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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day at the Beach

Yesterday, Mick and Molly spent a good bit of the day down at our local “beach”.

After our morning sexual engagements, and a long and demanding bike ride, we packed up some beverages, books and beach towels and climbed into our rental jeep.

You find our local beach by driving down a long dirt road, then hiking about 2/3’s of a mile into the deep gorge of the Rio Grande River as it winds it’s way from Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico.

The rocky, winding path is an old road, long since abandoned, created by some 19th Century entrepreneur who constructed a “toll bridge” here at the bottom of the gorge to accommodate horse men and stage coaches traveling for business and maybe a little pleasure toward Arizona or the rail route that connected Colorado with Albuquerque.

And he picked this particular transit point because of some ancient hot springs on the banks of the river here. The springs were discovered and exploited by ancient Indian tribes long  before the Spanish Conquistadors came to these parts in search of gold, slave labor  and potential Catholics.

More recently, you may have seen the springs in Easy Rider, the late 1960’s movie, with Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda cavorting in the nude with some local hippie chicks.  No way they got their choppers down that trail though.

In the past, it’s been a scene of some naked sunbathing and a little sexual activity in the warm natural pools for Molly and Mick. But this time we were a bit stifled by some other touristas, and a few local aging hippie types, plastered with tatoos, and accompanied by a pack of friendly but loud dogs.

We did enjoy some quiet time away from cell phones and computers to read our books and soak up the high desert sun.

Later, after dealing with the email traffic that had accumulated back at the ranch, we finally got some quiet time before heading out to our evening engagement with a group of local friends.

After her shower, Mistress did get a chance to chat with our WC, who is back at work, not far to the north.  She was out on the patio, letting her hair dry in the sun, when she asked me to retrieve the phone to accommodate their call.

You will be happy to know that I offered to worship as she talked, but she suggested it would be “not that kind of talk”.

On the other hand, She did let me worship her once she had signed off with M and came inside. It gave us both a little time to relax before our rendezvous with friends for dinner and some music at a local restaurant.

Our friends out here are a mixed blessing. It’s great to spend time with them in small doses. But  two of the couples have a need to do social “gang bangs”, where either we have to have 8 or more people together, or someone has to feel dissed and left out.

Very high school.

Mistress and I, on the other hand, are happy to be by ourselves, or spend an evening with one other couple at a time. 


Myli said...

Social gang bangs? I like that. I never thought of it that way. And yes, it is very high school!

Donna said...

Sounds heavenly, better without the dogs, hippies and tourists, but still wonderful! And it seems there is a good amount of vacation sex going on. Way to rock!

Great pictures today. Mistress is looking all fit and tan! But is that your leg all white and hairy floating next to hers in the picture? If so, may I suggest a tad less sunscreen for you, Mick?

"Not that kind of talk?" Between Mistress and WC? Have you worn her out Mick? Has the mountain air turned you into a raging beast that has sucked the dripping and luscious sexual energies from Mistress? Okay, sorry. Time to step away from the erotic books.

Hugs to all,

Suzanne said...

Lots of good questions Donna. You're ever the investigative type. It's no wonder you're the Sr. Correspondent. Bad advice on the sunscreen though...that Southwestern sun is mucho caliente!

M&M...stay away from the cell phones and work as much as you can...enjoy the vacation, and the sex!



UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thanks guys. Donna, I am just a whole lot more naturally pale than Molly.


beingaisha said...

So glad you're having fun... enjoy it all.


WC said...

Good morning Mick,

Those pictures are fun, glad u2 nuts are having your usual adventure going round and about having sex, fun and exercise.

Do we get pictures of rocky mountain big horn sheep this year. Those were cool pictures from your accent of Mt, W, sans sherpas and oxygen.

Hey Donna The WC is going on vacation without computer support, so our beloved senior correspondent will have to do the heavy lifting for the next week or so.

Of course the penny pitching pampered house slave is to blame. All I wanted was a top of the line apple laptop, and all I got was a smart ass remark which said "how does it feel to want?"

O well

The apple less,


nilla said...

sounds like another great day...i can't imagine that hike down the gorge in the heat of the desert, but that's just me.

sounds heavenly, nonetheless!

so glad you've got this extended time to enjoy each other so well!