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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The De-Briefing

First, our thoughts go out to our colleagues over at All Mine this morning. We hope they’ve stocked up on blood pressure medicine and locked all of the sharp objects in the house away in an accommodating neighbor’s car trunk. Their beloved Red Sox are dangling on the slimmest of threads, with one more game to play to see whether they can salvage their rightful spot in the MLB play-offs. 

I know I’m pulling for them, if only for the wagers sure to ensue if they can just make it past the Orioles tonight.

Good luck, Sox!

Now, where was I …. Ahhh….. sex.

Mistress had one of those god forsaken 7:30 am breakfast meetings yesterday, the type that only macho business men foist upon the rest of us here in River City. And this guy is actually retired. So what does he do after 8:30 am? 

That meant that Mistress was out the door before we had our morning “engagement”, and slave was off to work securely locked in his cage, without any relief for his morning cock syndrome.

Mistress did give me a call at around 9 am or so, letting me know that Francois would be stopping by to “pick up his chevre”: The cheese we had acquired for him from our goat herding hostess over our Parents’ weekend on campus.


Slave’s cock gave a little lurch in its close confines (even closer than Fenway).

I didn’t hear anything more from Mistress until around lunchtime. No response to my text message that the matching remote controlled butterfly vibrators had arrived via mail at my desk. (No I did not open them!)

But when I did hear from her, she was a little (mercifully) cryptic about what had transpired here at the UCTMW World HQ  during the pre-lunch hours of her “workday”.

“My nipples hurt, Slave…. and my ass too.”

“Ohhh….. poor Mistress…..”

(I suppose I need to be careful about sarcasm, don’t I?)

I knew that I would be able to do a full de-briefing when I got home, so saved my questions.

Mistress was sitting at her computer, awaiting me when I arrived home around 6 pm, in jeans and a black top.

“So you want the ‘tour’, Slave?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

We walked into our kitchen. 

“Well we had some coffee in here, and talked a bit about Babette and our plans for next weekend.”


“Then, we headed into that room…..(pointing to our family type room), and sat on the couch….. it seemed he was in the mood for a blow job….”

She mentioned something about his firm grip in her hair while she deployed her skills on his uncut Euro-cock.

By then we were heading up to our bedroom, where Mistress explained they had adjourned next.

As she pulled off those jeans, and I shed my work costume, she explained the variety of positions they utilized over the ensuing hour or so.

And soon slave was on his knees, worshipping Mistress as she so clearly deserved.

“Do I taste different, Slave?”

“Hmmm….”   I said, savoring, while sucking and licking…..quite frankly it was hard to discern a difference but then several hours had passed.  Maybe my taste buds are getting a little old.

After Mistress had been at least temporarily satisfied, she kindly unlocked her cock, and I washed it off before she used those lush lips on me.

“It takes a little getting used to, but the whole un-cut thing is not that different.”

“Glad to hear it Mistress….mybe you can do a tutorial for our readers’

Soon we were on the bed, Slave thrusting into those clean shaven folds, Mistress making those little mewing sounds of contentment.

“So…. How many times did you come, Mistress?”

“Oh….maybe 3, 4 times…. It’s a little hard to keep track…..”

“And did he make you ask permission?”

“Yes…. But, well…. sometimes he’d say ‘no’ when I’d ask…. it can get a little frustrating.”

“Poor Mistress….”

“And then he’d count down in French, and tell me ‘now’….”

“Did that work for you, Mistress?”

“It actually did, Slave.”

Excellent work on that “come on demand” training, Francois!

By now we got distracted in our own rhythms, and Mistress was kind enough to grant me permission the very first time I begged.

Later, as we left for dinner at a little neighborhood restaurant, Mistress passed on something that Francois told her.

“He said any man would be crazy not to want to fuck you….”

“Very true, Mistress….”

“And how did he like the Chevre?”

“Ohhh….. he forgot it….. I guess he’ll have to stop by later this week to pick it up.”

No doubt.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

so we finally let it rip and are out there with it! What Mick did not tell you is that (while at the neighhborhood joint)talking all about kind of hushed tones, the table right behind us got up to leave. The folks were Don's close client (in peril this week)... our town is too small...hopefully they did hear us! Anyway...the fun continues as we prepare for Home Coming weekend.

Anonymous said...


I do agree that 7:30 meetings are a thing invented by males to make up for the lack of manhood size. It also meant you were not able to perform your duties as sommelier, and keep the cave on the correct moisture content and temperature! Forcing me to use the tuning knobs (nipples), to correct this state. Right after I stepped in the car, I was interrupted by the restaurant manager, notifying me that the POS was malfunctioning, so when Molly texted me that I forgot the Chèvre I could not return for an additional round of dessert, which like a nice warm crispy palmier I would have enjoyed.

EuroTrash aka François

Donna said...

LOL, Molly, that sure sounds like small town life!

Mick, remember toward the beginning of the post where you mentioned that Molly had said she was sore in a couple of specific locations? I believe you may have left a bit out of the story here? Eh?


WC said...

Well,well, well, Mick and Molly,

I am very happy for you 2 nuts,

I know you have wanted the whole cuckolding thing to happen for a long time,

and I was not helping matters

Now it has happened and within a week you will be a foursome not just a threesome

Give it a month and who knows how many a some you guys will be!

I see a competition building between (Donna Bill and La Domain), (Suzanne, Jay Tammy, Carol,) and the (Collins quad or more.)

Who can have the most lovers?

Will be fun to watch,

Anyway, I am happy for you two amigos and feel relieved that all the drama is now over

The thinks the blog will be better than ever in the next few months,

Your Amigo,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I do apologize for my lack of hospitality and attention to detail, Francois. but it was so danm early.


beingaisha said...

Wow!! Molly, I'd love to hear more about this from your perspective! Sounds like Francois is going to be a whole new experience for you... how exciting!


Aimee said...

Haha, sounds like a delightful first round for all involved. I am sure this is not going to be the last encounter with the lovely Francois by any means!

Mistress Aimee

Anonymous said...

Mick, Mon Dieu, do not apologize! You are a terrific cuck. It was the guy who had to prove his 'impotence' to demand a 7:30 meeting creating the time situation that you were unable to provide your sommelier duties!

Molly assured me your sommelier capabilities are perfect and the times I did inspect the cave I had absolutely NO negative comments!

Molly and I did texted this am a bit about how long Babette would be able to get you erect in a 20minute period and a grading system for the time/ and position of your erectness when she eagerly will try to make it happen.

Perhaps we should Babette also do the weight/ gravity test on you .

EuroTrash aka François

Donna said...

Hi ET,

I am not familiar with the weight/gravity test. Does this involve weighing something in particular? Has Babette had special training in this technique? Is this testing process something you predict Mick will enjoy, or not so much?

Always interested in learning new things,

Anonymous said...

wow..full of comments today. I know that curious minds want to know things such as:
1) how was the experience for me?
2) what was the uncut cock like?
3) what happens next?
As hard as it is for all to believe....I am a pretty private person. Remember that Mick writes this blog (not me). I will tell you that this is stimulating, fulfilling and that Mick/I are very much engaged in it together. Beyond that, I am not one to kiss and tell the details. I leave that to Mick and to (Francois) is they so choose to