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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Dinner With Francois

It was an  eventful first day back in town for Molly and Mick, getting back on the work wagon and all. And we need to get up and out early this AM, so excuse me if I am a little brief and unfocused on laying out this account. Feel free to ask questions, and I will fill in some more details later.

Slave was back at work in his office, Mistress working from home yesterday, and things were a little open ended as to whether Francois’s own work schedule might allow the two a little time together.

As it turned out, Mistress and he met for some coffee at a Starbucks not far from where he was doing some work. I got the heads up, and a little report on her drive home.

“So how did it go, Mistress?”

“Fine Slave…. we just chatted a while . I think he was a little disappointed that I wore underwear under my skirt though?”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, as we were leaving he reached up under there and I had to tell him he wouldn’t be pleased…. It was a work day after all.”


“And what did you talk about?”

“We did cover that upcoming weekend…. And involving his new friend Babette in the proceedings… at some point I sort of shushed him, since it was all this sex talk and I was afraid the Barrista was listening in….”

“And he said?”

“He must be a regular there… he looked at the guy and said ‘didn’t I tell you I was meeting my mistress and we were going to talk about getting a cute little submissive involved in some of our action’?”

“Oh shit…. Hilarious….”

Let’s move on now to further action, after work, back here at the UCTMW World HQ.

What’s nice about this empty nest is that there is no pressure at the end of the day for a quick meal prep to soothe the savage sullen teens. So Slave is free to come home, take off those work clothes, and offer his services to Mistress.

We were in our post-coital bliss, me contemplating what to serve with the fish, when Mistress got a text….

“Francois has some time, and wants to know if it’s OK to stop by with a couple of bottle of wine for us to sample….”

Gulp.  So the time had come for Slave to meet Mistress’s new beau.  But I was undainted, and, of course, very curious.

“Sure, Mistress….. ask him if he wants to stay for dinner….”

(Slave may be impertinent, but all that worship and sex had gotten my appetite aroused.  Couldn’t cuckolding wait until we all had full tummies?)

As it turned out, Francois had not yet eaten,  and there was plenty of Salmon to go around (poached in a mix of mushrooms, eggplant chunks, green peppers and tomato if you’re curious).

Mistress set the table. Francois arrived just as I was sautéing the green beans.  Simple but tasty, if I do say so myself.

We enjoyed the wine, laughed a lot, cleaned our plates, emptied a couple of bottle of wine, and talked about  logistics for our upcoming “Home Cumming Weekend”.

Some topics covered:

n  Acquisition of two butterfly vibrators with remotes, for Mistress and Babette.
n  The need for Mistress to add a larger dildo for use with her strap-on, since Babette is quite open to that experience, and the general opinion was that it was time for Slave to graduate to something more substantial.
n  Mistress’s role in the proceeding? “You’re the switch…. I’m in charge but you get to Domme Babette”, according to Francois.
n  Complements. Mistress is addicted to them, but that’s her Slave’s job. According to Francois, his Calvinist upbringing does not lend itself to lavishing praise.
n  The Blog. It seems Francois is enjoying his cameo appearances. Like us, he is already focusing on how prospective activities will be great “blog fodder”.
Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening. And it was a delight to see the smile on Mistress’s face and the twinkle in her eye as her two men fawned over her, each in their own way.

Afterwards, I commented on the pleasure that Mistress seemed to take in the whole admittedly unusual  proceeding.

“What’s not to like, Slave….”

At some point, after dinner,  I got a call I needed to take, so did not have a good chance to say goodbye, as Mistress walked Francois to his car. He was the perfect gentleman in front of me, I might add. But I understand Mistress got a nice kiss goodnight.

NO doubt, there will be further developments to report.


aisha said...

Whew ~ this is really upping the ante! I'm excited for you all! And look forward to hearing more, of course...


Anonymous said...

Yes dinner was good, and I only had to remind Mick twice to pay attention to the emptying wine glass.
One thing Mick forgot to mention is that he will very available to Babette the homer cumming weekend, she has not had real good experiences with males, so lets hope he can make her smile.


Donna said...

What a great evening, and the plans sound intriguing and very, very sexy.

I agree with our CEO, "What's not to like?"


nilla said...

wow...big doings in River City...and i was just wondering about the Mystery Dom...

nice to hear that things are keeping naughty down your way!


Suzanne said...


Despite having to cook dinner, keep the wine glasses filled, etc, you still are a very pampered house slave. And now, you even get the opportunity to make another woman smile. The pampering continues...

Have fun!


Aimee said...

Looking forward to these further developments. Francois seems like a perfect addition to things.

Mistress Aimee

Harry Haversackers said...

This is miles away from the topic at hand, but I'll offer it up anyway.

I'm researching Mrs. Haversackers' French Canadian family tree, and I'm learning the use of accents all over again. The name François shows up often among her ancestors. Do you see the cédille accent under the c? Without it, the c is pronounced as a k.

Would Mick and Molly's new friend prefer to see his name shown with the cédille in place? If he would, the keyboard shortcut is ALT+0231.

On the topic of Mick, Molly, François & Babbette, let's just say, this is getting very interesting. Woo hoo!

sin said...

Funny - I was going to comment on the accent too. My French Canadian keyboard has a ç on it so I wasn't sure of the shortcut to get to spell François properly.

I love the tags on this btw. Francois and poached salmon

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Unfortunately, the pampered house slave does not have a French keyboard.And now my A key keeps getting loose. so there is a whole new realm of typos available to me. better just keep focused on worship and keeping the wine glasses full.


Anonymous said...

Merci for the heads up and yes François is the correct way to write it.

BUT unfortunately Apple USA does not provide a French keyboard easily.

Besides I am already making enough 'spelling mistakes' I am still being corrected by a part time sextary who insists that the correct spelling is color and NOT colour as I keep typing. Luckily for her her oral skills are perfect, and she knows how to serve coffee with a glass of calva in the morning.

I agree with Mick...lets keep focuses on keeping the glasses full.

For home cumming weekend I have a few nice bottles of Nickel & Nickel, also some nice Pouilly-Fumé and some nice Sancerre perhaps some Veuve Clicquot.

Mick do brush on pouring the Veuve and remember with 4 people one only needs 2 glasses...

EuroTrash aka François

Rich Wussy said...

I am looking forward to a very different yet interesting brand of cuckolding here!