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Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Road HNT and a Preview of Cuming Attractions

No early post here at UCTMW this morning... instead we were up and out early, beginning our long mounful drive back to River City.

Of course, Mistress did get a little action this am. When I woke her at the appointed time, she asked if I wanted to have some early AM sex before we left.  I demurred (for fear I would just want to go back to sleep afterwords) but I did make sure Mistress got some wake-up worship.

Yesterday was a nice summation of our time here: leisurely time in bed in the morning; a bike ride up and down our neighborhood hills and valleys; a little time in the sun, and a nap and afternoon sex before heading out for an evening of food and music in a nearby restaurant/bar.

During the afternoon, we gave a call to Donna, our Senior Correspondent, who was celebrating a birthday yesterday. (The CEO likes to reach out to our world wide staff on such ocassions). ANd yes, Donna, Mistress was strutting around the patio naked while you previewed your adventures at La Domaine. Both of us are anxiously awaiting the next installment.

After 10 days or so of nude sunbathing, Mistress really has done away with just about all of those tan lines, as this HNT  (actually 100% NT) photo demonstrates:

I took the first shift driving once we left our adobe abode, and we stopped for a greasy breakfast at a little cafe in southern Colorado. Now Mistress is at the wheel, giving me time to get something up here to amuse the rest of you, using our mobile Wifi gizmo.

But while I was driving, Mistress was engaged in a lengthy text conversation with Francois, back in River City. (Did you think he had disapeared, dear readers?)

Francois and Mistress have been in increasing contact these last few days, as it became apparent that we were actually coming home. and this morning he was weaving an interesting scenario for Mistress involving another woman (with slightly larger breasts), remote controlled butterfly vibrators, and this humble Slave (apparently wearing his cock cage, at least for a while).

It's something to mark on the schedule for an upcoming weekend. Sort of a "house warming" in honor of Mistress's return from River City.

I won't go into all the details, but Francois, if you are out there.... please feel free to fill in the blanks.


Anonymous said...

Yes, drive safe, and yes I am here. Yes we did text back forth a while, I actually felt somewhat submissive having to copy texts from Mistress to the other woman and vice versa. But I feel it would be a nice way to invite you two to a welcome back in river town city with a nice dinner.

Now of course a dinner is no fun without some excitement, thus I mentioned the butterfly remotes. (Since I have not been able to get the blue tooth cell phone remote vibrator).
As you know a submissive should never climax without the consent of the dominant. Thus instead of me controlling the remotes, why not have the ladies control the remote of the other. And see who will not be able to control herself during dinner in the restaurant.
You already found out most restaurant people are not as conservative as Mistress thought they were...remember the chef who took the 2 on their leash to his wine basement during dinner service while providing me with excellent macadamia crusted fish.

Oh Mistress and I also texted about the weight scenario involving you, to test how much of a man you will be Lets have lunch end of next week. you know where.

Francois aka Eurotrash

WC said...

Nice blog Mick,

I always like to know what is going on in your lives.

Sorry you have to go home, but I'm sure you two will still mannage to have a great time, and find time to have plenty of sex.

Am very curious to see what happens with dutch guy.

Sorry to be replaced but am very happy for Mick and Molly because I know you both need to make the dom/cuckolding thing a reality, and for many reasons I could not fulfill your needs.

In any case I hope we can remain friends and hope you keep on bloging Mick because a highlight of my day is my daily dose of Mick and Molly.

To bad we couldn't have lunch.

The happy to know what is going on with my my very dear friends, the one and only Mick and Molly,


WC said...

Francois I neve said you were Erotrash,

I said you were boorish in you contention that American could not satisfy the lovely Molly.

And why do you feel submissive I did not understand.

Any way I hope you enjoy your relationship with Mick and Molly as much as I have as they are two very special people.

Mick and Moll's bigest fan,



Anonymous said...

Hello All,
thanks for your comments! Mick and I do look forward to Francois's plans...and Mick does look forward to a pre-lunch. Now WC, you are part of this empire -- it is kind of like the Hotel California. So, let's all try to enjoy ourselves..

Anonymous said...


Mon Diue, I was not referring to you with using EuroTrash. I have used the call sign EuroTrash since my inception as a drafted officer in the armed forces. I have used it calling in artillery barrages, I have used it the arrest reports I wrote, I used it right before I passed out when taking of in a F-16. so let me use this call sign in peace.

Regarding feeling submissive......I was texting with Molly and TOW ( The Other Woman, who by the way has a delightful fetish........perhaps more about that later). I had was blissful in both conversations, I was in enticing Maitre mode. Until both ladies started asking questions to me about the other. So copying and pasting the questions back and forth for both I felt somewhat submissive in doing so, like a good servant, that was all.

I hope that explains it all WC...Oh I am not sure what your WC stands for but I am just accepting it.

EuroTrash aka Francois

WC said...

Well Francois,

Its ok with me if you want to go with Eurotrash.

But i would advise you to stick with Francois, LOL

Any way I hope we can become friends to.

I have become friends with some of Mick's fans, Donna, Suzanne, Nila, to name a few. In fact I just got a book by Master R from Donna in the mail five minutes ago.

The hopes he can be friends with Fransois too,


Donna said...

Hey WC, I'm so glad Master R's book arrived so quickly. In addition to all the other great things in those pages, there is a section on a very special rotisserie that I think may be quite interesting for you to read about.

Francois, I am so happy to make your acquaintance. Welcome to the UCTMW ranks. My Dom Bill and I are part of the vast UCTMW Empire. I have never called in an artillery barrage or taken off in an F-16, although I have cut off some military types at the knees for not obeying me quickly enough in my work situation.

At home, I am a somewhat simple sub and Southern Correspondent for this blog. WC is the Western Correspondent (hence the WC initials), although he prefers to correspond through comments rather than blog posts as far as I can tell.

Hopefully all of us involved with UCTMW will be the sexiest of partners and the best of friends.

Hugs to all,

Suzanne said...

Welcome Francois! While not part of this ever-expanding enterprise I consider all the staff friends and enjoy their erotic escapades. All of us at All Mine look forward to hearing more about you soon.


mouse said...

Mick, Molly, et al;, can't wait to hear what happens next!

Hugs, and love to all,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Molly and Mick are still driving across Kansas, destination Abilene. Let's hope the sidewalks haven't been rolled up, and that a few restaurants are still open when we get there. It's great to see the blog writing itself with all your comments today.

Donna's continuation of her adventures at LaDomaine will be up tomorrow.


beingaisha said...

I'm so late to the party today that I think I've missed it... but that's ok. {grinning...} having parties of my own right here!

It's nice to know you're right up the road again ~ hoping we'll be seeing you soon!


Anonymous said...


thank you for the offer of becoming friends. Now that I will accept it I need to borrow $500, I am sure that won't be a problem to loan that to a friend will it?


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the amount of interesting commentary relating to our upcoming adventures. I am certain that they will provide viable content -- and those of you who know Me in my day life -- know that I am all about content