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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out Here in the Fields

Molly and Mick are staying in this old, Civil War era farm house, finally found after getting a little lost down long country roads. In our room there is a photo of the farm, taken from the air maybe 60 years ago (based on the car in the driveway), and minus all of the overgrowth that obscured the driveway as we pulled in last evening.

It reminds me of a similar photo of my grandfather's farm in upstate NY, that still hands somewhere on one of our many walls. And this old farm house has the same sqeaky ceilings and "out in the country" middle of the night sounds that I remember from that old farm from my earliest days.

The bed is the type that seems higher than the norms these days, and very soft. Mistress and I got the best night's sleep we've had since our return from that very long and relaxing vacation. And we've got a limited schedule today.... biking into town to meet our daughter, attend her college football game, then dinner later after a chance to clean up back here at the farm.

In case you were curious, Mistress was well sated last night. It's not as if we had been abstinent the last few days (true, Slave had been shut out on Thursday due to our schedule and my state of exhaustion once the dinner guests were shown the door on Thursday night). But I made sure Mistress had her usual dollops of worship. And there was some typically satisfying wake-up sex Friday morning before Slave was off to teach a seminar.

But last night..... well maybe it was the country air, or Mistress flashing back to her wild days on this campus back in the Reagan era, but.... wow.... she was a hot little fire cracker here on the goat farm.

First, she instructed me to "got insert your device Slave."  Fortunately I had packed that and our little tube of lubricant. That always assures Mistress the cock suited to her needs.

After following her orders, I devoted my tongue and lips to their highest and best use, and squeezed from Mistress a nice multi-waved cum that had her bucking and moaning on this soft high, country bed.

Once suitably worshiped, Mistress turned her attention to my already rigid cock. She seems to be a little more focused on this form of "torture" of late -- maybe getting in practice for Francois's "uncut" model?  In any event she soon had me doing the squirm and beg thing until she finally relented, me on the edge, at last allowed to fuck her.

And of course, once granted permission, I was in no hurray to bring the evening's prime entertainment to an end. It's not like there was a TV here to distract us. So I made sure Mistress got the fucking she certainly deserved, using all of the tricks in my ancient book to assure her a few more delightful cums before I provided my explosive happy ending.

Ahhhh..... that was definitely what the doctor ordered after a long week back at work here in the heartland.


sin said...

Your farmhouse sounds like just what you need this weekend, lovely and relaxing and I want to try the bed!

sin said...

Pretty picture btw, subtle and lovely.

(Sorry, I hit the send too early the first time!)


WC said...

Haha Mick,

Long days never slow you down

You two nuts never miss sex...

Very cool

The always impressed by Mick and Molly,


beingaisha said...

SWEET! Love the way you enjoy each other - and love the picture - that's absolutely beautiful.


Suzanne said...

Up to now, your weekend is better than mine. But you got a head start :) Enjoy.