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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dispatch from Our Senior Correspondent: La Domaine III

 First, apologies to our devoted readers about missing our post this morning. There was a bit of a technology snafu here at the UCTMW World HQ. I'd consider replacing the the CTO, but now that I think about it, that's one of my titles here.  

It's also been a rather hectic day here in River City.... and a busy weekend ahead. So bear with us for a few days....Fortunately, we have this very hot continuation of our Senior Correspondent's trip to La Domaine.

So I last left you with an image of your intrepid correspondent lying blindfolded on a suspended massage table having been stimulated to unimaginable heights and with my cunt sealed over with wax. Let me say that I am so happy Bill likes to keep me shaved, because that would have been quite an interesting rrriiiippp for someone with hair there. As it was, the chipping away of the wax became an erotic adventure all on its own resulting in a certain Southern Correspondent begging for permission to orgasm.
Lying on that table I felt both erotically on edge and also at peace. I know that may sound like different extremes, but I loved what was happening with the pain/pleasure of BDSM and I also felt at my core that this was exactly where I was supposed to be. There was something awe inspiring about the fact that we were all women; that the circle of power is truly about freely giving and receiving and not limited by sexual orientation. This was a female experience with women of great substance and authority gifting me with the experience of their dominance and I returned their gift with mine, total submission. There was a strong sense of the power, almost electrifying the air around us.

When it was time to get up from lying on the table, I had a problem. Sitting up from a flat position is extremely painful for me along my spine, and not pain in the good sense.  After the blindfold was removed and the cuffs unclipped from the chains, the Mistresses began assisted me into an upright position, the pain was severe, and I screamed.
They didn’t run away, or start panicking about what they should do; they simply leaned in and held me up. I started to cry, partially in release from the amazing experiences and partially in embarrassment that I had screamed. As I cried, one of the Dommes cried with me, another hummed a little song while the other rubbed my back and neck. The Dommes had been quietly assisting me all through my time in the dungeon, standing next to me so that I could lean on them as I began to tire from standing so long on my crutches; gently moving my dragging leg and foot into position; lining up my body; constantly checking the ropes and the cuffs for circulation problems.  All of this was done without making it an issue, without any fuss, just doing what needed to be done.
It was one of the most loving times I have experienced.

When the time was right to go back upstairs, they supported me as I walked me to the steps, I handed my crutches to Mistress Collette and she took them upstairs for me. I crawled up the steps, still wearing only the Shibari ropes, with the two Mistresses in Training following me as we chatted about fetishes. When my foot began to slip off a step, Goddess Evitaa gently pushed it back onto the step without even pausing in what she was saying, and I continued crawling up the steps. When I reached the top, Mistress Dame supported me from the back and Mistress Collette helped pull me into an upright position, handed me my crutches and on we went. No big deal, just handling what comes up in life.

Speaking of what comes up, the following morning Master R decided it was time to polish up my oral skills for Bill, and he didn’t mean public speaking! My thought was that maybe we would use a dildo and he and Mistress Collette could give me some pointers. About then there was a knock at the front door and slave Tom came in.  Wowsers!
Slave Tom is between 35 and 40 and is a fine, fine specimen of a male! Mistress Collette told him to remove his clothing, which he did immediately and then gracefully sank down to a kneeling slave position in front of her.  Mistress Collette took a rope from the bench behind her, motioned for slave Tom to rise, and began using her Shibari skills on him. She roped him from waist to groin, wrapping his penis and balls in a quite upright and upfront position, although, in truth, he was already quite upright before she even began using the rope. I think her leather bustier and high leather boots might have played a part in that…along with the hot Dominatrix attitude that surrounds her.

I tried to look at slave Tom’s eyes, but my eyes kept drifting South and then Master R asked me what I thought of slave Tom’s penis, and told me to describe it. Gulp. So I looked carefully and did my best to describe his gorgeous, tanned, very long cock and his beautiful, heavy, reddening balls. Right then, Mistress reached out and thwacked his penis. What? Don’t hurt that beautiful thing! Well, let me tell you, it bounced back for more.

Mistress grabbed something that looked like a red rubber ball on the end of a metal rod with a handle. She used that to bop slave John’s penis again and again, alternating with slaps of her hand, and it was very obvious that slave Tom enjoyed it. This was new to me. Bill wouldn’t have a positive reaction to having his penis slapped, and certainly wouldn’t want it thwacked like that. Mistress Dame walked over, and she, too, began giving a good deal of attention through hand strokes and some cock slapping to slave Tom. After a few minutes, Mistress Dame and Master R moved a padded sawhorse to the center of the living room area and I knew my oral training was about to begin. No dildo needed!
Mistress Collette told slave Tom to stand at one end of the sawhorse and instructed me to stand at the other end. She had slave Tom scoot forward until his cock and balls were extending over the padded area. Then she had me lay face down on the sawhorse, scooting up until slave Tom’s penis was hitting my forehead. I felt a drop of precum slowly run down my nose as Mistress inserted a vibrator into my vagina and began flogging my back and butt. Oh my!

Mistress stopped flogging long enough to reach down and feel my pussy, then started laughing as she shared with the others in the room that I was dripping wet, that I was oozing sex-but could do even better if I tried - so the flogging, spanking and buzzing continued with a break now and then for Mistress to slap slave Tom’s cock causing more precum to make its way down my nose and drip onto the padding of the sawhorse.
When Mistress felt I was ready, she had me look at her and firmly stated that it was time for me to beg; to beg for permission to lick slave Tom’s cock.

More to come, or is that cum?



Carol said...

"...erotically on edge and also at peace..." I love that. How many people can truly say they've experienced that feeling?

beingaisha said...

Omigod, how frigging lovely. I love this, Donna. The description of how they reacted when you had to sit up is so beautiful.

I'm glad you experienced all this, and am so glad you're sharing it with us. Thank you!


nilla said...


and i have so much more to say but where to start? i welled-up when i heard you scream, and sighed with quiet joy when they responded so beautifully.

Gods, what a wondrous experience.

To be accepted like that...nurtured.

And then, damnyou...leaving us hanging again....


naughty girl!


WC said...

Very very cool,

What a great experience and you tell the story so well, and hot,

The his hat is off for Donna,


Donna said...

It really was an amazing experience with the Dommes/friends, and I will never look at a candle or a sawhorse in exactly the same light. :)


Suzanne said...

Donna - thank you so much for sharing this with all the readers here at UCTMW. Well done girl!