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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mistress Does Her Laundry

Some of you may have picked up that Mistress is an aficianado of Tie-Dye. And particularly when we are out here at the Mountain Zone Branch office, she seems to wear a lot of it. There is even a little store, just down the street, where Mistress has gone to get her fix for tie-dye dresses.

Well, yesterday she washed several of them, and let them air dry here in the cool mountain breeze, under our portal so to spare them too much of that bright high altitude sun.

(I suspect some of you are asking, why the Slave is trained to do this sort of task, but Mistress knows better than to trust me with her precious garments.... I spent my work hours weed whacking yesterday).

But with her tie-dye drying, what was Mistress to do.

She spent a good part of the day naked, mostly out on the patio, in various states of repose. I took a few surreptitious photos of her, as she read from her little kindle.

Then there was another, when she was napping in the sun.  (I hope she put on enough sun screen).

And another, with the kindle shielding those clean shaven folds.
Around this time, Mistress heard the little click of my camera, so my gig was up. "Make sure I get to approve those, Slave?"

And of course, she did get a chance to decide whether my photos could be shared with you.

As I was sitting at my little roll top desk in the shade, running through some emails, she did remind me of a task that I had been a little slow on the uptake to complete.

"I'm surprised you did not offer to worship, Slave.... "

Oops.  We had some rather satisfying wake-up sex earlier, but that had been a few hours earlier.

So I tossed a pillow on the hard brick of the patio and "chowed down". Mistress's normally spicy and seductive flavors mingled a bit with a little salt and some faint sun screen, but was very satisfying. and she seemed to enjoy it too.


Aimee said...

I trust my sissy to wash all of our laundry, delicate or not, but it did take her a little while to learn how to fold things to my satisfaction!

Another round of delightful pictures, and clearly you are both enjoying the vacation (though it would seem Slave could stand to focus a little bit more on pleasuring Mistress!)

Mistress Aimee

Bill, Dir of Security, UCTME, Int said...

Mick, to forget to worship sounds like high altitude sickness to me! Maybe you need some help, making sure the sunscreen is on and the worship is on schedule!Just saying.

Harry Haversackers said...

Mick, Mistress Molly is a sight to behold, you lucky bugger!

Laundry?? CH was dismayed when I ruined a few items of her clothing early on, but now that I have the techniques down pat, she's very appreciative that she no longer has to deal with a task she'd come to dislike immensely. It's just another of those things I do that makes her life easier.

Suzanne said...

Nice to see you're both taking advantage of the weather. And for a Mistress, some outdoor worship always seems to lift the spirits.


beingaisha said...

Lovely pictures, of course. Love the tie-dye too. I'm old enough to have enjoyed it the first time it was around too, so I particularly like seeing it make a come back!

Glad you're both enjoying.