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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gone Climbing

I'm getting this quickie blog in the can a little early because Molly and Mick are climbing our local mountain in the am, and we need to get an early start to avoid any afternoon thunderstorms. (Yes this photo is where we are headed. It will be about 7 hours up and back down).

And since Donna appears to be under wraps in that dungeon this week, no doubt doing some investigative reporting that will appear on these pages in the weeks to come,  I've no one to call on for a  filler blog.

You will be amused to know that when Mistress woke this am, she had absolutely no recall of our late night, under the stars, worship session out on the patio. Apparently she consumed a little more wine than I calculated during our evening out.

"Are you sure that happened, Slave?"

"Would I make that up, Mistress?"

Other than that, our day was a little same old same old: worship, biking, nude sun bathing, afternoon sex, nap, dinner out on our patio as the sun set. Slave did get some out door Slave duties taken care of, including cutting back the red willows that are starting to block our view, and repairing our latilla fence. Just don't mistake me for Dubya, with that brush clearing thang.

All in all, It's a tough assignment here at our Branch Office. But someone has to take it on.

More tomorrow, if the Big Horn Sheep don't get us!


sin said...

you could mix it up with nude bike riding, nude dinner, nude yard chores. Yumm, might want to be careful with some of that. Maybe it's best the way you've been doing it after all.

Happy vacation!


Bill, Dir of Security UCTMW, Int said...

Hike Naked - It puts color in your cheeks!

vanillamom said...

LOL @ Bill's comment. Hope you're keeping your happy on, Bill, having to do all the stuff yourself this're in my thoughts.

As for M & M...i must confess to mountain envy. We do the shore for the kids, but my heart lies in the mountains. Happy Trails to you....



Suzanne said...

It should be interesting to see if you two can go seven full hours without sex. That might be more difficult than the trek itself :) Enjoy.


WC said...

Hey you two nuts,

Hope you make it up, and particuarly down, in one piece.

And Suzanne my bet is on some high allitude worship!

Want to take that bet?

The didnt think so,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

We made it back.... and the WC would have won that bet. More in the am.


beingaisha said...

Can't believe I missed this yesterday - glad things are still as they should be...