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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Handy Technology: Pluses and Minuses

Mistress is pretty teched up these days: her I-phone; laptop and I-Pad are usually handy. And although she’s not as connected as our sullen teens, who frequently have to be asked to park their text messaging devices during family dinners, she usually has her I-phone handy.

You never know when a cock shot from Our WC might pop up to demonstrate to Mistress what he’s had his hands on, as it did for her yesterday afternoon.

And I can text her a shot of me in my cage when she wants to satisfy any security concerns.

Or maybe she will find a little smutty missive from her prospective Part-time Dom who is off in Europe right now.

But what got me started down this line of thought was some events here yesterday morning in our CEO’s executive suite.

I had hammered out the blog while cursing at the talking heads on Morning Joe, who were bloviating about the game of water torture the “lawmakers” in Congress are playing with the national debt. Then I brought my laptop up to Mistress so she could read my morning work product.

The night before we had agreed there would be no time for full blown morning sex – just a little worship on my part- because Mistress had to meet someone at the airport for an early meeting.

But when I woke her she found a text message on her I-phone from the woman she was meeting. Her flight had been cancelled, giving us some more time that could be well spent….

The worship proceeded, and pleased, Mistress granted me consent to fuck her.

“I thought you’d never ask, Mistress….”

I mounted my luscious beauty, and was taking my top, making sure she had at least one more juicy cum before I focused on taking my own pleasure from her.

Slave was Oh so close …. but then…. The I-phone was making it’s little ringing noise.


Technology Interruptus.

“I hate to do this Slave…. but it’s probably the lady I’m supposed to meet …. She needs to tell me when she’ll arrive.”

Of course, Duty called, and I am but a Slave in any event…. Pampered though I might be. I slid out and off, and rolled back onto my back. Cock still hard and damp, and a tad frustrated.

Mistress paced a bit at the foot of our bed, talking to her colleague. She was in a fetching short nightie. Within a few minutes their business was done. And fortunately she returned her attention to her Slave.

“Now, where were we Slave.”

By now, the work-a-day cock was in “at ease” mode. She slid into bed next to me, and lowered her mouth to “her cock”. By the time she was done, Slave was begging once again to fuck her.

“I think I’m taking it for a ride first Slave…”

Mmmm. That little break ahd given Mistress her second horny wind.

She slid on top of me – the full frontal cowgirl – and rode me to two more shuddering cums, her fingers teasing my balls as she rode. When she had her fill she slid off, laid back and let Slave finish the job he had started some time ago.

So while we were interrupted briefly by her handy technology, as it turned out, we ended up with two juicy sessions when there might have been only one.

An assist to the I – phone.


beingaisha said...

Only you two could make an interruption work for you...


Donna said...

Speaking of technology, I wonder how our beloved CEO stores all those huge picture files. With three men sending her photos of cocks and cages day after day, how does she keep them all organized?

There just might be a financial boon here for UCTMW with whatever file system she uses. The company might want to advertise in the side bar. I can see it now..."Cocks at UCTMW Organized by ICU Systems".

Working for the financial welfare of UCTMW,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Donna- plus those photos seem to reproduce on her computers and i-phones.... lots of memory consumed.