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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Your Boyfriend's In Your / Our Bedroom

Molly and Mick had yet another “productive” day here in the High Desert, which is beginning to feel all the more like home. Left to our own devices, we’d move here at the drop of a hat. But there are still two lonely cats at home, and daughters to get through college, so at some point we will gas up the UCTMW mobile unit and head back to River City.

But in the meantime…. Our day began with some early morning wake up sex, then a trip to the local farmers market and grocery store to stock up on provisions for a dinner we are hosting tonight for some local friends, as well as a couple from River City driving through this neck of the woods.

After re-stocking the larder, we took our daily bike ride, in weather that is a little damper and cooler than typical this time of year. Bracing was the best way to describe it. So it made sense of us to take a warm shower afterwards. In the shower one thing led to another (actually it was the tight grip Mistress had on my cock that led us back to bed).

I worshipped her with my usual devotion, and she returned the favor by a long and frustrating tease of my cock with those well manicured fingers. Fortunately, she ultimately succumbed to my begging for permission to fuck her.

After all, she is a very kind Mistress.

After a little post-orgasmic snooze, we were back to an afternoon (and later an evening) at the final day of the Big Barn Dance.  As a nearly full moon rose over the Mountains, the  chairs were cleared off what amounted to an old high school basketball floor, laid down under a big damn tent, and the locals and visitors were all twirling and whirling on one big counter clockwise promonade to the waltzes and western swing music performed by an all-star cast of pickers, fiddlers and crooners.

It was a sight to behold. Although Molly and Mick got a little dizzy trying to keep up with the more accomplished dancers. With us on the floor it amounted to an elaborate game of bumper cars, set to a C&W soundtrack.

Which gets me back to the title of today’s “essay”. One of the artists we saw was Chick Cannon, a singer / songwriter from Nashville. He has a voice that channels Leon Russell, and a collection of clever songs that border on gospel.

One if his songs is "Boyfriend” (listen with the link). The gist is “Your boyfriend’s in your bedroom”, but, alas, the lady in question is lusting after another man, and trying to come up with a way to get the boyfriend out of her bedroom. It is a sort of  gender reversed “50 ways to leave your lover.”

The other day, Suzanne over at All Mine had a thoughtful entry on when and how jealousy raises its head in a cuckold relationship, that got an interesting variety of comments. Make sure you read it if you haven't yet had the chance. 

Suzanne, Tammy and Jay seem to keep it all together ( of course ,with some help from Suzanne’s crackerjack domineering babysitting crew), but even in their idyllic polyamorous household, one senses that Tammy can get a little twinge of jealousy on occasion. Her wife seems to monitor and respond as called for to keep him comfortable, and part of the team.

After listening to all these country songs for the last few days, one realizes how “out there” we are from "red state" America when it comes to inviting another person into our bedroom. There are songs of vengeful jealousy (Ray Wylie Cyrus’s narrator deploys a switchblade on a honky-tonk dance floor in one sad “I deserve to be in prison but don’t regret what I did to get here” ditty). And there are quite a few wallow in my misery over the girl who left me tunes (“You’ve got a Lover and It’s Not Me”, by Shake Russell comes to mind).

But I can’t recall any celebratory songs along the lines of “It Turns Me on When that Cowboy Slides His Hand Up Your Thigh On the Dance Floor, Honey”.

And yet…. Old Mick can’t deny that Mistress’s adventures over the last two years haven’t thrown some fuel on our mutual fires. It's just a kink that Nashville has somehow avoided, maybe the equivalent of the third rail for the music industry.

We discussed the subject of our dabbling in the cuckold kink a tad last night as we watched the dancers twirl, skirts flaring, and boots scuffing across the floor.

“All this other stuff just reminds me how strong our relationship is, Slave….”

I agree Mistress…. It only works when there’s a whole lot of trust and security…. And we’ve got that.”

In spades.

Is it too late to start writing and pitching songs with a cuckold twist? Maybe the Dixie Chicks could record, “He’s My Clean Up Man”,  or “Better Knock First, (Before You Come to Bed, Honey)”, or something along those lines?


Suzanne said...


I think you're onto something. There's an untapped market for that particular genre of C&W (I can think of a few titles myself).

And as always, thanks for the plug :)


Aimee said...

Hah, now that would be the day: kinky country music. I strongly agree that the fun and communication that comes from a relationship like this strengthens rather than weakens intimacy in a couple.

And it sounds like you are both having a lovely vacation.

Mistress Aimee

Donna said...

I think you are onto something here, Mick. Bill's response to how much I loved kissing Mistress Collette was that we need to invite Master and Mistress to our home so he can watch. I'm sure there's a country song there, too. "Smilin' as I watch a bit of girl on girl" or something along those lines might work.

I can only imagine how wonderful it was to be part of the energy of those twirling on the dance floor. So cool!


sin said...

I wonder if your hideaway would be as wonderful if it was where you lived every day? If yes, you should definitely move your cats there and be damned to the daughters in college. They'll find you when they want you.

I'm going to look at the cuckold piece. Always looking for new points of view on that.

And what fun to think of the song titles.

beingaisha said...

I can feel the contentment rolling off youall in your love cabin... I'm so glad you're enjoying..

And i'd love some kinky country! I'll have to think on that....