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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunset on Our "Honeymoon" Holiday

First off, I apologize to our Senior Correspondent for my delay in getting the first installment of her adventures at La Domaine posted yesterday morning. Somehow the google reader app was a little slow in getting it out there too. If you missed that entry please go back and read it today!  I’m anxious to hear about what happens next, and what type of performance review Donna gives the MIT’s (Mistresses in Training).

Of course, Molly had her own reaction to that concept.

“Hmmm, maybe I should sign up for that training course, Slave…. I probably could learn a few tricks to make you more obedient. You can get a little surly sometimes….”

No doubt, I do. She does a pretty good job  with that riding crop, but I probably am a little pampered compared to some of those Slaves out there.

Sadly, our stay here is coming to an end.  We start that long drive home on Thursday morning, and our reporting until Monday may be a little spotty. Hopefully Donna can give us the next installment of her “investigative report” in the meantime to keep you entertained.

The last two days had us hosting a couple from River City. They were very low maintenance house guests, very gracious, and left us time to ourselves for bike rides and some early morning hi-jinks. Yet we did miss our time to ourselves during their visit. So we are glad they shoved off for our mutual hometown yesterday afternoon, giving us the last day and a half here to ourselves.

“It was a little strange not to be able to walk around naked, Slave…. and what if I had to punish you. I suspect they would have heard.”

Yes, their presence definitely cramped Mistress’s style. And it would have been hard to explain away the slap of her crop on my ass, or my cries of pain.

But by yesterday afternoon, as they pulled down the drive, things got back to “normal”.  Within minutes , Mistress was out on our deck, nude, reading her kindle.

As you can see, her tan lines have all but disappeared over the last ten days. And I couldn’t help but use my camera to share with you her lovely browned bod.

Of course, there are certain risks inherent in nude sun bathing. Like when the Federal Express driver rattles up our drive, and turns around at the end, where Mistress is potentially in plain sight to prying eyes.

Last week, she compounded the problem by popping up excitedly to see who it might be, flashing lots of boob. 

“Mistress…. You may want to just stay low, where he can’t see you….”

By yesterday, she had learned that trick and simply stayed hunkered down in her chaise. So I suspect the driver was oblivious.

AS the sun dipped into the afternoon sky yesterday, and some clouds formed over our mountains, Mistress gave me some direction.

“Slave…. I’m taking a bath. I want you in bed and ready for me when I’m done.”

“Of course, Mistress…..”

When she emerged from her bath, I was directed to insert my “device”, the aneros. 

“I want a particularly hard one from you this afternoon, Slave….”

As things turned out, that was not a problem. And afterwards, we took a nice nap before it was time to prepare dinner.

We lolled about, our privacy restored, reading, watching the news, and noticing the storm clouds gathering and thunder rumbled,  even as the sun set to the West, lighting the sky with its pink glow.  We moved to our front porch to watch the drama unfold, catching both the sunset oin front of us, and the dramatic rainbow above over the local tribe’s sacred mountain.

We’re going to miss it here.


Donna said...

Gorgeous photos, all of them. I can't imagine how difficult it is to leave behind the freedom and privacy you have there, but it's only a temporary situation. You'll be back soon!

Oh, and about the Mistresses in Training...I am a lowly slave there, it is my job to say, "Thank you, Mistress", not to offer a review of their skills! These women have access to an entire dungeon full of all manner of kinky and pain inducing equipment. Nope, any suggestions for improvement would be from the Mistress and Master of the Dungeon, not me! lol

The not that stupid Southern Correspondent,

Suzanne said...

Mick - you are definitely quite the photographer. All of us here at All Mine have enjoyed the pics...some of us more than others.

And Donna...missed your post yesterday...sorry about that. Definitely a must-read!


beingaisha said...

Sad to leave there, I know. Hopefully, there will be some kind of consolations back in River City...

Anonymous said...

Molly...Your comment,

“Hmmm, maybe I should sign up for that training course, Slave…. I probably could learn a few tricks to make you more obedient. You can get a little surly sometimes….”

is very interesting. I've wondered how it is Mic is so pampered. I'm sure a visit to La Domaine for some Mistress training would be very helpful. In the meantime you might get some ideas from Mistress Ivey over at the "Becoming a Mistress" blog like this recent post: