hold and peruse sex blogs while being worshipped.


Suzanne said...

Love the photo....very erotic. If Mistress had put her pussy off limits to her pampered house slave, the pic could have been called "Forbidden Fruit."

The always likes to be worshiped,


beingaisha said...

"Thanks for the lick and lunch."

That's a classic line - I love it.


WC said...

Very hot pic Molly


the Pampered house slave

The back home,


Myli said...

That's a great picture! And you're right. It is a lot easier to view sex blogs with an iPad!