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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Big, Sweaty Irish / Latin Wedding

Because of all the family activities yesterday, it was a Saturday relatively short on sex here at the UCTMW World HQ.  Of course, we got in our early morning session before the teens and their big sister were up and moving.  But after that…. We were way too overscheduled and harried for much fun behind the closed doors of our CEO’s executive suite.

As I was taking my two cute grandchildren to the market and then swimming with the help of the older daughter, Mistress was making a COSTCO run and getting her lovely nails worked over.

By the time we got back home at around 2:00 pm, we were both so gassed from the hot and humid weather that the best “action” we could muster was a 40 minute nap, cuddled against one another naked, before the next round of socializing began.

Mistress showered, and then began primping for this quickly scheduled spontaneous wedding in a local park gazebo. It was another steamy day here, and Mistress picked a vivid summer frock. She found some sort of adhesive “bra” to eliminate the strap lines, which seemed both odd and alluring. I had to take a photo to share with our readers.

The groom yesterday was my nephew, son of my much  missed younger brother who passed away about 4 years ago.  He’s a solid, red headed Irish lad, who despite a healthy appetite for the suds (and a bit of a gut to show for it) recently completed a marathon.

 His bride is a stunning, dark complexioned woman from South America he met about two years ago. She’s in her mid-20’s and my brother (and our father) would have loved to welcome her exotic looks and charm to our burgeoning Irish-American- Jewish clan.

Side by side, she and Mistress match up well in terms of both skin tone and attractively curvy bodies.  Folks were already commenting on how lovely their children will look.

They needed to rush the wedding to satisfy our nation’s byzantine immigration laws, and preserve her visa. So the ceremony was short and very sweet, and presided over by a local judge who, oddly, did the honors for Molly and Mick at our impromptu wedding about 18 years ago this month. So there was a pleasant bit of déjà vu to the whole affair for us.

The reception was thrown in the yard at the groom’s mother’s home (my former sister in law), and the night took on a Woody Allen movie quality, with the old (me, my mother, and my brother’s old friends), the new (a slew of grandchildren) , and the exotic (all that Latin dance music).

I took a surreptitious shot of Mistress’s vivid dress and her sensible yet elegant sandals to give you a feel for the evening.

At one point, before the dancing began in earnest, a strapping young man, barely 30, dressed in jeans and a preppy blue button down shirt approached. He said “Hi Mick… is this your gorgeous wife?”  It took me a while to remember him. Then I realized he was one of the groom’s high school friends, a kid I’d not seen in about 12 years.  I guess that would make him around 30.

He quickly zeroed in on Molly in a way that was quite flirtatious. It turned out he’s a West Point Grad, an officer who has seen both Iraq and Afghanistan in recent tours. He had a disarming and charming demeanor, but no doubt tough on the inside.

I stepped away to chat with some other folks, knowing that Mistress might enjoy the attention, and curious about whether how far the young stud would go to play his hand. 

Later Mistress said she noticed his flirting, but ultimately played the “I’m about as old as your Mom” card.  But apparently our sullen teens also noticed this chat (I’d bet they both thought this young officer was cute and worth flirting with too).

Sullen teen #2 took a photo of Molly talking to the young officer, and put a caption on it to show her sister and mother later that evening:

“Cougar on the prowl.’’

Naughty girl.  But worth a few laughs between us all as the evening progressed. Maybe that’s what happens when you give your teen daughters free access to the wine at a wedding reception.

In the car on the ride home we were all laughing about the evening’s events, and the young, flirtatious officer.

“She even called me a cougar in front of him when we were getting ready to leave.”

Gales of laughter.

‘And what did he say?”

“He said ‘your mother is not a cougar’, girls.”

I wondered… what made him think that?  I think she’s got a lot of potential.


sin said...

It all sounds like fun. I'm smiling at the conversation about whether Molly is a cougar.

WC said...

Haha Mick,

I too have been known to call Molly a cougar,

Lets see who she has flirted with in the last year and please let me know if I'm missing any one.

Captains of industry

Western ski patrollers

World famous mountain climbers


Several very famous politicians

Several very famous TV anchors

The sons of food barons

Dutch philanders/playboys

And one broken down old WC

The am sure I am missing some

And we are not even talking about the fact that she was a VERY bad wife in her first marriage!


Good morning you 2 lunatics.




beingaisha said...

Hmmm, I think he meant Molly was too young to be a cougar - or that she wasn't the one coming on to him... you know? Great story in any case.


Donna said...

Sounds like a fun day! The cougar aspect is great, maybe he'll call Molly. Imagine how sexy that encounter could be! Woo-hoo! Go for it!

Uh-oh. Do I hear a bit of jealousy coming from the WC? Another interesting by-play there, I think.

So tell me about the adhesive bra, did it stay in place? Was it comfortable? Would it work for a C or D cup?

Hugs to all,

sissy tammy said...

A very interesting post Mick, and your photography is always top notch. Cougar or not, Mistress Molly always looks so very hot :)

Anonymous said...

I have given some thought to your comment posted. Candidly, don't think it is appropriate to enter the subject of my first (VERY long ago) marriage here. Secondly, those who know me in the flesh know that while I am warm and opened, I am not a flirt. I include both men and women and am well-mannered. I ask our readers, a long with me, to all join in knowing that the world of BDSM is one of acceptance, not judgmental. It's what I like best about it.