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Thursday, July 14, 2011

HNT / Summer of 2008

Mistress got an I-Pad from her employer this week. As she was doing some shifting and sorting of photos for storage on her new toy, she cam across this photo....

Sort of like in that old Jackson Browne song, but not in an old drawer... in an old computer file folder instead.

It took some prompting for me to remember where and when she found herself in this delightful predicament.

Then in it came back... summer of 2008. In a western town where a certain political swaree was happening. Something about "Hope" and "Change".

Mistress and Slave were still sorting through some personal ugliness as a result of my monumental foul up. We were still doing out horrendous commuter lifestyle, back and forth on Delta every weekend from Florida to River City and back. It was before we did our Contract and discovered the joy of my submission or Mistress's ability to "play the field".

But as you can see, we were still finding ways to kink up our sex lives.... this wasn't even a switch Sunday!

When Mistress showed me the photo her primary concern was assotological comparisons  .... then vs. now.

"I don't think my ass looks as good now, Slave...."

Of course I assured her that it looks every bit as good.

But more importantly, our life is so much better now.

More time together. More secure in the state of things between us. Our kids past so many obstacles and on the cusp of leaving the nest.

And of course, more friends and confidants discovered through our little blog-o-verse.

No comparison.

The summer of 2008 had its moments, and maybe the world was a more hopefully change-y place then. But I wouldn't trade here and now for it, with or without Mistress's 2008 ass.


sin said...

Hmmm. Here in the bilingual far frozen north we would write "soiré". Because we have accent keys on our computers. But I got it.

And please tell Molly that she had and has an awesome ass. This is a great shot I agree, but there have been several recent ones that give me ass envy.


Donna said...

I'm with you Mick. Even with the bumps, or maybe it's because of the bumps, life gets better and better.

That is a great photo, but Molly's Ass continues to be just as much a Grade A, #1 Kissable/Spankable/Floggable Ass in its starring role here at UCTMW.

The not kissing up, just being honest,

Bill, Director of Security UCTMW Inter. said...

Not having a PHD in Assology as the WC, but, having many long years of careful observation I have to agree, the picture of the previous years is as fine as the current picture. The only difference I see is the tan line and that is changeable yearly.

Suzanne said...

Lovely photo....almost makes me want to "switch" every so often. On second thought, I'll just put tammy in that position :)

And does get better!



beingaisha said...

Lovely picture, and I'm on the "her ass is just as good now" bandwagon!

And I've got a request for you Mick. Tell us the story of how youall started having a Switch Day. I was actually wondering about that on my way home from work today. I bet it's a good one, and I don't think I've heard it.