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Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Transit

As you can see from this photo, Mistress is all tech-ed up here at the Minneapolis airport, where we must change planes before heading to our mountain hideaway. Lap Top for blog reading and commenting. I-phone for text messaging with the WC, and , of course, her Kindle, with it's 36 books downloaded for a full spread of vacation reading.

As we sat here, Mistress checked in by phone with the WC. Rest assured, he had already "taken care of himself" this morning. But alas, Mick and Molly are still O-less today, having gotten up at 4:45 am for our early flight.

Not that Mistress didn't do OK yesterday.

There was some worship at my office, facilitated by her need to stop by and sign some documents needed to apply for the sullen teen's study abroad visa.

Then there was worship at home before our bike ride.

Finally, the WC and Mistress arranged for a little "date" at around 8 pm our time. Just the two and them, on the phone, with Mistress deploying her trusty Hitachi.

"How many, Mistress?", I asked when she finally wandered downstairs, her bottoms missing, to where I was reading the Times, the blogs and watching the raging Maddow on MSNBC, all at the same time.

"Just three, Slave."

Tough day.

But by the time we settle into our little mountain cabin this afternoon, I'm hoping she will be ready for a little more action.


MissBehaviour said...

There was I thinking you'd be driving, with Molly blogging, her legs up on the dash, sans culottes. All the things you could have done on the winter trip if it wasn't for the sullen teens....


beingaisha said...

O, I'm sure she was ready!! Hope you're having a wonderful time....


Myli said...

Oh gosh, I'm like that too. Laptop, cell phone, and rather than a Kindle, my Nintendo DS! Hope you have a great time!