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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dispatch From our Senior Correspondent: La Domaine Part IV

I need to begin with a correction, if you don’t mind. I have learned since my most recent post that neither slave nor donna should be capitalized when used together. I will endeavor to remember that rule, but no promises. Now, back to La Domaine.

So there I was, bent over a sawhorse. In front of me was slave tom, wrapped in Shibari ropes with his beautiful penis slowly dripping onto my forehead, kind of like Chinese water torture only more viscous.

Directly behind me was Mistress Dame, encouraging me to “pump out more sex” as she very successfully stimulated my nether regions. And Mistress Collette was flogging me from the side and ordering me to really, really beg for permission to lick slave tom’s dick.

I begged, but my begging required correction. I begged again, but still there was some issue with the way I was asking for permission. Finally Mistress turned it over to slave tom who had been bouncing just the tiniest bit on his toes, with his very erect penis bobbing up and down in front of me, catching just the bottom edge of my lips and tip of my nose as I begged. I also thought I heard a little hum coming from slave tom, but had no time to consider that as Mistress clearly was NOT pleased with me. She instructed me to try harder and to REALLY, REALLY BEG slave tom for permission to lick that big, beautiful cock!

I looked up at slave tom and REALLY begged him to allow me to lick his penis and balls. It seemed to me that I used the same words and tone that I had with Mistress Collette, but for some reason they worked this time. Perhaps slave tom was in a more receptive mood than Mistress. In any case, he gave permission and I got right to it. I licked up and down and all around his long cock and turned my head to push forward a tad to do a good job of nuzzling and licking his balls, then back to the licking and kissing.

Tom seemed quite appreciative and I thought I was doing quite well, when Mistress Collette stopped me. As I stopped and pulled back to look up at her, I heard that strange little humming noise again, but in a more strangled tone now, and clearly coming from slave tom.

Mistress Collette informed me that it was now time to see whether I had learned anything and could beg well enough to convince slave tom to allow me to suck his cock. Well I guess I did a much better job of begging because slave tom seemed quite pleased, almost relieved, that I begged so nicely. I turned my head to be in a good position to do a good job, gave him an eyebrow waggle and began. I blew across the tip and then slowly sucked him into my mouth, holding my lips just around his head and working the slit a bit. His moaning gave me hope that I was doing a good job, but Mistress soon began to give me some pointers.

Now,  I really can’t do more than one thing at a time, so I pulled back and let the tip fall from my lips so I could turn my head to pay better attention to what Mistress was saying. Again with the humming, but louder and at a higher pitch, and when I looked up, I could swear slave tom was gritting his teeth. In any case, when Mistress stopped smiling she gave me some great suggestions and told me to get back to work, which I promptly did.  Her suggestions seemed to work quite well and I moved my tongue and lips, coordinating the sucking pressure into the rhythm and pattern she had mentioned, or perhaps ordered.
All of a sudden, something came to my mind and I just couldn't let it go. I stopped and pulled back. Mistress stopped flogging to ask whether I was okay. I motioned with my finger that I would like for her to come down to my level. I whispered to her that I was feeling funny about this, that I am at least 15-20 years older than slave tom and maybe he was only doing this because he was ordered to and maybe he doesn’t really want this from me. She looked at me, blinked a couple of times and asked whether I had noticed that his cock was hard. I said that I had, but thought maybe that was due to the rope. She gave me a stern look and said that if he’s hard, he’s okay with it…and added I should get back to it.

I quickly moved back into position and got back to work/pleasure right away. What a nice, smooth cock slave tom had and it was so long that even if I swallowed when it hit the back of my throat, I couldn't get it all in. I reach up with one hand to massage his balls and used the other to give a back and forth motion to the base of his cock that matched timing with my sucking. All was going so well. I could feel an orgasm building for me, and from the intensity of the humming, I assumed it was the same for slave tom.
Then, out of the blue, SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! I had a Charlie Horse in my thigh. I must say that slave tom has good reflexes. He jerked that penis from my mouth in record time! I suspect he may have been concerned I might bite down.

Now let me tell you, that Charlie Horse hurt like the dickens! I needed to sit up, and since I was face down over the sawhorse, getting up was a procedure requiring help from both Mistresses and slave tom. It would have been comical under other circumstances. They helped me get into a chair and in looking up to start to speak I saw that slave tom was still in the ready to launch position, if you know what I mean. I apologized to Mistress and to slave tom, but Mistress Collette said not to worry, that slave tom was very familiar with delayed gratification and that there wasn’t any problem at all.  She grabbed a little leather strip from the bench and slapped his cock with that a few times, then grabbed the red rubber ball on a stick for a bit of additional thwacking on his penis as she talked to me about my begging techniques and how I might continue to work on begging and oral skills at home.

Within a few minutes, Mistress Dame placed a glass of water in my hands and told me to drink it slowly and just rest. She also said she was so excited to learn that I was going to be the model for a Shibari instruction class after lunch. Okay, I’m always game.

Oh, and in case you are interested to the follow up of my oral training, Bill reports that I learned my lessons well. He is most appreciative for the instruction offered by Mistress Collette and said he was grateful that slave tom was the subject I practiced on rather than him. I wonder what he meant by that?




beingaisha said...

This is awesome! I bet my begging skills could use some work too...

What a wonderful experience, donna. Too bad about the Charlie horse. I bet slave tom was pretty disappointed.

AND ~ LOL ~ I can't believe you stopped in mid-suck, so to speak, cause you were worried about whether or not you were too old for him to enjoy it!! That's too funny and sweet!



WC said...

Well Donna,

What are the new oral training tricks?

I would like to pass athem on to B.

another great post

The ever curious,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

lessons are great, but the key is repetitions.... practice, practice, practice....


Donna said...

Well WC, it has to do with significant sucking, swallowing as far back down the throat as possible, tonguing the slit, humming, and alternating between playing with the balls and pushing up and rubbing the area just behind the balls.

And then, as Mick said, practice, practice, practice. And Bill totally agrees!

Always striving to be helpful,

Suzanne said...

Donna, can you handle all this stuff at one time???? Very erotic :)

In addition to the practice, practice, practice mantra, remember that "without application, there is no learning."

The still at the office,


WC said...

Thanks Donna,

I agree with all that and a well timed finger up the ass can lead to explosive results!

Suzanne I am surprised that you are still at the office, Haha!

And Mick am looking forward to hearing about Molly's sex today, did she finally hook up with Francois? The plot thickens.

The does love blow jobs,