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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Senior Correspondent's Investigative Report (Part I)

After a little R & R, Our Senior Correspondent Donna has produced this excellent first installment on her experience at La Domaine last week. And it's just in time, since our readers are probably tired of hearing about Molly and Mick being on what is probably sounding like an endless vacation.  Enjoy. As you will see, Donna came back with a very good story.
As most of you know, I spent four days last week under the tutelage of Mistress Collette and Master R at La Domaine Esemar. I do not exaggerate in saying it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 

All, and I do mean ALL of my senses were heightened and tested and bolstered and challenged. I could go on and on about the gourmet meals, the extraordinary wines, the dinner conversations that covered topics on history, science, politics and the arts, but I know what you want, friends, you want to know about my sexual adventures. So I begin with a glimpse into the beginning of just one adventure at La Domaine.

Having had a tour through the unbelievable La Domaine Dungeon during which Mistress Collette and Mistresses in Training, Goddess Evita and Mistress Dame, all watched carefully for my reactions to every scene room, every whip, tool, cage and chain, I was instructed to remove all my clothing. While I stood naked in front of Mistress Collette, I was versed on keeping my chin up, showing that I was proud to be Mistress’ slave, my eyes downward, showing  humility and respect. My arms would be bent slightly at the elbow, hands over and open, waiting patiently, ready to receive and serve. And my legs would be apart, always open and available to Mistress in an inviting but not vulgar manner. Those words are not exact, but the spirit is correct.
As the two MITs (Mistresses in Training) stood on each side to support and help hold me up, Mistress Collette wrapped me, Shibari style, in rope. These pictures are not of me, mine aren’t back from the Dungeon yet, but these can give you a general idea, although mine were much more elaborate and absolutely beautiful!

And my breasts were bound somewhat like this picture, although my breasts are a couple of cup sizes bigger, and according to Mistress my nipples are large, lovely and luscious.

After the tying, all three women began to rub their hands over my body, around my breasts and over my nipples. Mistress Collette moved lower and ran her small, soft hands up and down my sides and between my legs while Master R rubbed the top of my ear and blew across my ear and my dampened nipples.
As I sank further and further into my submissive mindset, I was led to a sawhorse like this:

I was seated on a knee support and positioned to be leaning back against the center of the sawhorse. Each of my legs was attached to an outer leg of the sawhorse and my arms were tied behind the beam. Again, the two MITs helped me keep upright as they  also continued to nibble on my throat and ears, licking the back of my neck and sucking on my shoulders, all while stimulating and clamping down on my nipples.

I went higher and higher as Mistress Collette knelt between my legs, speaking soft encouraging words, running her hands up and down my thighs, squeezing and pinching my clit and pushing her fingers up into my wet and dripping center. Then a new texture was introduced as a flogger was slowly dragged over my body; and then flicked lightly against my skin; and then popped and snapped against my flesh.  Clothespins appeared and were attached to each nipple and one by one to my cunt, creating a circle of clothespins between my legs.  And very soon the flogger dragged, flicked and then popped and snapped over my flesh again, and over the clothespins, too. The small spot of flesh in the center of my clothespin circle seemed to provide a perfect target for Mistress Collette’s floggers and the pain and pleasure melded into bliss.

I was offered the opportunity to orgasm. Mistress told me the words to use to beg her properly, but I was floating so well and so far that I couldn’t recall the words. She eased back; she teased me; she gave me the words, again, and brought me to the edge, again.  But to no avail, I simply could not remember the words, and my own words weren’t complete, they were selfish…I wanted, rather than offered.

One of my lessons on this trip would be about the proper attitude of begging and offering, and I was not off to an auspicious start…and so there would be no coming right then. The clothespins were removed slowly, one by one, as I offered sincere thanks to Mistress Collette as each one was removed and blood rushed back in. I received words of praise from my Mistress and felt so safe, so secure and so complete.

Still floating, somewhere in the back of my mind I heard the Mistresses laugh and I was aware that someone said, “Shall we move on to the next stage?” And that’s when I knew that what I had thought to be the main course was simply the appetizer.

More to come.



WC said...

All I can say is WOW Donna!

That way way beyond hot, it was smoken!

What an experience cant wait to read more

also I can see why you are the Senior Corispondent... very well writted

The blowen away

Donna's partner in crime

Judge Miguel

Donna said...

Thank you Judge Miguel, better known as the WC of UCTMW.

I had a great, great time and plan to return with Bill sometime after the first of the year. Can you imagine how hot it will be as Mistress and Master train Bill to continue to train me!

You would think after all these years I would already be trained, but there is always room for improvement!

It's all so cool!

WC said...

Very very cool Donna,

The wants to go too,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

It's clear that our Senior Correspondent is well trained, but there is always room for improvement, I suppose,


beingaisha said...

I love this story - what an amazing experience. Can't wait to hear more!