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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Birthday, Anniversary and Slave's Self Evaluation, 2011

I think Mistress had a very fulfilling Birthday / Anniversary Eve here in River City. No it was not as relaxing as last Saturday, when we wee safely ensconced at our mountain hideaway. But still…

Early morning sex, not too rushed.

A Bike ride.

Mistress and the surly teen had some quality time together, running errands and seeing a movie as I did some yard work and visited my ever cranky mother.

Mid afternoon nap with her Slave.

More sex, featuring a nice ass fucking of your truly.

An impromptu “training session” with the WC, finally back from yet another vacation leave, which added four more Hitachi induced cums to her total for the day.

Then dinner out at our favorite local restaurant and some dancing afterwards to end the day.

Hopefully Mistress has not run through her cum quota for the weekend, because it is switch day, and I’m thinking a full compliment of birthday spanks is in order.

What snuck up on us is that today is the one day of the year that Slave has the option of asking for some amendments to his contract. And of course it also gives Mistress the chance to see if she wants to tweak it (or throw me out with the trash too, I suppose).

The contract is what got us rolling here at UCTMW – it is the “sine qua non” – as the WC no doubt would put it if he could remember his Latin. The whole point was to get Mistress through a period of insecurity about us, and demonstrate my devotion to her.

Last year I did a little self-evaluation as a way to review our terms, so let’s try that one more time.

So here goes –he language from our contract with my self evaluation commentary and ranking on a scale of 1 (bad slave) to 5 (excellent Slave):


1. Slave’s body and particularly his penis and ass belong solely to Mistress. Slave accepts the claim of ownership over his physical body by Mistress. His body is the property of the Mistress and he agrees to be commanded, trained and punished as a slave and is duty bound to fulfill the pleasures and desires of his Mistress to the best of his abilities.

Self rating 4- No problems here again this year, I hope. I have allowed Mistress full and exclusive use. When she says to strip, kneel, accept a spanking, I am always ready to hop to for her. Nor have there been any others treading on her rights. However, sometimes I do forget to worship at the first opportunity. So there is definitely room for improvement.

2. Slave will submit himself to his Mistress fully and completely. He accepts that his principle concern, goal and purpose in life as a slave will be to enhance the pleasure, happiness and quality of life of his Mistress. To perform any personal services, errands, and sexual services and to accept any training, punishment, humiliation, degradation or other use demanded of him by his Mistress, in private or in public.

Self rating 3- I still need to improve in this category. No problems with the training, punishment, etc. But I should be focused more on making Mistress’s life easier by volunteering to perform annoying and burdensome tasks, rather than waiting for direction. And sometimes I do forget to finish the assigned tasks, like those light bulbs in the girl’s bathroom…. Will make sure that gets handled today, Mistress.

3. The slave gives the Mistress the sole and exclusive use of his body. This may include, but is not limited to, the length of his hair, shaving of his body hair, tattooing, body weight and manner of dress and undress.

Self rating 4- I don’t think there are any problems in this area. Fortunately, Mistress is not into tatoos. And our clothing tastes coincide. At her request I have avoided any head shaving.

4.The slave will not allow or permit the use of his body by any other person, to include physical contact or sexual relations.

SO far N/A. No one has come onto me this year that I am aware of. I guess on no longer send off those “available” vibes. Either that or I’m tool old, bald and paunchy.

5. The slave must make himself available to his Owner at all times and to this end must ensure that he carries a telephone with him all day, every day, that the telephone is available to receive calls and the telephone number is known to his Owner. The slave shall report any calls to the Mistress that she would find disturbing. If the slave receives such calls, he shall quickly tell the caller that he is NOT to be contacted under any circumstances. This is enforced for text messages, emails or any contact what so ever.

Self Rating: 2- I violated this rule yesterday by forgetting my cell phone and we lost touch for a while. But no problem with those “bad” calls.

5. If for any reason the slave learns that he may be unable to respond immediately to an order or call from his Owner (such as a business meeting or a trip which takes the slave out of reasonable traveling distance from his Owner), he must immediately explain his lack of contact to his Owner by email or text message. If he fails to do so, he will be considered to be in breach of this contract (see clause IV/5). Note that this punishment will likely not be of the slave’s liking or meet any desires.

Self Rating: 3- I think I have covered my ass in this way, usually by a text message or email explaining I am on a conference call, etc. But sometimes I can be a little slow with my explanation.

6. The Owner may at any time give, rent, or lend the slave to another Mistress without consulting or giving notice to the slave. The rights and privileges afforded by this contract will be automatically transferred to the new Owner.

So far, N/A. Mistress has no available “babysitters” like Suzanne does over at ALL Mine. Then again, it’s pretty rare that she goes away for more than a day or two.

7. In order to ensure the slave’s compliance and obedience to his Owner, he will at the direction and sole option of mistress be locked in a chastity device, which he will not be able to remove without permission of the Mistress. The slave should never expect the device to be removed other than by Mistress or with her permission. On such occasions that it is removed (for example, for the device to be cleaned), Mistress has the right to restrain Slave and not release him from such restraints until the chastity device is once again locked in place.

Self Rating: 3 – I happily and without too much whining apply my cock cage and have Mistress lock it ,when requested. We have not used it as much in recent months because we drive to work together.

8. The Owner shall have complete and absolute control over the slave and all of her commands shall be swiftly and diligently obeyed. The slave will accept any and all consequences, as outlined under REMEDIAL ACTIONS, for any failures to do so.

Self Rating 3- I may not do the swift thing as swiftly as I should sometimes. So far, the consequences have been easy to accept.

9. Even the slave’s thoughts belong to Mistress. He shall fully and completely answer the question “what are you thinking, slave?” whenever asked, without resentment or sarcasm. He will fully disclose to Mistress any thoughts he may have on ways in which she can enhance his submission to her, which she may either accept or reject at her discretion.

Self Rating 3- I hope I have improved in this area.

10.. The slave may not ask for this contract to be terminated. Only Mistress may terminate it.

Self rating – 5. No problem here.

11. This contract is made in good faith by both parties and shall be considered binding.

12. The slave gives the Mistress power to interpret this document as she sees fit. The slave gives the Mistress the authority to enforce the agreements made in this contract, using, if she feels necessary, physical punishment (see below).

Self rating -4 I can’t recall any issues re: interpretation in the last year.

1. The Mistress has no obligations or duties towards the slave whatsoever, except as noted in this Agreement.

2. The Mistress will have ownership of slave's body, to use and or abuse as she sees fit for whatever purposes she desires.

4. Mistress has the right to engage in other relationships with men or women, of whatever nature, without obtaining additional consent from the Slave. Such relationships may include “vanilla” relationships, her taking or training of additional slaves, or her submission to other men or women.

Self rating 4: In this area, I have not only been accepting, but supportive.

4. Mistress has the right to disclose to any person her status as the Owner of Slave and the terms of this contract.

5. On Sunday mornings for at least 2 hours, and at other times of the week, upon agreement of the parties, Mistress will submit completely and totally to slave, as if she was the Slave and he was the Master/Owner of her under the terms of this agreement.

Self rating – 4- Hopefully I have not abused this privilege. I believe Mistress’s enjoys these occasional opportunities to “turn over the keys”.


1. It is slave’s obligation to determine when his chastity device should be worn, and to offer to put it on whenever he leaves the home. Failure to ask mistress if he should wear his chastity device will be grounds for punishment.
Self Rating 1- I have failed in this area. Yesterday I did not ask whether she wanted me to wear it.

3. When slave returns home from work or any other absence for more than one hour, he will kneel and offer to worship Mistress’ and kiss her feet.
Self Rating 2- Again, I have been sloppy. This is hit or miss for me, and I need to remind myself of this obligation, even if Mistress may seem otherwise preoccupied because she wants to ride a bike, etc.

5. Slave shall not sleep in underwear, and may be instructed to strip completely or partially at any time Mistress directs.
Self Rating 4- I have become well trained to sleep only in underwear, and strip on command without question. Big deal you might say, and you would be right. Who could complain about being asked to strip by such a fetching Mistress.

7. No more than once per week, typically on Sunday morning unless otherwise agreed, slave may restrain and use a riding crop on mistress to give her pleasure, but must stop if directed to stop.
Self rating 1- I did screw up with that clothespin episode a few weeks back..

Slave will submit without resistance to any restraints or physical punishment that mistress chooses to impose.
Self rating – 4. No problem here. But Mistress has not used restraints on me much in the last year.

9. Slave will never masturbate or otherwise stimulate his penis without Mistress’s consent.
Self rating 5- I remain well trained not to touch unless directed. When Mistress went to Europe I did masturbate once each day, with her permission and under her direction.

When mistress is out of town, Slave will wear his chastity device as directed, and not remove it unless he receives specific permission from Mistress.

Self rating 5- when this has happened, I have towed the chastity device line.

10. Slave will beg for permission to come, and not come unless he receives Mistress’s permission.
Self Evaluation 4- I think there was only 1 or 2 out of many opportunities this last year when my “permission” requirement was breached, usually because she is so damn hot.

Mistress may use a strap on or any other device to penetrate Slave to remind him of her control and dominance.

Self Evaluation 4- Yum.

12. Slave will insert any device designated by Mistress as she directs.

Self Evaluation 5 – well trained here. Though I guess I don’t know how I would handle a device other than our trusty white aneros.

13. When having sex, Slave may penetrate mistress only after begging for and receiving her permission, and will withdraw immediately if directed.

Self Evaluation 3- Probably need to work on my begging. Sometimes I just take the cue and go for it.

14. Slave will report any overtures or solicitations from any female to Mistress, and reject such solicitation with the statement that he is happily married and devoted to his wife/ Mistress.

N/A so far.

15. If Mistress leaves the City for any reason, Slave will be available by phone, text or email at all times unless involved in a business meeting or court engagement

Self Evaluation 4- I don’t believe Mistress has lost track of me under these circumstances when she is out of town, other than an occasional time when I am in a meeting or on another call.
16. Slave will explain in advance any work or social engagements, and get permission from Mistress before attending any engagements.
Self Evaluation 3- I think I have improved in this area, though there may be times when I don’t go over my schedule in sufficient detail with Mistress.

17. Mistress may deny the Slave the right to attend any social engagement, or spend time with any persons at her sole discretion.
Self Evaluation 4- No resistance on my part to these restrictions.

18. When in private, Slave will address Mistress as “Mistress”. Mistress may refer to Slave as “Slave” at any time.
Self Evaluation 2- Sometimes a “baby” r “darling” still slips out. Need to work on this to keep me in the proper mind set. Every now and then Mistress has let a “slave” slip out in a social setting.

20. At her discretion, Mistress may require Slave to wear a collar indicating his status as Slave.
N/A so far, other than that night with Aisha and her former friend..
21. Mistress has the right to declare periods of abstinence at her discretion.
Self Rating- 4- When Mistress calls for Abstinence I have not grumbled.

Slave will pleasure Mistress whenever requested, to the best of his ability.

Self Rating 4- Always room for improvement though.

22. Mistress may require Slave to masturbate whenever she demands.
Self Rating 4- Never reluctant to do this for Mistress

These rules applicable to slave may be amended and supplemented from time to time as Mistress directs, at her sole discretion.


The slave agrees to submit himself completely to his Mistress, to accept her domination of him and to unquestioningly and without exception obey any and all demands that she may make of him. The Owner has the following means of redress should she deem the slave to be in non-compliance with an order:

1. Without limitation, the Owner may inflict upon the slave any punishment with whatever implements she wishes to use. The slave understands and consents that such punishments may include severe pain and suffering, including pain and suffering of a sexual nature. The duration of such punishments and the level of pain inflicted will be decided solely by the Mistress.

2. The slave has no right to protest his Mistress’s decision in any matter, least of all his own punishment. He shall hold his Mistress blameless for any physical or emotional damage she may inflict upon him and in signing this contract the slave consents, without exception, to any and all punishments, physical or otherwise, that the Owner chooses to inflict upon him.

Self Evaluation 2- I can still probably be a little manipulative when it comes to decision making around here. So improvement is required.

I look forward to hearing Mistress performance review of her Slave.


SometimesSpanked said...

Thank you for your self-rating post. Many things for me to improve on, reading your writing. Thank s again!

WC said...


For an over pampered house slave you did well Mick,

However, I will be very interested in Molly's ratings.

The never had a review



Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Hope all your wishes come true and that pampered house slave of yours makes your day as special as can be!



WC said...

Happy B-day mi amigo

His Honor



beingaisha said...

Happy Birthday, Molly, and Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!

What a contract, Mick! Sheesh. Nice job on the self-evealuation, although I thought you were pretty hard on yourself. But whadda I know


Kinky Wife said...

A nice contract and ideas, I'm going to use some of this with my hubby