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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Clock is Ticking

Sullen teen # 1 returned home yesterday from a trip to equatorial climes with her grandmother. A Lovely high school graduation present, which I suspect that grandmother enjoyed every bit as much as the teen.

It was good to have her back, and Slave made a nice dinner - grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, green beans – for the four of us.

Sitting down for dinner, it brought up the ticking clock: in almost exactly 30 days, both of them will have de-nested: # 1 off to college; #2 off to Europe for a year of study abroad.


Sure, we will miss them, and while #1 will only be about an hour away and is likely to show up on our doorstep with dirty laundry and to visit her cats more often than we may come to like, #2 really will be gone for about 11 months. There certainly will be gulps and red eyes when we see her off at the airport on August 17.

But … Can you imagine the “trouble” Mistress and Slave can get into if left to their own devices?

Naked Sundays?

For sure.

Finding various nooks and cranies of the house to “break in”, or maybe adapt for kinkier purposes.


Maybe even some special guest stars to add to our Blog.

Camp Molly and Mick anyone?

Kinky Kooking Klasses?

It will be a small consolation prize, I suspect, even as we miss the little ladies that seem to have grown up so quickly.

In the meantime, we will be spending a little more time than normal with the teens, to the extent they will allow it, knowing that opportunities to build on the O count are just around the corner.

And that’s not to say that Slave will not continue to do his duty around here. Last night, after we greeted our long lost teen, and I slid the potatoes into the oven, I made sure that Mistress was given some devoted worship, sucking away until she’d had at least two orgasms, her hips rising off the bed and those little muffled sighs emitting from her lips.


Makes me want to shut down here and go upstairs for more, before it’s time to head to work.

Oh, and here’s an extra reading assignment. Apparently one of our female Presidential candidates has a submissive streak – but only because the bible says it’s the right thing to do. Check it out here (a submissive President?).

Do you think Margaret Thatcher submitted to dottering Dennis?


WC said...


The Collins on the loose ..

No kids

The question is though... can U 2 lunatics possibly have more sex?

You report we decide

As the UCTMW mission statement is Fair and balanced,

We will wire tap anybody



Bachmann is a submissive wife?

That doesn't surprise me



OMG again the man could not be a bigger tool,

Oh well, only in America,

The stunned,


beingaisha said...

You really capture the bittersweetness of the prospects of an empty nest, Mick I know you two will enjoy it - and will miss your girls - more than you can imagine now.

LOVE the link to the article on Bachmann. Good grief. Things ya just never expect to see. Very scary.


Suzanne said...

I'll bet you Bill Clinton got spanked more than once.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

WC, I do think its quite possible to have more sex, an d certainly in more locales.


Fulani said...

Being left to your own devices (perhaps literally) can be liberating. My own house got significantly perved up when that happened.

On the other hand, having offspring away from home doesn't mean they stop relying on you. Van hire to move their stuff to and from college, and then the highly entertaining 2am phone calls that require emergency car journeys or flights to sort out whatever's happened... "You're where, exactly? With a friend? And how did you manage to acquire the cow and goat? Never mind, I'm on my way..."