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Friday, September 16, 2011

"LaDomaine Part II, from our Senior Corresponden

In my earlier post this week, I neglected to mention an important lesson I learned about entering a dungeon as a submissive/slave: Questions are always welcomed, asked in the appropriately respectful format, of course. The surprise is that the answers come in a different manner than one might expect.  For example, just after the tour began I noticed on a shelf near the suspension station the item represented in this diagram.

It looked like an odd type of saw to me, so I asked Mistress Collette what it might be. She turned to her Mistresses in Training and, with a smile on her lovely face, announced that slave Donna was wondering about this device and she reached over, picked it up and began to give a demonstration…on me. For those who don’t know this is a cupping device. The cup section is placed over some tender part of the body, in my case my right nipple, and the suction handle is pumped until the nipple is streeetchhhed out. For some, it can be quite painful: for me there was an initial pull but not much after that so Mistress decided I would leave it attached and just allow the suction to continue during our stroll through the dungeon, and she would see how things progressed.

When she realized I wasn’t asking as many questions aloud, Mistress began reading my interest level by paying close attention to my eyebrows and the way I examined things she placed in my hands. I attempted to go into the Mr. Data (from Star Trek) mode, but Mistress Collette seems to be a mind reader as well as a Dominatrix and I had some up close and personal experiences with things that snap and pull and sting and buzz all throughout the tour.

So where did I leave off the other day…oh, I remember now, we were at the end of the warm-up session on the sawhorse with the flogging of the clothespins on my breasts and labia. So, after untying my wrists and ankles and gentle massaging them to ensure proper blood flow, the Mistresses helped me stand and lean forward against Mistress Collette. She nuzzled my neck, so softly and sweetly and I found that I was returning the kisses to her neck and shoulders, rubbing that super soft skin with my tongue and then pressing my lips against her flesh for a few moments of gentle sucking and licking. After a nod from Mistress Collette, Mistress Dame presented me with my crutches and, still bound in the Shibari rope, I was led to a back corner of the dungeon.

In that area there is a very interesting hanging table, a hanging massage table of sorts. It is suspended from the ceiling by chains at each corner.  I was soon lying on my back on the comfortably padded table with my wrists and ankles cuffed and attached to the chains. In effect, I was spread eagle, roped and chained. Interestingly, there is no place for shyness in the dungeon. Those in attendance are so secure with their own nudity as well as that of other people of all ages and body types that there was no feeling of shyness or false modesty. This is a place  where there is  appreciation and stimulation of the human body in all its varied forms of beauty.

As I lay locked in my spread eagle position, Mistress Collette and the two Mistresses in Training soon began stimulating my arms and legs, working toward the trunk of my body and then slowly working together in concentrating on my breasts and genitalia. Goddess Evitaa noticed I was watching careful what was happening and suggested that perhaps being blindfolded would keep me from anticipating what was coming. How right she was! Being blindfolded kicked up the tactile sensation as well as the anticipation. 

I was aware of the increasingly larger vibrating dildos being placed in my vagina, and the alternating of different weights and textures of floggers being used all over my body. A Wartenberg pinwheel ran back and forth across each breast and nipple, down my sides and perhaps over my clit, too. About then, as I was really building to a climax, I heard Mistress Collette say,” Oh my, I can think of another orifice that hasn’t been filled.” And yes, she was referring to the back door.

On my earlier tour of the La Domain dungeon I had noticed some very, VERY large butt plugs and dildos. My hope was that Mistress would at least start with the human rather than bull sized dildos. What Mistress decided on was a rather long vibrating dildo placed waaaay up there where the sun doesn’t shine. Little did I know at that point in time that I would be ordered to leave that dildo in place all night long and that it would be my responsibility to wake during the night to replace the batteries in the control pack that would be tucked into my ropes as I was tucked into bed for the night.

But back to the swinging massage table and the chains and dildos, I soon heard what sounded like the striking of a match and then something very warm was dripping over my nipples, flowing in small streams around my breasts. The sensuous fluid was dripped slowly down the front of my body and onto my pussy. A drop that fell directly on my clit caused me to suck in my breath, but the drops continued and beautiful warmth continued on and on.

Then I heard Mistress Dame comment that she had never seen a cunt completely closed over with wax before.  Um…what?

More later,


beingaisha said...

Omigod, what a wonderfully sensual tale, and what a tease you are!!

More, more, more,more, more...



Aimee said...

Truly sounds like an amazing experience. Eagerly waiting to read the rest.

Mistress Aimee

Suzanne said...

Donna...please continue. Soon :)


mouse said...

Oooooh Donna.....

Oh yessssss! Please continue (and soon).


Donna said...

Thank you for your comments. I really wish I could better express the range of emotion that charged through me while at La Domaine.

The next installment will describe my time with a male slave used to help me learn to service Bill better orally. That was really hawt! (Btw, I learned the word hawt from nilla and I think it works well in this situation, don't you?).

Thanks again,

beingaisha said...


LOL - definitely HAWT!!!! Very appropriate.



Anonymous said...

Bravo Sister Donna,
My apologies for taking so long today with comments. Our mobile unit had transmission challenges throughout the day on our backroads tour of the USA...outstanding piece...look forward to more and that wax sounds epic!