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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Leisurely Labor Day

With no work emails to distract us, we settled in for a laid back Labor Day here in the high desert.

First, some wake up sex, after Mistress read the blog, and  then enjoyed catching up with Aisha and her emerging adventure with Sir X.

Then I loaded our bikes on the car for a drive North about 30 minutes to an amazing park that sits along the ridge of the Rio Grande gorge, looking down to where it joins with the Red River. It’s a long challenging 16 mile ride there at about 8000 ft. altitude, that confirms the old dog has some spring in his step yet.

The chamisa was blooming a bright yellow thanks to some recent rainfall, and the smell of sage infused the air as we toured a roller coaster of ups and down along our chosen circuit. By the time we were done, my ass was substantially sorer than it was after Mistress applied the riding crop on Saturday.

Back at home, Mistress retired to her lounge chair, naked as always when we are solo here. I couldn’t help but snap a photo of her, and made sure I did not have to be reminded to worship.

AS the sun slipped lower in the sky, we adjourned to our chambers, for a nap, and a little more love making before heading out to a favorite local roadhouse for enchiladas and music.

For some reason it was an older crowd there last night.

“I think the average age here is 70, Slave.”

But they were a feisty lot, out two stepping and twirling on the dance floor as the local troubador strummed and crooned old country classics. Outside the sun was setting, and dancers filled the patio too, where a fire lit the darkening sky.

Muy romantico.

“The honeymoon continues, Slave….”

“It sure does, Mistress.”

We drank wine, lingered at our table. Danced close and cuddly, dodging the more florid moves around us.

Then we found ourselves at home, naked again, out on our patio, the moon lighting the mountains behind us, the milky way overhead.

I eased Mistress down onto her lounge chair again.

“What are you up to Slave?”

“A little desert, Mistress.”

Fortunately, the pillow that protected my knees earlier that afternoon was still sitting there, waiting for me.


Bill. From the very wet South said...

Proper pillow placement is important, especially for older knees. Have fun!

Aimee said...

Keep enjoying the vacation! (Not that you need me to tell you to).

Mistress Aimee

beingaisha said...

That is all so sweet - I love reading about it. And am delighted that my adventures are entertaining you too!