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Monday, September 5, 2011

Chain LIghtning

This blog comes with it’s own music, linked here…. Through I had originally intended the song to be that old Allman Brothers tune, Whipping Post.

Ah well….

On Saturday, the college football game in South Bend, Indiana was interrupted not once, but twice, due to the proximity of thunder storms.

Well, on our Sunday switch day here at the UCTMW Mountain Zone Branch office, the same damn thing happened as well, though I think we put our rain delay to better use than the Fighting Irish.

I had planned for some outdoor switchery all along, but when I went outside after making Mistress some coffee I realized that the air was still a little too chilly for all that tender skin.

(Not that a few goose bunks would have killed her, but all that wheedling and whining would have driven me crazy. I suppose I need to acquire a nice gag for suck occasions.)

So  we “settled” for some conventional but very hot wake-up sex, with the understanding that I would have a raincheck for later that day.

As it turned out, that raincheck was very appropriate.

After our bike ride, breakfast, and some time in the sun reading the Times, I suggested that it was time for Mistress to face the music.

There was already a sturdy eye hook screwed into one of the posts that lold up our portal, and soon Mistress found herself with her wrists above her head, those little red cuffs locked in place.  Black ankle cuffs linked together kept her legs restrained.

I stepped inside to retrieve my camera and the riding crop that had been used with such gusto on me….. and that’s when I heard the first rumble of thunder.

“Slave… did you hear that?”

“What. Mistress?” ( I can play dumb with the best of them, just short of Rick Perry).

“Thunder Slave…. you’re not going to do this with lighting in the area, are you?”

Well I don’t necessarily play by the NCAA rule book, but a glance to the North revealed some rather large storm heads billowing over our Mountains and headed our way.

It’s a late “monsoon” season here, after a very dry summer, and the rain is welcome. But this particular storm was stepping on my weekly privileges.

So I was forced to expedite things:  Mistress received a sampler of thwacks on that cute and lush ass, then I deployed the power tool as she “struggled” against her bonds. The ankle bondage made it a little harder for her to spread her legs, and dragged out a bit the inevitable orgasm.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been using a power tool with lightning in the area but it seemed we still had a little margin for error. It wasn’t as if we had to evacuate a stadium full of fans, though I suspect the crowd at ND would have been more entertained by this little show than what they saw there in Saturday.

With a 2nd orgasm completed (“punishment” for failing to ask permission before the first one), I unhooked Mistress from her post much more quickly than I had planned, and helped her inside to our bed.

Her wrists were reaffixed to a similar eyescrew at the bed, and I proceeded to fuck for a good long time. I mean, what else to do in a rain delay? Drink Gatorade and retape your ankles?

Sex led to a very long mid-afternoon nap, limbs entwined. When we woke up, the sun was back again, and Mistress asked if I would remove her wrist and ankle cuffs.

“Not now, Mistress, I’m not done with you yet…. We were interrupted by the storm, remember?”

She was a good sport, and she went back outside to her lounge chair, still naked, with her writ and ankle cuffs potentially creating tan lines. 

We both read a bit longer, until I thought it was time for a little more fun.

This time Mistress was allowed to remain in place, but with her wrists and ankles bound to the chair, the trusty power tool at the ready.  I figured there could be intermittent cumming and languishing for the rest of the afternoon for her, as I finished the paper at my leisure. I even smeared a little extra sunscreen on my “victim” to last a while.

That’s when I heard another peel of thunder…. Sure enough, a glance to the north should another round of storms approaching….

Once again I had to expedite my “game plan”, using the Hitachi to bring Mistress off two more times as she pulled against her bonds in frustration, with sprinkles beginning to fall just as she finished round two .

I suppose that was foolish of me – using that device even as  it was beginning to rain.  I hope it does not earn me a punishment, or a citation from OSHA.


Aimee said...

Haha, after that many orgasms I would hope that you would not earn a punishment from your Mistress (though I cannot speak for how OSHA would feel about that!).

This post reminds me again that we definitely need a hitachi, one of the few things missing from our toybox.

In any case, I am glad the place you are staying has such an abundance of conveniently located eye hooks. If we were not still renting at the moment I would probably install conveniently placed eye hooks in every room of the house.

Mistress Aimee

Bill, Dir of Security, UCTMW, Int said...

I wouldn't worry about OSHA. Just claim corporate privilege and they would back off, they do it all the time! By the way, excellent pictures of our CEO, very nice!

sin said...

Don't you find that those eyehooks are worth their weight in gold?

I do think maybe you need to check out some non-electrical appliances for occaisions like this. Just in the name of safety!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I agree, Sin. You can never have too many strategically places eye hooks. and our wooden beams and columns work perfectly with them out here.

Suzanne said...

Nice to see you were able to transport more than the "bare necessities" to the Mountain Time Zone branch office. Or, is the place already appropriately equipped?

The doesn't think about "switching" too often (but sometimes),


beingaisha said...

I've heard of "saved by the bell," but rarely "saved by the thunder." Sure worked for your Mistress though.

And ~ let me see if i understand the rules right, if she fails to ask permission for an orgasm, her "punishment" is that she has to cum again?

Sheesh, Mick, you are one harsh taskmaster!



Myli said...

Wow, I just realized that I've never been tied up outside. Hmmm, I need to fix that. Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

As someone who was at that ND game until the bitter are correct, I would have rather watched your show.