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Friday, September 9, 2011

Meanwhile.... Back at the Ranch

Isuppose I left you hanging yesterday, Mistress’s legs spread at 13,000 feet,her Slave on his knees, dodging rocks as I devoted myself to the addictivetaste of her fragrant juices.

Well,after we both had out fill came the long trek down…. Something that is harderon the legs than the long climb up. After 7 hours on our feet, we finally madeit to our car, a tad soaked from the thunderstorm that popped up just after wefinished sharing our lunch with some scavenging chipmunks.

Whenwe woke Thursday morning, we had some pretty achy leg muscles. (Which of coursedid not prevent Slave from gingerly fucking Mistress after she read the blog….)

“I’mnot so sure I like that photo of my thighs, Slave….”

“That’swhat strong and powerful thighs look like after climbing a 13,000 foot peak,Mistress…. I suspect your fans will be pleased.”

Withthose sore legs, we decided to pass on our morning bike ride. But Mistress hadsome plans for me in the afternoon.

“Afteryou go to the grocery, I’m fucking you in the ass Slave….”

Thatgave me something to contemplate as I picked up some provisions. And, sureenough, once lunch was over and I checked some work emails, I was told toreport to our bed, and “get me my supplies, Slave…”

Ihad made sure to pack her strap-on, knowing that a failure to “be prepared”might cause me to forfeit a merit badge and earn some stripes on my ass.

Onceshe had secured the harness and inserted her trusty dildo, she slid into bednext to me for some “priming”, then instructed me to assume the preferredposition, on my belly, ass conveniently available for her.

Shefound her mark without much help from me.

“How’sthat, Slave”, she said with her first ginger thrust.

Yeah….She found it alright.

“Ummmm….Fine Mistress.”

Withthat reassurance, Mistress went to work. She built her self to a nice impalingfrenzy, and within a minute or so came with a burst of energy and a moan ofdelight.

Iwas more than happy to accommodate her.

Butshe didn’t stop there, just slowing a bit to catch her breath, then building toanother frenzied climax.

“It’sso nice to fuck you, Slave…. did you like that?”

Thisas she was withdrawing from me, stepping away from the bed, and leaving herharness and it’s tool for me to clean and restore later.

“Ofcourse, Mistress…. And would you like me to insert my device now….”

(Theaneros, that I also knew I was supposed to pack.)

“Absolutely,Slave…. then get back here in bed and fuck me….”

Ishook my head to refocus a bit, then climbed out of bed, and proceeded to lubeup the little tool and slide it in slowly but surely.

Ido know how to follow orders.



Suzanne said...


Seems like you forgot the special blanket with the company logo in your office. Would have come in handy for those poor knees of yours. I'm sure it was still worth the pain and suffering :)


WC said...

You two lunatics don't need no stinking blanket,

The always entertained by Mick and Molly,


Donna said...

I was so pleased to sit with my coffee this morning, reading about your adventures in hiking, dancing, and loving. It sounds wonderful!

Speaking of adventures!!! La Domaine rates as one of the top experiences of my life. Bill is really very impressed with what he has experienced of my training so far, and I will add that the first wine on the table Tuesday evening, the Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse De Lalande, was outstanding.

Thanks again to WC for reminding me to take the UCTMW Visa Card!

The much teased. trained, roped and sated Southern Correspondent,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Glad to have you back, Donna. As you can tell, it's been a lot of heavy lifting without you.


Donna said...

Hey Mick,

Are you sure you meant heavy lifting?
From this vantage point it seems there was more heavy licking than heavy lifting.

And may I say, good for you!


WC said...

Hey Donna is great to have you back.

I cant wait to get your report on La Domain

The ever curious, and Donna's fan,