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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Molly and Mick On Campus

Our day went pretty much as planned here at All-American U. After some leisurely wake-up sex, and a chance to peruse some of the blogs we had fallen behind on in our soft, ancient bed, we climbed aboard our bikes and headed off in a  cool mist for our “game day” activities with sullen teen #1.

The Campus and it’s little town are a throw back to an Archie and Veronica world, where, on Parents’ weekend, you see cute little preppy co-eds walking down the town’s main street in the same preppy cloths as their moms, but without the plastic surgery.

Molly and Mick are a little too non-conformist to exactly fit into this scene, and our daughter thought it was a little strange that we elected to stay at this farm house and ride our bikes to campus for the season’s opening football game, rather than park with all the other tail-gaters on some big damn field.

After the five mile ride into town, past damp pastures and plump cows,  we grazed for our breakfast at a local farmers’ market “up-town”. Molly discovered  some gluten-free cookies, and Mick scarfed down a slice of home made apple strudel and a caramel apple (getting my daily dose of fruit in!).

Then Mistress ran into one of those preppy moms we know from River City who seemed scandalized that Molly would be sporting a bike helmet in public.

The horror.

(Though I might add this woman pales in comparison to my lovely Mistress, with or without helmet.)

The sun finally came out, and we enjoyed out time with our daughter, though I suspect she might have had more fun chilling with her friends, either in the student section or in some campus hang-out.

On the way back to the farm after a long and kind of dull game, I asked Mistress if we could pull our bikes into the local hardware store. Slave had packed poorly for our trip, and our bed presents so many opportunities I needed to pick up a hank of rope for Switch Day. Are you surprised that Mistress had no objections?

(Sin had commented on the bed yesterday, so I thought I would take a photo with my computer cam. The old farmhouse bed came with a nice accessory this weekend:)

Both of us were a little tired by the time we made it back to the farm, so we elected a pre-dinner nap. But since daughter had “plans” for the evening, the dinner we had with her at a packed Thai restaurant was relatively fast. And, fortunately for Mistress, the place even served Sake in these strange little bottles. 

She took a photo and emailed it to me.

“I guess asses could be tomorrow’s theme, Slave”

Once home, it was not long before we were naked and in bed, With slave on all fours, dipping his head to serve Mistress who was on her back, legs conveniently spread. For whatever reason, Mistress was in a particularly horny disposition last night. I could be my more aggressive teasing and taunting of her clean shaven folds with my lips and tongue added fuel to the fire. But once she had cum from my oral attention, and used her own mouth to get her slave squirming and begging, she insisted on riding her cock for a while.

And ride she did, whipping herself into a frenzy that built from one  dramatic cum to another until she collapsed on me, sobbing. Her tears running down both of our faces.

I rolled her over, gently, sliding inside from above to finish the evening’s proceedings.

“I’m sorry I got so emotional, Slave….”, she said, her face still damp.

“Sorry?  I love that…. It means Slave must be doing something right.”

At that point, Slave was a little exhausted himself, but there was still whoopee to make, so it seemed we continued to fuck for quite some time, speeding it up, slowing it down, until somehow, someway, Slave was begging for permission to come too.

“Of course, you can Slave…..”

Afterwards, we were both completely spent, folding into one another’s arms, letting the goats bleet us to sleep.

Now I can hear our Inn keeper up on the other side of the wall. She says she milks her goats at 6:30 am. Mistress is planning to take some of her goat cheese home. If Francois plays his cards right, he might even get some too.


sin said...

Will you leave the rope there for the next tennants? It does seem to go with the bed.

And I laughed at the bit about the preppy mom who was scandalized at molly wearing the bike helmet in public.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Yes, a weekend in the country was just what we needed. What Mick did not impart is that we both have had work-issues clawing at us (his more than mine) and the chance to unwind, cycle, ride each other and eat great goat cheese was divine. Yes, our daughter finds us (me specifically) to be a constant source of embarrassment (in a fun-loving sort of way)..if she only knew...thank you Mick for continuing to live the dream with me.
your mistress

Anonymous said...

Goat Cheese.......Mon Dieu, yes I will cheat with the cards to get some. Oh I 'd give 1 inch of my mans best friend for Some Crottin de Chavignol.

EuroTrash aka Francois

WC said...

Hey you two lunatics,

I somehow managed to spend most of the day with surly teen daughter yesterday spending my hard earned money.

First, we shopped for cat furniture

at three stores,

because anything I suggested sucked

and if it was was not the most expensive choice

it was rejected.

Anyway it showed who really runs our house

It is sadly easer to give in than fight (guess I am not much of a Dom after all LOL)

Then we went to get her new skies and boots for the year.

Dad you don't know what skies are good for me.


I have only owned about 300 pair of skies in my life (seriously)

I too am an eternal embarrassment (guess we are just Dorks Molly)

She really is developing quite a little biting wit and sarcasm which will serve her well in life and I do love her dearly

And it is fun giving it back to her

She says she wants to go to law school, "but not to be a lawyer dad, to be a politician."

Who knew?

I should sick her on the tea bagger over at Suzanne's blog

It is so funny those morons named themselves tea-baggers

But I do love to be tea-bagged while I cum on my lovers hair and face (little little change of pace there Haha!)

The fellow embarrassment,


Suzanne said...

Make sure the rope gets used today and enjoy the cheese!

The not into tea-bagging, or tea-baggers, or tea-anything,


Aimee said...

Goat cheese is great, if we had a farm goats would be the first thing I would raise specifically for their milk and cheese.

And I do not think anyone reading here will object to tomorrow being an "ass" themed day.

Mistress Aimee

beingaisha said...

I'm just glad you have a chance to unwind and enjoy. well, and looking forward to tomorrow's tale - or is that tail?