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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sex On Demand

Before I get to the “juicy” part, I need to share what awaited Mistress when she got home last night.

Her birthday is coming up this weekend. In fact, it’s a twofer – birthday and our anniversary… I think I’ve told the story of our “surprise” wedding on her 39th birthday before, so won’t elaborate on that today.

In any event, last week Donna mentioned that there was a package on the way from the hills of North Carolina to honor our CEO here at UCTMW on the occasion of  her birthday.

Sure enough, waiting on our porch Tuesday was this long, slim box – about 6 inches wide and 6 feet long.

You can imagine our speculation about what might be in there. And our trepidation about opening it in front of the sullen teen.

What could it be?

The world’s longest dildo?

A giant banner with the UCTMW logo?

A super sized whip to tan my insouciant if bony ass?

Once the teen was settled into her little corner of the house, I found a knife to open it up….

And what did we find: a series of individually wrapped packages with a variety of smutty books for Mistress to read! (Did Donna pick up on the fact that Mistress now has two books on her kindle that I want to read, but of course can’t because she reads new books from her kindle after finishing those).

Naturally, Mistress called Donna to thank her both for the thoughtful gifts and the crazy packaging. They even chatted awhile about our other staff member, who is learning how to surf in California this week. Let’s hope the WC understands that surfing injuries are not work related.

Now would be the time for me to make some snide remark about Donna sucking up to the “Boss”… but let’s just say that her gift was so thoughtful and clever that even I can’t say anything else other than thank you for making Mistress’s day.

Of course, I did my part too last night.

After I finished discharging certain duties as CTO of UCTMW ( synching her new I-pad with a home computer so she can have all those cock pics from the WC at her disposal), we went upstairs and I offered to worship.

It was noted that I had been a little slow to make the offer…. Chalk that up to to “rapid emersion in work after a vacation syndrome”.

I tossed a pillow to the floor, assumed my position, and set to work as Mistress laid back across our bed, accepting the attentions of my tongue and lips.

Mistress seemed contented when she finally pushed my head away. But by the time we were ready for bed, and she asked if I wanted to fuck her, I actually demurred.

I was plum exhausted. Long day. Still adjusting to the transition from holiday to the horror of this hot humid work-a-day world here in River City.

Fortunately, Mistress was not too disappointed, and gave me a pass.

But at 5:30 am today, it was a different story.

I was barely sentient when I felt her pressed against me, her hand slowly encircling my cock and balls, tender caresses following.

I knew what she had in mind.

Soon I rolled over to her, fighting off the urge to go back to sleep, and my hand found its way between her muscular thighs.

Her first cum came with my digital caresses, as her hips convulsed against my hand.

“Do you mind me waking you Slave? I was kind of horny.”

“Of course not, Mistress… I am here to serve….”

(Yes, I actually do talk that way… and it may sound snarky, but I mean it.)

Soon she was on top of me, having assured that the work-a-day cock was sufficiently rigid to serve her needs. She rode me to two or three more orgasms, before flipping over to allow me to take my pleasure in the more conventional position.

And since I was still half a sleep, I took  my time, making sure I used my fingers to caress her to at least one more cum as I plunged into her, before asking for permission to come myself.

When the dust settled, I grogged out again, cuddled to her, her fingers caressing my scalp in that tender way that I love.

AN excellent way to start my day as Mistress’s devoted Slave.

All this may explain why the blog is posted a little later that normal this morning.


Donna said...

I am so pleased Mistress likes her birthday gift. It was my hope there would be some trepidation about what you might imagine I would send in a six foot long box, so the images of huge dildos and whips was perfect!

If you remember Monday's blog, an added benefit to the gift is that research shows that women who read erotic books have twice as much sex as those who don't! Better eat your Wheaties, Mick!

Would you like me to see whether I can find a study about men who read erotic books?

Hugs to you both,

nilla said...

Great gift Donna (and i noted a Sandra Hill in there...good Viking stories with a touch of D/s, bondage...and lots of sex! I love those books!)

i can only imagine your face, Mick when you saw that long, long box...Donna is so brilliant!!

i'm grinning as i write, picturing this unfolding.

Early happy birthday wishes to Mistress Molly...


Paige said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Mistress Molly and Happy Anniversary withs both both of you. I can only imagine how juicy your blog posts will be from those celebrations. :-)

Great post, love the gift Donna. Love the gift, the packaging and of course how wondersul I'm sure the expressions must have been on the faces of Mistress Molly and Mick. Well done!


Myli said...

Wow, what a great gift, Donna! That is such a creative way to wrap and send it! Happy early Birthday Molly and Happy Anniversary to you both :)

WC said...

Haha Donna,

Very very cool, fun and funny gift!

The impressed,


sin said...

I LOVE getting books for gifts, I'm sure that's my favourite thing!

And I tried surfing lessons recently. OMG I was tired afterward.

And don't everyone come tell me you learned to surf when you were 12 and it's easy. Cause I'm not 12.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Surfing is definitely not easy. COngrats for even trying, Sin.

and Donna, feel free to engage in that additional research.


beingaisha said...

Love the books, Donna ~ what a wonderful birthday surprise! Finding creative ways to wrap stuff makes it all that much more fun!

i won't do Happy Birthday or Anniversary just yet, saving it for the big day!