"Simone" and "Sam" have been forced to go on the Lam, after some sloppy security work exposed them to their potential "enemies". Fortunately, they've found help through the SBPP.
("Sex Bloggers Protection Program"). Follow their adventures here until its safe for them to resume their prior alter-egos.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Upcoming Attractions

There will be lots of action in the coming week here at the UCTMW World HQ. 

I wasn’t just blowing satire in yesterday’s meeting announcement: Our Senior Correspondent and Director of Security, International  (aka, Donna and Bill) are visiting us next Wednesday, and we plan on having a nice meal at home to get to chat with folks who came into our life via the sex-blog-o-sphere.

“Should I invite Francois, Slave?”

“Of course, Mistress, I’m sure Donna and Bill would be entertained by his presence.”

When Francois heard the news about Wednesday evening, he gave Mistress a gracious RSVP, and offered to whip up some sort of chocolate concoction for dessert. (I’m not exactly sure how one applies or consumes this confection, or whether I should get ice cream to go with it, but surely Francois will fill in the blanks beforehand.)

This weekend, the empty nest will also be disrupted a bit. Our daughter is escaping her campus for the weekend (or at least Friday night). She misses her kitties, and I will be taking her and two friends to watch the local NFL team, who are already hot on the trail of next year’s #1 draft choice.  So I guess Slave will have to plan a more sedate switch day. (or keep my powder dry until after she is safely back in her dorm room).

And after Bill and Donna head down to river to make their cameo appearance in another sex blog, we have what has been characterized as “Home Cumming Weekend” here in River City with Francois, Babette, and a variety of venues, implements, and plenty of wine.

I promise to keep the glasses full.

All of this will make for plenty of blog fodder.

Last night we did take advantage of our new found freedom, but not in a sexual way. 

We met for dinner at a hip hang out serving gourmet thin crusted pizza and other charming rustic Italian fare, then met a friend of Molly’s for drinks at a bar in a funky  old neighborhood, where the heavily tattooed bar tendress turns heads by her athletic two fisted cocktail shaking.  (That was a nice alternative to rushing home to make sure the teens were well fed and doing their homework).

But by the time we got home last night, Mistress and Slave were a little tuckered out.

Of course, that means there is some pent up demand for a little wake-up sex this morning. I hope you will excuse me if I shut down the laptop without any more filler,  and take care of business!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mandatory Staff Meeting




Within a few short weeks, UCTMW Enterprises LLC will be celebrating it’s second anniversary. We have emerged from a tiny little start-up springing from a late night goofy brainstorm,  to a burgeoning media empire with more than 200 “followers”, a handful of snarky commentators, and hundreds of lurkers world wide,  who troll here for fetching photos of our CEO.

Clearly, the sky is the limit as we move into our third year of blogging. We couldn’t have done it without the imagination, inspiration and profligate expense account abuse of you, our devoted staff.

As I have already discussed with some of you in recent days, the CEO has directed that we schedule a mandatory staff meeting here at the World HQ on Wednesday, October 5th. We apologize for the short notice, but there are several matters that need to be discussed as our vast media empire enters a more competitive environment in the year to come.

Our meeting will also give us the opportunity finally to meet face to face, and share some of the “skills” we have acquired since the empire was launched two short yeas ago in what was then such a humble and thinly staffed operation.

A little “cross-training” is always helpful, though we’ve never been much into “cross-dressing” here at UCTMW. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it, mind you…. It’s just not something our CEO has taken a fancy to for her Slave).

I am currently working on a more detailed agenda, but please anticipate that the following subjects will be covered:

1)   Comparative orgasm begging techniques 101, with the CEO, our Senior Correspondent and The Managing Editor sharing anecdotes and strategies.
2)   A review of security precautions and self-defense strategies conducted by Bill, our Director of Security, International.
3)   Analysis of the competitive environment, with an eye to expansion, consolidation and potential joint ventures with other Sex Blog media empires. (As an example, how about a spin-off blog featuring the household of WC and B, sort of the way “All in the Family” begat “The Jeffersons”?, or maybe one focusing on the roving finger of the WC’s anally obsessed Brother?)
4)   Potential Product Placement and  Endorsement Deals. (Example: On “Glee”, the cast members describe their parents secretly reading UCTMW and act out little vignettes from our blog during Choir practice).
5)   The Introduction of UCTMW logo products.
6)   Motivational Speaking Tours and/ or retreats led by the UCTMW staff and hangers-on. (Francois could lead a wine-tasting in the nude segment, as an example).
7)   Comparative Cock Management: cut and un-cut variety, as explained by our CEO.
8)   New and exacting rules for documenting expenses for reimbursement, described by CFO Mick Collins.

As you can tell, there will be plenty to cover.  And I welcome your input for additions to the agenda. We hope to begin promptly at 10 am, unless Mistress is conducting a private conference with Francois that morning.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The De-Briefing

First, our thoughts go out to our colleagues over at All Mine this morning. We hope they’ve stocked up on blood pressure medicine and locked all of the sharp objects in the house away in an accommodating neighbor’s car trunk. Their beloved Red Sox are dangling on the slimmest of threads, with one more game to play to see whether they can salvage their rightful spot in the MLB play-offs. 

I know I’m pulling for them, if only for the wagers sure to ensue if they can just make it past the Orioles tonight.

Good luck, Sox!

Now, where was I …. Ahhh….. sex.

Mistress had one of those god forsaken 7:30 am breakfast meetings yesterday, the type that only macho business men foist upon the rest of us here in River City. And this guy is actually retired. So what does he do after 8:30 am? 

That meant that Mistress was out the door before we had our morning “engagement”, and slave was off to work securely locked in his cage, without any relief for his morning cock syndrome.

Mistress did give me a call at around 9 am or so, letting me know that Francois would be stopping by to “pick up his chevre”: The cheese we had acquired for him from our goat herding hostess over our Parents’ weekend on campus.


Slave’s cock gave a little lurch in its close confines (even closer than Fenway).

I didn’t hear anything more from Mistress until around lunchtime. No response to my text message that the matching remote controlled butterfly vibrators had arrived via mail at my desk. (No I did not open them!)

But when I did hear from her, she was a little (mercifully) cryptic about what had transpired here at the UCTMW World HQ  during the pre-lunch hours of her “workday”.

“My nipples hurt, Slave…. and my ass too.”

“Ohhh….. poor Mistress…..”

(I suppose I need to be careful about sarcasm, don’t I?)

I knew that I would be able to do a full de-briefing when I got home, so saved my questions.

Mistress was sitting at her computer, awaiting me when I arrived home around 6 pm, in jeans and a black top.

“So you want the ‘tour’, Slave?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

We walked into our kitchen. 

“Well we had some coffee in here, and talked a bit about Babette and our plans for next weekend.”


“Then, we headed into that room…..(pointing to our family type room), and sat on the couch….. it seemed he was in the mood for a blow job….”

She mentioned something about his firm grip in her hair while she deployed her skills on his uncut Euro-cock.

By then we were heading up to our bedroom, where Mistress explained they had adjourned next.

As she pulled off those jeans, and I shed my work costume, she explained the variety of positions they utilized over the ensuing hour or so.

And soon slave was on his knees, worshipping Mistress as she so clearly deserved.

“Do I taste different, Slave?”

“Hmmm….”   I said, savoring, while sucking and licking…..quite frankly it was hard to discern a difference but then several hours had passed.  Maybe my taste buds are getting a little old.

After Mistress had been at least temporarily satisfied, she kindly unlocked her cock, and I washed it off before she used those lush lips on me.

“It takes a little getting used to, but the whole un-cut thing is not that different.”

“Glad to hear it Mistress….mybe you can do a tutorial for our readers’

Soon we were on the bed, Slave thrusting into those clean shaven folds, Mistress making those little mewing sounds of contentment.

“So…. How many times did you come, Mistress?”

“Oh….maybe 3, 4 times…. It’s a little hard to keep track…..”

“And did he make you ask permission?”

“Yes…. But, well…. sometimes he’d say ‘no’ when I’d ask…. it can get a little frustrating.”

“Poor Mistress….”

“And then he’d count down in French, and tell me ‘now’….”

“Did that work for you, Mistress?”

“It actually did, Slave.”

Excellent work on that “come on demand” training, Francois!

By now we got distracted in our own rhythms, and Mistress was kind enough to grant me permission the very first time I begged.

Later, as we left for dinner at a little neighborhood restaurant, Mistress passed on something that Francois told her.

“He said any man would be crazy not to want to fuck you….”

“Very true, Mistress….”

“And how did he like the Chevre?”

“Ohhh….. he forgot it….. I guess he’ll have to stop by later this week to pick it up.”

No doubt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dispatch From our Senior Correspondent: La Domaine Part IV

I need to begin with a correction, if you don’t mind. I have learned since my most recent post that neither slave nor donna should be capitalized when used together. I will endeavor to remember that rule, but no promises. Now, back to La Domaine.

So there I was, bent over a sawhorse. In front of me was slave tom, wrapped in Shibari ropes with his beautiful penis slowly dripping onto my forehead, kind of like Chinese water torture only more viscous.

Directly behind me was Mistress Dame, encouraging me to “pump out more sex” as she very successfully stimulated my nether regions. And Mistress Collette was flogging me from the side and ordering me to really, really beg for permission to lick slave tom’s dick.

I begged, but my begging required correction. I begged again, but still there was some issue with the way I was asking for permission. Finally Mistress turned it over to slave tom who had been bouncing just the tiniest bit on his toes, with his very erect penis bobbing up and down in front of me, catching just the bottom edge of my lips and tip of my nose as I begged. I also thought I heard a little hum coming from slave tom, but had no time to consider that as Mistress clearly was NOT pleased with me. She instructed me to try harder and to REALLY, REALLY BEG slave tom for permission to lick that big, beautiful cock!

I looked up at slave tom and REALLY begged him to allow me to lick his penis and balls. It seemed to me that I used the same words and tone that I had with Mistress Collette, but for some reason they worked this time. Perhaps slave tom was in a more receptive mood than Mistress. In any case, he gave permission and I got right to it. I licked up and down and all around his long cock and turned my head to push forward a tad to do a good job of nuzzling and licking his balls, then back to the licking and kissing.

Tom seemed quite appreciative and I thought I was doing quite well, when Mistress Collette stopped me. As I stopped and pulled back to look up at her, I heard that strange little humming noise again, but in a more strangled tone now, and clearly coming from slave tom.

Mistress Collette informed me that it was now time to see whether I had learned anything and could beg well enough to convince slave tom to allow me to suck his cock. Well I guess I did a much better job of begging because slave tom seemed quite pleased, almost relieved, that I begged so nicely. I turned my head to be in a good position to do a good job, gave him an eyebrow waggle and began. I blew across the tip and then slowly sucked him into my mouth, holding my lips just around his head and working the slit a bit. His moaning gave me hope that I was doing a good job, but Mistress soon began to give me some pointers.

Now,  I really can’t do more than one thing at a time, so I pulled back and let the tip fall from my lips so I could turn my head to pay better attention to what Mistress was saying. Again with the humming, but louder and at a higher pitch, and when I looked up, I could swear slave tom was gritting his teeth. In any case, when Mistress stopped smiling she gave me some great suggestions and told me to get back to work, which I promptly did.  Her suggestions seemed to work quite well and I moved my tongue and lips, coordinating the sucking pressure into the rhythm and pattern she had mentioned, or perhaps ordered.
All of a sudden, something came to my mind and I just couldn't let it go. I stopped and pulled back. Mistress stopped flogging to ask whether I was okay. I motioned with my finger that I would like for her to come down to my level. I whispered to her that I was feeling funny about this, that I am at least 15-20 years older than slave tom and maybe he was only doing this because he was ordered to and maybe he doesn’t really want this from me. She looked at me, blinked a couple of times and asked whether I had noticed that his cock was hard. I said that I had, but thought maybe that was due to the rope. She gave me a stern look and said that if he’s hard, he’s okay with it…and added I should get back to it.

I quickly moved back into position and got back to work/pleasure right away. What a nice, smooth cock slave tom had and it was so long that even if I swallowed when it hit the back of my throat, I couldn't get it all in. I reach up with one hand to massage his balls and used the other to give a back and forth motion to the base of his cock that matched timing with my sucking. All was going so well. I could feel an orgasm building for me, and from the intensity of the humming, I assumed it was the same for slave tom.
Then, out of the blue, SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! I had a Charlie Horse in my thigh. I must say that slave tom has good reflexes. He jerked that penis from my mouth in record time! I suspect he may have been concerned I might bite down.

Now let me tell you, that Charlie Horse hurt like the dickens! I needed to sit up, and since I was face down over the sawhorse, getting up was a procedure requiring help from both Mistresses and slave tom. It would have been comical under other circumstances. They helped me get into a chair and in looking up to start to speak I saw that slave tom was still in the ready to launch position, if you know what I mean. I apologized to Mistress and to slave tom, but Mistress Collette said not to worry, that slave tom was very familiar with delayed gratification and that there wasn’t any problem at all.  She grabbed a little leather strip from the bench and slapped his cock with that a few times, then grabbed the red rubber ball on a stick for a bit of additional thwacking on his penis as she talked to me about my begging techniques and how I might continue to work on begging and oral skills at home.

Within a few minutes, Mistress Dame placed a glass of water in my hands and told me to drink it slowly and just rest. She also said she was so excited to learn that I was going to be the model for a Shibari instruction class after lunch. Okay, I’m always game.

Oh, and in case you are interested to the follow up of my oral training, Bill reports that I learned my lessons well. He is most appreciative for the instruction offered by Mistress Collette and said he was grateful that slave tom was the subject I practiced on rather than him. I wonder what he meant by that?



Monday, September 26, 2011

Switch on the Road

Slave recovered from his failure to follow the Boy Scout pledge (“Be Prepared”) on Saturday afternoon, by stopping  at a local Ace Hardware Store to acquire about 25 feet of rope.

(Mistress was waiting patiently outside with our bicycles, as I lingered in the rope/chain department. What is it about that section of the store that always makes for such hard shopping decisions).

That meant that by Sunday morning I was ready to fully exercise my switch privileges.  Fortunately, the goat milking hostess had left a small scissors in the room (which seemed to double as a study when the occasional boarders were not booked), so it was easy for me to cut my newly acquired hank into about 5 equal pieces 5 feet or so in length.

After some coffee drinking and web perusing, Mistress found herself on her tummy, spread eagled, and ready to be used and abused.  I turned up the classical music station on the radio, to help cover up any errant crys of anguish or pleasure that might emit from Mistress’s soft and tender lips (though maybe I should have considered a gag?)

AS anticipated, Mistress looked quite lovely affixed to this antique, country style bed.

And when I applied my belt and palm to her bottom, producing a nice rosy glow, she squirmed delightfully against the bed, pulling at her restraints, moaning into the flannel sheets, the aroma of her arousal filling our little farmhouse room.


“You sure are squirming, Mistress…..I think this spanking actually turns you on…..”

“What do you think, Slave?”

Of course, I wasn’t completely prepared. I had forgotten Mistress’s power tool, which has become a critical part of our switch day rituals.  But necessity is the mother of invention, and I knew that Mistress was due a nice cum after all that spanking and strapping.

I slid one hand under her hips, my fingers probing between her clean shaven folds to find the little place that makes her crazy.  And my other hand lingered over her ass, a finger sliding ever so slyly into her tight  little hole little.  This dual assault quickly had an impact on her, and her hips were bobbing up and down, forcing my finger even deeper into her as my other hand worked her from below. 

Poor Mistress worked herself into a nice little frenzy, coming once, then again no much later until she collapsed against the bed, all tuckered out.

I took this little calm in her storm as an opportunity to untie her ankles, and flip her over, re-fixing her wrists to the top of the bed at the center, to one of those convenient little center posts. (We really do need a bed like this).

And, after she caught her breath, I was straddling her, allowing her to enjoy the flavor and texture of her cock, until it was more than ready for the next stage of our little session.

Hopefully our hostess was out on the porch on the other side of this old country home, whipping up a batch of goat cheese, and not listening against the door to hear what her guests were up to.

And no, Sin, we did not leave the rope behind, although if I ever ran a quaint little B & B, it would certainly be an accessory I would make available, along with the exotic tea bags and classic book collection.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Molly and Mick On Campus

Our day went pretty much as planned here at All-American U. After some leisurely wake-up sex, and a chance to peruse some of the blogs we had fallen behind on in our soft, ancient bed, we climbed aboard our bikes and headed off in a  cool mist for our “game day” activities with sullen teen #1.

The Campus and it’s little town are a throw back to an Archie and Veronica world, where, on Parents’ weekend, you see cute little preppy co-eds walking down the town’s main street in the same preppy cloths as their moms, but without the plastic surgery.

Molly and Mick are a little too non-conformist to exactly fit into this scene, and our daughter thought it was a little strange that we elected to stay at this farm house and ride our bikes to campus for the season’s opening football game, rather than park with all the other tail-gaters on some big damn field.

After the five mile ride into town, past damp pastures and plump cows,  we grazed for our breakfast at a local farmers’ market “up-town”. Molly discovered  some gluten-free cookies, and Mick scarfed down a slice of home made apple strudel and a caramel apple (getting my daily dose of fruit in!).

Then Mistress ran into one of those preppy moms we know from River City who seemed scandalized that Molly would be sporting a bike helmet in public.

The horror.

(Though I might add this woman pales in comparison to my lovely Mistress, with or without helmet.)

The sun finally came out, and we enjoyed out time with our daughter, though I suspect she might have had more fun chilling with her friends, either in the student section or in some campus hang-out.

On the way back to the farm after a long and kind of dull game, I asked Mistress if we could pull our bikes into the local hardware store. Slave had packed poorly for our trip, and our bed presents so many opportunities I needed to pick up a hank of rope for Switch Day. Are you surprised that Mistress had no objections?

(Sin had commented on the bed yesterday, so I thought I would take a photo with my computer cam. The old farmhouse bed came with a nice accessory this weekend:)

Both of us were a little tired by the time we made it back to the farm, so we elected a pre-dinner nap. But since daughter had “plans” for the evening, the dinner we had with her at a packed Thai restaurant was relatively fast. And, fortunately for Mistress, the place even served Sake in these strange little bottles. 

She took a photo and emailed it to me.

“I guess asses could be tomorrow’s theme, Slave”

Once home, it was not long before we were naked and in bed, With slave on all fours, dipping his head to serve Mistress who was on her back, legs conveniently spread. For whatever reason, Mistress was in a particularly horny disposition last night. I could be my more aggressive teasing and taunting of her clean shaven folds with my lips and tongue added fuel to the fire. But once she had cum from my oral attention, and used her own mouth to get her slave squirming and begging, she insisted on riding her cock for a while.

And ride she did, whipping herself into a frenzy that built from one  dramatic cum to another until she collapsed on me, sobbing. Her tears running down both of our faces.

I rolled her over, gently, sliding inside from above to finish the evening’s proceedings.

“I’m sorry I got so emotional, Slave….”, she said, her face still damp.

“Sorry?  I love that…. It means Slave must be doing something right.”

At that point, Slave was a little exhausted himself, but there was still whoopee to make, so it seemed we continued to fuck for quite some time, speeding it up, slowing it down, until somehow, someway, Slave was begging for permission to come too.

“Of course, you can Slave…..”

Afterwards, we were both completely spent, folding into one another’s arms, letting the goats bleet us to sleep.

Now I can hear our Inn keeper up on the other side of the wall. She says she milks her goats at 6:30 am. Mistress is planning to take some of her goat cheese home. If Francois plays his cards right, he might even get some too.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out Here in the Fields

Molly and Mick are staying in this old, Civil War era farm house, finally found after getting a little lost down long country roads. In our room there is a photo of the farm, taken from the air maybe 60 years ago (based on the car in the driveway), and minus all of the overgrowth that obscured the driveway as we pulled in last evening.

It reminds me of a similar photo of my grandfather's farm in upstate NY, that still hands somewhere on one of our many walls. And this old farm house has the same sqeaky ceilings and "out in the country" middle of the night sounds that I remember from that old farm from my earliest days.

The bed is the type that seems higher than the norms these days, and very soft. Mistress and I got the best night's sleep we've had since our return from that very long and relaxing vacation. And we've got a limited schedule today.... biking into town to meet our daughter, attend her college football game, then dinner later after a chance to clean up back here at the farm.

In case you were curious, Mistress was well sated last night. It's not as if we had been abstinent the last few days (true, Slave had been shut out on Thursday due to our schedule and my state of exhaustion once the dinner guests were shown the door on Thursday night). But I made sure Mistress had her usual dollops of worship. And there was some typically satisfying wake-up sex Friday morning before Slave was off to teach a seminar.

But last night..... well maybe it was the country air, or Mistress flashing back to her wild days on this campus back in the Reagan era, but.... wow.... she was a hot little fire cracker here on the goat farm.

First, she instructed me to "got insert your device Slave."  Fortunately I had packed that and our little tube of lubricant. That always assures Mistress the cock suited to her needs.

After following her orders, I devoted my tongue and lips to their highest and best use, and squeezed from Mistress a nice multi-waved cum that had her bucking and moaning on this soft high, country bed.

Once suitably worshiped, Mistress turned her attention to my already rigid cock. She seems to be a little more focused on this form of "torture" of late -- maybe getting in practice for Francois's "uncut" model?  In any event she soon had me doing the squirm and beg thing until she finally relented, me on the edge, at last allowed to fuck her.

And of course, once granted permission, I was in no hurray to bring the evening's prime entertainment to an end. It's not like there was a TV here to distract us. So I made sure Mistress got the fucking she certainly deserved, using all of the tricks in my ancient book to assure her a few more delightful cums before I provided my explosive happy ending.

Ahhhh..... that was definitely what the doctor ordered after a long week back at work here in the heartland.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Weekend In the Country

Wow. It's been a crazy few days in River City. Mistress has been involved in some career developments. Old Mick has had some early morning "performance art" engagements that required some preparation. Then add to that important visitors from out of town, and dinner at home last night with my two chrming grandsons..... is that enough excuses for my blog-block?

Now we are on the move again. It's our daughter's "parents weekend" at her college campus. Its a bucolic place, actually, not too far from our house. One of those leafy midwestern college towns, with charming steeples, leafy trees, cute co-eds, and annoying frat boys.

But we did not want to make this a commuter weekend. So Mistress deployed her research skills and found us a charming little room connected to a farm house about 5 miles from campus. We loaded up our bikes, and now, after a dinner with our daughter in town, we are nestled in our fluffy bed, listening to bleating goats and classical music on the radio.

Mistress had me do the little hooks on that corset she found to entice Francois. and now, dear readers, it's time she got the worship she deserves.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dispatch from Our Senior Correspondent: La Domaine III

 First, apologies to our devoted readers about missing our post this morning. There was a bit of a technology snafu here at the UCTMW World HQ. I'd consider replacing the the CTO, but now that I think about it, that's one of my titles here.  

It's also been a rather hectic day here in River City.... and a busy weekend ahead. So bear with us for a few days....Fortunately, we have this very hot continuation of our Senior Correspondent's trip to La Domaine.

So I last left you with an image of your intrepid correspondent lying blindfolded on a suspended massage table having been stimulated to unimaginable heights and with my cunt sealed over with wax. Let me say that I am so happy Bill likes to keep me shaved, because that would have been quite an interesting rrriiiippp for someone with hair there. As it was, the chipping away of the wax became an erotic adventure all on its own resulting in a certain Southern Correspondent begging for permission to orgasm.
Lying on that table I felt both erotically on edge and also at peace. I know that may sound like different extremes, but I loved what was happening with the pain/pleasure of BDSM and I also felt at my core that this was exactly where I was supposed to be. There was something awe inspiring about the fact that we were all women; that the circle of power is truly about freely giving and receiving and not limited by sexual orientation. This was a female experience with women of great substance and authority gifting me with the experience of their dominance and I returned their gift with mine, total submission. There was a strong sense of the power, almost electrifying the air around us.

When it was time to get up from lying on the table, I had a problem. Sitting up from a flat position is extremely painful for me along my spine, and not pain in the good sense.  After the blindfold was removed and the cuffs unclipped from the chains, the Mistresses began assisted me into an upright position, the pain was severe, and I screamed.
They didn’t run away, or start panicking about what they should do; they simply leaned in and held me up. I started to cry, partially in release from the amazing experiences and partially in embarrassment that I had screamed. As I cried, one of the Dommes cried with me, another hummed a little song while the other rubbed my back and neck. The Dommes had been quietly assisting me all through my time in the dungeon, standing next to me so that I could lean on them as I began to tire from standing so long on my crutches; gently moving my dragging leg and foot into position; lining up my body; constantly checking the ropes and the cuffs for circulation problems.  All of this was done without making it an issue, without any fuss, just doing what needed to be done.
It was one of the most loving times I have experienced.

When the time was right to go back upstairs, they supported me as I walked me to the steps, I handed my crutches to Mistress Collette and she took them upstairs for me. I crawled up the steps, still wearing only the Shibari ropes, with the two Mistresses in Training following me as we chatted about fetishes. When my foot began to slip off a step, Goddess Evitaa gently pushed it back onto the step without even pausing in what she was saying, and I continued crawling up the steps. When I reached the top, Mistress Dame supported me from the back and Mistress Collette helped pull me into an upright position, handed me my crutches and on we went. No big deal, just handling what comes up in life.

Speaking of what comes up, the following morning Master R decided it was time to polish up my oral skills for Bill, and he didn’t mean public speaking! My thought was that maybe we would use a dildo and he and Mistress Collette could give me some pointers. About then there was a knock at the front door and slave Tom came in.  Wowsers!
Slave Tom is between 35 and 40 and is a fine, fine specimen of a male! Mistress Collette told him to remove his clothing, which he did immediately and then gracefully sank down to a kneeling slave position in front of her.  Mistress Collette took a rope from the bench behind her, motioned for slave Tom to rise, and began using her Shibari skills on him. She roped him from waist to groin, wrapping his penis and balls in a quite upright and upfront position, although, in truth, he was already quite upright before she even began using the rope. I think her leather bustier and high leather boots might have played a part in that…along with the hot Dominatrix attitude that surrounds her.

I tried to look at slave Tom’s eyes, but my eyes kept drifting South and then Master R asked me what I thought of slave Tom’s penis, and told me to describe it. Gulp. So I looked carefully and did my best to describe his gorgeous, tanned, very long cock and his beautiful, heavy, reddening balls. Right then, Mistress reached out and thwacked his penis. What? Don’t hurt that beautiful thing! Well, let me tell you, it bounced back for more.

Mistress grabbed something that looked like a red rubber ball on the end of a metal rod with a handle. She used that to bop slave John’s penis again and again, alternating with slaps of her hand, and it was very obvious that slave Tom enjoyed it. This was new to me. Bill wouldn’t have a positive reaction to having his penis slapped, and certainly wouldn’t want it thwacked like that. Mistress Dame walked over, and she, too, began giving a good deal of attention through hand strokes and some cock slapping to slave Tom. After a few minutes, Mistress Dame and Master R moved a padded sawhorse to the center of the living room area and I knew my oral training was about to begin. No dildo needed!
Mistress Collette told slave Tom to stand at one end of the sawhorse and instructed me to stand at the other end. She had slave Tom scoot forward until his cock and balls were extending over the padded area. Then she had me lay face down on the sawhorse, scooting up until slave Tom’s penis was hitting my forehead. I felt a drop of precum slowly run down my nose as Mistress inserted a vibrator into my vagina and began flogging my back and butt. Oh my!

Mistress stopped flogging long enough to reach down and feel my pussy, then started laughing as she shared with the others in the room that I was dripping wet, that I was oozing sex-but could do even better if I tried - so the flogging, spanking and buzzing continued with a break now and then for Mistress to slap slave Tom’s cock causing more precum to make its way down my nose and drip onto the padding of the sawhorse.
When Mistress felt I was ready, she had me look at her and firmly stated that it was time for me to beg; to beg for permission to lick slave Tom’s cock.

More to come, or is that cum?


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Property Rights

In these United States, there is a lot of talk about property rights. As an example, they can’t be "deprived" without “due process”, a slippery term if there ever was one. And all sorts of anger can get whipped up when the big bad government decides to take or limit the property rights of your ordinary citizen. When the “property” happens to be  a gun, well, step back and watch the fur fly.

But here at UCTMW World HQ, we don’t have disputes about personal property, since we all know who rules the roost.

Last night, for example, at about 4 am, Mistress was aroused from her beauty sleep by one of the two “kittens” who co-habit our empty nest with us.  We forgot to close the door, and this particular cat thinks its perfectly appropriate to wander around on our bed, using her “voice” to make sure we know she’s there (as if the footfalls on our legs and chests weren’t good enough to do that).

The ct was shown the door, which was then closed. Molly and Mick, rolled over, with the apparent intent of going back to sleep. But then, a few minutes later, I felt Mistress’s hand slide over my hip. Then her fingers, freshly manicured, were sliding along my somewhat scruffy balls in that tantalizing way.

Hmmmm.  I thought we were nodding off.

“What’s up, Mistress?”

“I thought I would see how my cock is doing, Slave….”

“As you have every right to do…..”

Well you can imagine the impact of her fingers, particularly after they gently gripped my expanding cock, and began to gently stroke it, riding it up and down until it had grown to its full “work-a-day wonder” dimensions.

Something had to give, and I am too polite a slave to demand the privilege of fucking first.

“Would you like me to worship, Mistress.?”

“That sounds like a good idea, Slave.”

So there I was, at around 4:15 am or so, sliding between her firm yet smooth and soft thighs, exploring those clean shaven folds with my tongue and lips.

Son Mistress’s breathing picked up the rhythm I associate with her heightened arousal, her thighs spreading a bit wider for me, her succulent juices coating my mouth.


And once she seemed satisfied with my efforts, she readily granted my request to fuck her.

While Mistress may be the type of property owner who feels free to exercise her rights at any hour of the day or night, she also makes sure it is well maintained.

Moving on a bit….. thanks for your comments yesterday, and particularly to Francois for sharing a bit of his reaction to our impromtu dinner.  Yesterday, Mistress did exchange a few text messages with Babette, who we look forward to meeting a few weeks hence.

This could become a very spicy stew…. Or would that be a cassoulet?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Dinner With Francois

It was an  eventful first day back in town for Molly and Mick, getting back on the work wagon and all. And we need to get up and out early this AM, so excuse me if I am a little brief and unfocused on laying out this account. Feel free to ask questions, and I will fill in some more details later.

Slave was back at work in his office, Mistress working from home yesterday, and things were a little open ended as to whether Francois’s own work schedule might allow the two a little time together.

As it turned out, Mistress and he met for some coffee at a Starbucks not far from where he was doing some work. I got the heads up, and a little report on her drive home.

“So how did it go, Mistress?”

“Fine Slave…. we just chatted a while . I think he was a little disappointed that I wore underwear under my skirt though?”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, as we were leaving he reached up under there and I had to tell him he wouldn’t be pleased…. It was a work day after all.”


“And what did you talk about?”

“We did cover that upcoming weekend…. And involving his new friend Babette in the proceedings… at some point I sort of shushed him, since it was all this sex talk and I was afraid the Barrista was listening in….”

“And he said?”

“He must be a regular there… he looked at the guy and said ‘didn’t I tell you I was meeting my mistress and we were going to talk about getting a cute little submissive involved in some of our action’?”

“Oh shit…. Hilarious….”

Let’s move on now to further action, after work, back here at the UCTMW World HQ.

What’s nice about this empty nest is that there is no pressure at the end of the day for a quick meal prep to soothe the savage sullen teens. So Slave is free to come home, take off those work clothes, and offer his services to Mistress.

We were in our post-coital bliss, me contemplating what to serve with the fish, when Mistress got a text….

“Francois has some time, and wants to know if it’s OK to stop by with a couple of bottle of wine for us to sample….”

Gulp.  So the time had come for Slave to meet Mistress’s new beau.  But I was undainted, and, of course, very curious.

“Sure, Mistress….. ask him if he wants to stay for dinner….”

(Slave may be impertinent, but all that worship and sex had gotten my appetite aroused.  Couldn’t cuckolding wait until we all had full tummies?)

As it turned out, Francois had not yet eaten,  and there was plenty of Salmon to go around (poached in a mix of mushrooms, eggplant chunks, green peppers and tomato if you’re curious).

Mistress set the table. Francois arrived just as I was sautéing the green beans.  Simple but tasty, if I do say so myself.

We enjoyed the wine, laughed a lot, cleaned our plates, emptied a couple of bottle of wine, and talked about  logistics for our upcoming “Home Cumming Weekend”.

Some topics covered:

n  Acquisition of two butterfly vibrators with remotes, for Mistress and Babette.
n  The need for Mistress to add a larger dildo for use with her strap-on, since Babette is quite open to that experience, and the general opinion was that it was time for Slave to graduate to something more substantial.
n  Mistress’s role in the proceeding? “You’re the switch…. I’m in charge but you get to Domme Babette”, according to Francois.
n  Complements. Mistress is addicted to them, but that’s her Slave’s job. According to Francois, his Calvinist upbringing does not lend itself to lavishing praise.
n  The Blog. It seems Francois is enjoying his cameo appearances. Like us, he is already focusing on how prospective activities will be great “blog fodder”.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening. And it was a delight to see the smile on Mistress’s face and the twinkle in her eye as her two men fawned over her, each in their own way.

Afterwards, I commented on the pleasure that Mistress seemed to take in the whole admittedly unusual  proceeding.

“What’s not to like, Slave….”

At some point, after dinner,  I got a call I needed to take, so did not have a good chance to say goodbye, as Mistress walked Francois to his car. He was the perfect gentleman in front of me, I might add. But I understand Mistress got a nice kiss goodnight.

NO doubt, there will be further developments to report.