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Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in Our Empty Nest

So here we are, after what seems like a lengthy absence, back in our River city nest, with the sullen teens still gone.

Pinch me.

We made it home a little after midnight on Saturday, slept in, read the papers. Mistress was reunited with the “kittens” she and the teens dote on.

Both of us were a little too stiff and sore from the long driving day on Saturday, so we passed on our weekly switch day, settling instead for some long and leisurely love making before our morning bike ride.

Mistress did take her time toying with my cock – both with her warm mouth and well manicured fingers, making me beg to fiuck her…. It was all very frustrating, if ultimately rewarding..

It certainly was strange to have a Sunday to ourselves, back her in River City, with no family duties to attend to, kids to nag about their homework, other folks’ messes to clean, etc., etc.

(Though there was a very early morning text message from Europe this am, with the critical query: “how much is in my bank account”.)

We can get used to this.

As I was settling down to watch the local NFL team take on the team from our WC’s hometown, I did get a text  message from him:

“What should we bet.”

After quickly consulting with Mistress, who was draped across a nearby couch, reading the Times, I responded:

“Molly and B?”

(i.e., if my team won, I’d get a shot at his wife; and he’d got one with Molly if my team won).

Of course, this was a sucker’s bet. With me as the sucker. Our team had not won in this particular venue since Gerald Ford was President. I kid you not!  So it should have been an easy bet for Miguel to take.

But no…. he backed away. I got some line about how he needed to consult his wife, that she was likely to get back at him for the caning she had absorbed following their encounter with the book Donna had sent them.

Cold feet, M. 

(Of course, M’s team did win, though it was a little closer a game than I had anticipated).

I think Mistress was a little disappointed in his reluctance to take the bet..

But I did try to sooth her with a little worship before bedtime.

It seemed to pass.


beingaisha said...

Sigh... sweet, sweet, sweet.

Glad you made it home safely.


sin said...

Lovely picture

Aimee said...

Glad you are back and enjoying the pleasures of your empty nest home!

Mistress Aimee

Suzanne said...

Too bad you couldn't reach an agreement on a bet. Speaking from experience, there's nothing like a sports and sex related wager to spice things up.


Donna said...

What a beautiful pussy and breasts, too.

Bill and I also find that a bit of worship, for either of us, eases any issues away. Good move there, Mick.