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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Senior Correspondent Gives Mistress Some Ideas

Molly and Mick stopped in Independence, Mo. Late yesterday afternoon, giving us plenty of time for Mistress to access the hard cock she had missed with our early departure.

Later, as we strolled about the charming, if shop-worn public square, we wallowed in all things Harry, from the statute of him in front of the court house depicting him on his morning stroll, to the Soda shop where he purportedly held down his first $3 / week job.  Dinner was at a restaurant just across the street  From “Clinton’s Soda Shop”. And as we were sipping wine Lamenting the absence of the whiney teens (not), Mistress noted that Donna had sent us a post for this morning. And who am I to waste this opportunity to cut things short here, head back to bed, and lean on her twisted sense of humor to amuse you this am.  Though I may have an update from the mobile UCTMW unit later today.


This is not inspirational by a long shot, but if you want to wake up, throw some quarters into the Mr. Fingers bed vibrator, have some hot sex and hit the road early, here is something you can fill in with.


Mick and Molly are making their way cross country by car as they head for some private time at their western get-away. If you read yesterday's post, you may remember that Mick is in line for punishment following his failure to mention to Molly the state of his hard cock yesterday morning, thus denying his Mistress the opportunity to choose whether or not to partake of the early morning bounty. Since Molly's motto is, " A
hard cock is a terrible thing to waste," I suspect punishment is just around the bend for Mick.

 Since they will be entering cowboy country today, I wonder if this might be the perfect time for Molly to pick up a black hat, strong rope, big silver belt buckle, work gloves and some spray tan in a can for Mick. She might order him to put on a cowboy striptease for her, then she could tie him up with his own rope, flog him with the loose ends, and then have her wild way with him.

Or maybe our Molly is a bit more into the cowboy scene than that and would choose to come up with a punishment that would have Mick on his hands and knees, all saddled up and ready to carry Molly on his back through the tumbling tumble weeds of the great West. The scent and feel of well worked leather, Molly lowering her naked pussy onto the saddle on Mick's back, sliding her booted feet into the stirrups hanging at his side...she grabs the hair on his head (as best she can) and slowly raises the riding crop to full extension and brings it down onto his pale white ass just as she angles her spurs to barely pinch his skin and off they go. Hmm... perhaps I might suggest a bit of SPF 50 for those white cheeks of Mick's that we have glimpsed from time to time here at the UCTMW blog.

I know some of you may not be on board with the idea of saddling up Mick but, really, it's all the rage. Haven't you seen the signs everywhere?

Yee-haw, you guys.




beingaisha said...

LOL - that's great Donna! LOVE the poster.


nilla said...

LMAO--donna, my Master will be quite put out with you...he *likes* my ass, and now there it is, on the floor behind my chair!!!

Seriously --hysterical post to wake up to this morning. Tho perhaps should come with a disclaimer at the top: do not eat while reading as you could choke...or some such warning label.



Donna said...

@aisha and nilla,

Love to laugh!

I wonder if Molly will post a picture of Mick all saddled up and ready to ride?

Donna :)

sin said...

I keep hearing that song, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy! Cute.

WC said...

Where do you get the pictures Donna?

They were very funny
Oh, and to be a romantic shouldn't you tell Bill that they remind you of him.

Great job as always Donna

Your fellow under paid working stiff,


Suzanne said...

Great pictures Donna. Makes this cowgirl want to go for a ride!


Donna said...

Hey WC, I got the pictures from my personal collection of cowboys I have known and loved. lol NOT.

There are tons of pictures for any unusual thing you might want to search for at Images on Google.

I did tell Bill the cowboys made me think of him. He felt my forehead and suggested I rest quietly for a bit.

I'm too far away to help you with the stiff situation; Molly is much closer.

With smiles and a wink,

Donna said...

Hi Suzanne,

I love the cowboy wearing the saddle. He looks a bit intense, but those muscular thighs and great cheeks really draw me in and make me think about wild rides.

Say, did you see that Mick said I have a "twisted sense of humor"? Isn't that a violation of Molly's policy that we all play nicely together? Hmm...or can it be considered a violation if everyone knows it's true? Just wondering.

Thanks kiddo,

WC said...

Haha, funny Donna,

But I have a better idea,

Lets just book UCTMW's yearly staff meeting at La Domain this year.

Sign me up and put it on your trusty UCTMW credit card.

Oh, and also a first class plane ticket

Donnas partner in crime,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I consider "twisted sense of humor" a complement, Donna.

We're driving through Kansas now. Hope Mistress doesn't pull over at any equestrian stores.


Donna said...

Hi Guys,

"Twisted sense of humor" is not only a compliment but a basic necessity for survival in our home! I just thought if it was worth a bit of mileage on the blog, I would go for it.

Never understood "amber waves of grain" until I drove through Kansas just before harvest time.

Hope you get through Kansas some time today or tomorrow.