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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mistress Asks Permission

We woke here a little early Sunday morning, debating whether to load our bikes onto the car and travel north twenty miles for one of our more epic bike trails. But inertia prevailed…. We decided to keep our ride closer to home, and spend the time that would have been spent in the car on more typical Sunday morning  pursuits….

“So we can do switch day now Slave, rather than later….”

 Mistress immediately began to wonder whether her gung ho reminder of my contractual rights  was a good idea, as I reached for our little bag of tricks and pulled out the leather wrist cuffs and their tiny locks.

"Ohhh.  I guess that was stupid of me, Slave...."

Now it was a little chilly outside  here on the cusp of the mountains Sunday morning.  Our high altitude and a front from the north that cleared away the clouds probably had the temperature in the 40s when this conversation was going on, so I decided to spare Mistress an early morning bound “perp walk” out to a convenient outdoors pillar or post.

Instead, I locked her cute little red cuffs on, and tied them off to the corners of our bed, with Mistress on her stomach.

She had worn some semi-transparent undies to bed, and they looked so cute I paused to take a photo….

 I reached for  the riding crop, conveniently placed near the bed, and gave her a few light smacks over her undies before sliding them off and over her lovely feet…. Still in the black socks she had worn to bed for a little extra warmth after our night on the dance floor.

With her bottom suitably exposed, it was time to pick up the crop again. But since she’s been a very good Mistress on this trip, I laid down next to her, rather than stand at the side of the bed, sliding  one hand under her hips to fondle and delight, while the other applied the crop intermittently.  It didn’t take long before Mistress’s ass was rising and falling nicely, switching from side to side, and taking on a nice rosy glow.

Of course, the Hitachi magic wand was also at the ready, and it seemed like a good time to put it to use, switching it on and sliding it between those strong and supple thighs.

“Don’t forget to ask permission, Mistress.”

She worked herself into a lovely frenzy, humping her favorite power tool, while pulling at the ropes that restrained her arms.

:May, I Slave….”

“May you what, Mistress?”

(I can be a tease, can’t I?)

“Come, Slave…. may I please Come?”

(Love that hint of desperation in her voice.)

“Yes, Mistress…. You can come now….”

Given the green flag, she let it rip, building herself to one of those mega-cums that had he sobbing, tears welling in her eyes. 

I felt the pride of a job well done.

But of course by now, the work-a-day cock was more than anxious to joint the fun. I let Mistress recover a bit, then mounted her from behind, sliding into her moist folds gently at first, then with more gusto, until I had Mistress moaning into her pillow for another couple of orgasms.

By the time I released her wrists and turned her over she seemed to have had a full dose of switch day satisfaction, if I do say so myself.


Suzanne said...

Time well spent. Beats a bike ride, even in that beautiful little mountain hideaway of yours!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

we did get the bike ride in later, Suzanne. Mistress makes sure I stay in good shape.


Aimee said...

Oh, come on no 40 degree walk outside!?! Hehe, sounds like a good morning in any case.

Mistress Aimee

beingaisha said...

Gosh, I just wish I could read your posts before work, when I still have brain cells... but still glad all is well.


Myli said...

I love the switch day. Sounds like you both enjoy it too! And you're right, those panties are really cute! Love the picture!