"Simone" and "Sam" have been forced to go on the Lam, after some sloppy security work exposed them to their potential "enemies". Fortunately, they've found help through the SBPP.
("Sex Bloggers Protection Program"). Follow their adventures here until its safe for them to resume their prior alter-egos.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heading West

Mistress and her Slave are heading west this morning. With the sullen teens settled into their new if temporary homes, we are finally taking a little deferred time off. and since we do not have a very tight schedule in terms of return, we've elected to go overland, with a few stops along the way.

We're entertaining ourselves here in the UCTMW Mobile unit with a wifi connection, and NPR and the Grateful Dead alternating on the sound system.

A deer head, retrieved from Grandma's house, with a full set of antlers, is peering at us over the back seat.

It wouldn't have fit in an overhead rack.

That was another reason to go overland.

I took the first shift at the helm. Now Mistress is steering us into Illinois.

The wifi connection allowed me to check all of those comments from yesterday.

19 comments yesterday.  wow.  Good pot stirring Donna, I may retire.

And there was one more provocative comment on the subject of "slut" from Vanessa Chaland, new to these pages. In her view, "slut" is no longer a perjorative, as Aisha and others suggested. But she added that the word "skank" is the new "slut".  I can buy that. 

Obviously, we are lucky to have such a prolific staff writer like Donna, willing and so capable to fill in and keep the conversation going when the pampered house Slave gets too busy (or lazy).

Now I know some of you would like Donna and Bill to start their own blog. If they did, it would be like one of those SitCom spin offs. But we know how those go. "Mary Tyler Moore" begat "Rhoda" and "Lou Grant". "All in the Family" spun off  "The Jeffersons" and "Maude". And all of the Sienfeld characters (except Jerry) have had their own shows.

I ask you dear readers: Was the spin-off ever as good as the original?

So we hope Donna and Bill stay on the team here at UCTMW, even if it means occassional Amex Card abuse.

Unfortunately, our early departure cut into our wake-up sex. a little while ago, cruising across Indiana, I mentioned to Mistress that I woke with a very hard cock.

What? .... you didn't tell me, Slave?"

"I didn't want to distract you Mistress.... I mean.... one thing would have led to another, and we would have ended up back asleep.... we'd probably still be in bed now."

I'm not sure that Mistress was pleased.  Her slogan seems to be "never let a good hard cock go to waste."

If so, I may be due for a punishment before we hit the Santa Fe trail in Kansas City.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Senior Correspondent Plans Her Amazing Adventure

Both Mistress and Slave had very busy work days yesterday, and other developments arose that have us delaying our departure for our branch office in the mountains until tomorrow morning. As we were lying in bed last night, both burned out, we got a very welcome call from Donna our Senior Correspondent. She was passing on the good news that a blog for this morning would be found in my email in box!

Lovely. Hope you enjoy it.

 I mentioned in the blog last week that I will soon be traveling to a training facility for some sub training. I thought this might be a convenient time to share with you what’s happening with my training plans.

Excitement is what’s happening! At this time next week I will be at La Domaine!

Next Monday I will be flying to a far away city where Master R and Mistress Collette will be picking me up and taking me to La Domaine for four days. We have been working on coordinating this for several months, so to see it all come together is wonderful.

In getting ready, I have been to the local seamstress for some work on my leather bustier and some vests.  I live in a very conservative area of the country and when I called and described what I needed,  the seamstress said she would be happy to help me but I would need to be there between 8 and 9 in the morning, before her regular customers arrive. Okay.

I headed over the following morning and she was just as nice as she could be. She told me that she does a great deal of leather work for motorcyclists and with that, she tipped her head, waggled her eyebrows and nodded a bit as she said, “You know what I mean.” And yes I did. With that, she pointed to a little dressing room and said that even though I had marked it, she needed to see the bustier on me to make it fit just right. This little bit of a woman proceeded to tell me to “suck it in” and pulled the laces and leather tighter than I ever have. In her sweet little Sunday school voice she told me to throw my shoulders back, that if you are going to wear one of these you need to be proud. I am, so I did, and she fit it accordingly.

Today I had a call from Mistress Collette and she and I talked about my limits. We talked about pain, marks, nipple play, being tied up, electricity, humiliation, enemas (Hi, nilla!), as well as many other BDSM things. We talked about food allergies and sensitivities since I will be staying in a room at La Domaine and also having meals there, and we talked about what I would need to take with me in terms of clothing. The answer to that is not much, in case you’re wondering. The conversation was somewhat similar to one you might have with a camp counselor.  Ha-ha-ha. Maybe for one of nilla’s camp stories!

I have both excitement and a bit of wary anticipation running through my mind as the days pass. Bill has attempted to keep me on an even keel by keeping things as normal as possible. When I went out to the kitchen early Sunday morning I found this note waiting for me:

Time for a spanking!
Come back to the bedroom at nine o'clock and put your collar on. Clip both breasts just at the top of your areola.
After that plug in the Hitachi and bend over the bed and say, "I am ready for my spanking!"
I will give you ten with my hand and then apply the Hitachi and give you five with the slut paddle.
You will then lay down and I will buzz you and finger you until I am satisfied you have cum enough.
Then I will take the clamps off and use the flogger on your breasts and cum on you!
See you then!

We deviated from that plan a bit to include some oral attention for Bill, and it was a great way to start a relaxing day together.  In fact, it may have been too relaxing because I forgot myself a bit and am already at a tally of eight swats with the implement of his choice. He has been enjoying Aisha’s ongoing story and, inspired by the disks on the collar for breaking rules in that story, Bill is considering getting a bracelet for me that would look like a charm bracelet but that he could add little disks to in order to keep count of my transgressions and keep the number firmly in my mind. 

I am so pleased Bill wants me to go to La Domaine and do this, to be the best I can be for him and for myself. And I am so pleased and honored to be accepted at La Domaine by Master R and Mistress Collette. This is sure to be a great adventure.

Hugs to all,  Donna

PS Just for clarification, the picture above is not of me. My bustier is black with red flames and garters and my hair has highlights. Those are not the only differences but we will just leave it at that, won't we?

Monday, August 29, 2011


Not much time for blogging today, or for the next couple of days. If all goes well we will be heading out by car to our mountain hideaway by this time tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we have lots of work related activity planned.

Yesterday, the powers of something or other did through a hatchet into our typical switch day activities.

It was a beautiful sunny day here when I got up.

But the power was off.

Maybe it was a sympathetic outage, with our grid feeling as one with its more harried grids on the east coast.

Regardless, it's hard to do a proper switch day with the "power tool" to "torture" Mistress with. It all got a little distracting, and soon my oral worship of Mistress turned into a full bore conventional session of love making in her executive suite, with Mistress riding her "work-a-day" cock to several rather impressive cums. 

Considering all the stresses and strains on her body over the last few days, I think it was probably good not to subject her to too much "abuse" yesterday.  But rest assured, I plan to pack lots of our equipment for our trip west. Maybe she'll give me a rain check?

On our bike ride later in the morning, Mistress had a strange question.

"Am I acting too much like a slut, Slave?"

"Why, Mistress?

"You know, this thing with Francois?"

"Of course not, Mistress .... when I think of the term "slut", I think of someone going to bars picking up a different guy every night.... You've been very careful on both recruiting and  selecting someone to ... shall we say.... supplement the style of sex you and I have...."

She seemed satisfied with this response.  But I realized that the term "slut" itself has a certain ambiguity these days.

One dictionary definition says a "slut" is a "slovenly or promiscuous woman".

Well we all know Mistress takes pride in her grooming. And "promiscuous" is certainly laden with value judgments.

Of late, women seem to have been embracing the term. Even here in River City, we had a "slut walk" in the last few weeks, with women all tarted up in various stages of undress (or kinky dress) to reject the notion that a woman who dresses, shall we say ... provacatively.... is somehow "asking for it."

Yesterday in the Times, an article discussed whether a fraternity invitation at Duke for women to show up at a Halloween party in "slutty" attire, attracted lots of feminist ire, and lots of sluttily attired coeds.
(Here's the link)

So I'm not sure a "slut" is what she used to be. and I know some of you in the blog world have embraced the term in your own "wanton" way.

So what's your take... is Mistress a slut? and is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

From the Desk of Our CEO

Mistress and Slave had a very busy day here at the UCTMW World HQ, including a rather impressive job that Mistress did deploying her strap-on on her Slave’s ass. When she was done, she lay there in peaceful repose, as captured on this photo. But before it was bedtime, she took it upon her self to take well manicured fingers to keyboard to share the following dispatch prompted by the back and forth in our comments section over the last few days:

To Our Devoted Followers and Staff:

It is rare that I write for our vast media enterprise.  My energies re: the written words are usually depleted with my day work. I leave this duty up to Mick.

I have noted that our sex blog seems to have morphed into one with political and sociological content. I suppose Mick and I are masters at discussing those topics that make most folks most uncomfortable: sex, politics, and religion.

 So, gang, this is supposed to be a sex blog – as of today we seem to be deep into a conversation about who does what best in which country and when it is appropriate to claim that so-and-so from somewhere does it best.

My comments:  men…you are all gifted in your own special and unique man sort of ways. While you may hail from widespread geographic locations, aside from some obvious dimensional, height or language differences, you are more similar than different from one- another.

I adore each and every one of you and what you to do me, with me, for me, and  For how you make me feel.

Some of you know that I have tried it with women, but I desperately crave that firm male touch among other things. I crave that firm hand, that rougher skin, that bulging member.

I aim for us to all be filled with harmony and love (can’t help it), I need all of you and your own special brand of Molly Collins adoration. Mick has turned me into a sex super hero on these pages and for that I am grateful.

The older I get the more I love it. Each experience, each compliment and each conquest.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mistress Makes Breakfast

Before I get onto today’s tale of adventure in the empty nest that doubles for the UCTMW World HQ,  I wanted to pass on a brief message from our Western Correspondent, apparently written to make amends for a perceived breach of our media empire’s Equal Opportunity rules (see the Thursday edition I all this seems confusing).


As Molly says, you are a good guy.  Let me clarify me position.  

First , I did not call you “Euro Trash”  I called you a pompous, bigoted  European.

For some background,

I taught skiing in the French ski school for five years.

I have a license to teach skiing anywhere in France should I chose to do so,  I have many great friends from France, Italy, Belgium,  and Austria.

But there were some Europeans that just felt superior to Americans.

I am a very liberal person, hard left in fact. 

And I agree with many Europeans’ distain  for America, especially during the Bush years.

But I always told these bigoted people that I was not going to take any of their anti- American bullshit.

I mean I wouldn't move to France and say “I think all French guy are losers”,  and I am the superior American lover  and will fill in the need that these  poor French women have been deprived of all these years.

The answer is, no I would not.

Hey, people are people everywhere. 

Probably you just said it to impress Molly, I'll cut you some slack on that front, as she it s a powerhouse.

So just cut the crap that Europeans are better lovers, and I will be happy.

The has a lot of European friends and hope you can be another one,  


Since our Policy encourages our staff to resolve conflicts of this type at the earliest possible time, I am sure the CEO appreciates the WC’s effort to explain and seek understanding with respect to his comment earlier this week.

Now, speaking of Francois, I am authorized to report the following developments.

With Mistress working from home these last couple of weeks, well it makes her schedule a little more flexible.

After our “wake-up sex”, Slave was up and getting ready for work, and Mistress made sure to close the lock on my cage. But she was also getting dressed too, at an unusually early hour.

“I need to  walk down to the bakery Mistress…. Francois said he would stop by for breakfast, and well…. I thought some pastries might be nice.”

(Yum. How Continental. But was this an unfortunate stereotype too?)

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate your consideration Mistress.”

I made sure Mistress knew how to operate our unnecessarily complex coffee maker (Slave normally handles such drudgery) and left her to her day, with a kiss goodbye.

And as the morning developed, I must confess that my cage cock had some little twitches to suppress when I thought of what Mistress might be up to back here at the World HQ.

In fact, I was able to finish things up a little early, heading home by around 4 pm. Mistress was home, in one of her cute Tie-dye dresses, working on her computer.

Soon we found out way up to her Executive Suite.

It didn’t take long for me to shed my work garb, and Mistress quickly shed that dress. I helped her wriggle out of her black undies, she spread herself across the bed and I found myself on my knees exploring those silky folds with my tongue and lips.

As I worshipped, Mistress filled me in on her busy day.

She took her time, filling in a few details in response to my questions. I took my time too, probing and suctioning until she got a little too distracted to finish her story.

Afterwards, she rewarded me by unlocking my cage, helping me to ease the metal container off my semi-hardening “work-a-day” cock.

As I sidled into bed next to her, I did notice something I had not seen in the morning.

“Poor Mistress, there’s a little bruise on your breast.”

“Hmmmm…. I guess you’re right Slave….”

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Senior Correspondent on Jealousy and Open Relationships

There is much being written on blogs lately concerning a committed partner having sexual BDSM play and/or intercourse with someone other than their partner. I have an open BDSM marriage, so I decided to weigh in. But first, a short little rant. 
For a few out there, as soon as this topic arises, the vocabulary suddenly includes pejoratives, slurs, and words with negative connotations. Frankly, I am a bit surprised by that. Those very same people would be first in line to correct someone who used a slur of any sort to describe a homosexual, lesbian, someone who enjoyed nipple clamps, the giving or receiving of a whipping, the use of sex toys and dildos, on-line BDSM Dom/sub searches or the use of a webcam in a sexual relationship. How is an open relationship, whether cuckolding or not, so different? This is simply another sexual leaning, a preference, a kink.
End of rant and on to my post about our open BDSM marriage.

As Bill was getting ready to leave on a group camping trip for a convention of tree huggers last week, I gave him a good-bye kiss and asked whether he had remembered to pack his flashlight, toilet paper, coffee pot, tent stakes, lube and condoms. Ordinarily I am the person who packs things, but Bill had finished up his packing while I was working on something else and I didn’t want him to forget anything he might need. And yes, even without me along on the camping trip he might need the lube and condoms.
Bill has been working on several projects and presentations with a woman in the camping group, and I know he finds her to be attractive both physically and intellectually. I also know that she has been skirting around the edges of her physical attraction to him. She is a submissive, without a Dom for the last few years, and soon after I met her I could tell she could really use that sort of settling that Bill does so well.  She is not married, she has no children and her job would not be at risk if she and Bill were to be sexually involved over the four day camp. I had read the emails she had sent to Bill, and had spoken with her on the phone just the previous day. She is a sweet person, not looking for a life mate, simply looking for a bit of time with a solid and safe Dom without all the drama of trying to sort through those on-line.
As things turned out, they didn’t get together. While they were certainly busy with meetings, training sessions, presentations, tree sitting and hiking, I suspect the lack of shower facilities in the 90+ degree heat and the hand dug outdoor latrines (that Bill helped shovel out) may have played a part in tamping down thoughts of play and sex. It’s a bit hard to feel really refreshed and sexy when baby wipes are the only available means of washing up. I imagine they will get together before long. She is a wonderful woman with a submissive need, and I have every hope Bill can help her. The bonus for me is that I find it to be a huge turn-on that my Dom is such a stud and that he is so good with submissives. He shares all that happens, and listening to him tell me how things unfolded as he slowly draws circles around my nipples and then repeats with me physically what he did with someone else, is hot and steamy and always ends in powerful orgasms for us both.
Flipping over to things going on with me, I am going to a special place for some submissive training in a few weeks. I will be going alone. There are some things Bill and I both want me to work on with the trainers there. I am over the moon with excitement that I have this opportunity and Bill has been awaiting my chance to get together with these wonderful people with almost as much anticipation as I have. There will be sexual explorations during my time there, and Bill is absolutely okay with that. He is anxious to hear how things go and has made clear to all involved that he would like to be called if there are any problems at all, but other than that, he wants me to have a wonderful time and experience as much as I possibly can.

You may notice that a commonality in those two situations is that we each know what the other is doing. Bill has read all the emails from my trainers and I have read all of his emails from the woman I spoke of earlier. He knows exactly where I will be and who I will be with and they know him, just as I knew about the woman on the camping trip. If either of us felt at all uneasy, we would stop immediately. There is a safe word for either of us to use in just that situation, but we have never felt the need to use it. Our rules revolve around honesty with one another and safety, both physically and psychologically. And those rules are very firm.
The big fear that some have expressed to me is that their partner might find someone else they like better and leave them.  Yes, that could happen, or your partner might find someone she/he likes better at the grocery store or the gym. If you live with that fear then, quite simply, this isn’t your kink.
Do we have sex with new people all the time? No, absolutely not. We have gone for years at a time without anyone new joining us. When the person, the time and the circumstances are right, we know and they know.
Maybe it was our work or maybe it was our childhood years, but we both learned early on that life is short and that things can change forever in the blink of an eye. We choose to live deeply in love, accepting who we are  and enjoying our kinks.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Word from UCTMW Human Resources

From: Mick Collins, Director of Human Resources

To: UCTMW Staff, World Wide.

RE: UCTMW Equal Opportunity Policy.

Our CEO has asked me to remind all of our staff members, from the lowly mail room attendant (sometimes me) to our various far flung correspondents that UCTMW remains an equal employment opportunity media empire, and aspires to the highest standards when it comes to creating a workplace free of unlawful (or even mildly unpleasant) discrimination based on the widely recognized protected classifications, and even a  few that we’ve made up, often without notice to the rest of you.

Here is our policy, in case you need to refresh yourselves after a long evening of “research”:

“UCTMW strives to create a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment and treats all employees equally. We go so far as to give each of our employees the same compensation and benefit package no matter how lofty or insignificant their spot in the corporate pecking order may be.

We do not discriminate, nor will we tolerate discrimination, based upon race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, educational attainment, kink, sexual orientation, physical appearance, work ethic, accent, preference for snow boarding vs. alpine skiing, or white vs. red wine, eye color, garb (with the exception of madras shorts worn by males), fetish, or political affiliation (other than members of the Tea Party).

Our policy not only assures non-discrimination in hiring, promotion and compensation and the abuse of lavish expense accounts, but also protects our staff from harassment based upon any of the above listed classifications or characteristics.

There are two types of harassment we prohibit.

“Quid pro Quo” harassment would be when the CEO says, “if you do a particularly fine job of worshiping my clean shaven folds, there’s a good chance you I can find a replacement for you in the male room, and I will promote you to my personal assistant and traveling secretary”.

(Oops. I forgot, Mistress edited out that part of our policy when we last re-wrote the Employee Handbook. That type of harassment is no longer prohibited.)

We also prohibit “hostile environment” harassment. That’s the kind where conduct of a verbal or physical nature that is “unwelcome” makes an employee or customer uncomfortable, and is based on one of the characteristics listed above.

Of course, “unwelcome” is the key. When the CEO tells me I need to wear a cock cage if we aren’t going to be in close proximity during the day, it’s based on my gender. Only guys have cocks, right? But then, since I’ve agreed to this form of “mistreatment” in my contract, it’s hard to say that wearing that cock cage would be unwelcome. (Unless I had a really good lawyer, and the jury was all male, that is.)

What brings this reminder to the fore?

Well, yesterday we had some salty comments here at UCTMW about the national origin of an emerging member of our team here. A certain “Francois”.

Another staff member called him out as swaggering Euro-trash, based on a comment reported here yesterday that Most American men would not know how to handle our beautiful, smart and oh so sumptuous CEO.

Now I for one do not know whether Francois would consider this comment “unwelcome”. In fact, when Molly asked him whether he minded being portrayed on these pages, the response was something like.

“Sure…. Maybe I will come off like swaggering Euro-trash. Go for it!”

And it could be that his own characterization of American guys as cowering, flaccid and unconfident wimps who don’t know how to properly give American woman what they really want, deep down inside, is a stereotype too.

I suppose that is for Mistress and the rest of our readers to comment on, and is out of the limited expertise of this pampered house Slave.

Now, back to our regular programming.  Did you think I forgot about HNT?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Unlike the new NFL Players Collective Bargaining Contract, mine does not prohibit “two-a-days”.  And, in fact, with the teens off to their new endeavors, it seems that has become the rule of thumb here at the UCTMW World HQ.
Morning sex has always been part of our game plan – unless there is some reason for an unusually early exit to get to work or the airport. And of course Mistress enjoys her “morning cock”,  particularly when the hard steel ring for my cock cage is firmly in place.

And with a little less time required to prepare meals and nag teens to do their homework, there is all the more time in the evening for the proper use of Mistress’s cock.

Yesterday evening there was even a little extra accelerant for some post-work maneuvers in Mistress’s executive suite.

She had a late afternoon visit from her new “Dom”, Francois.

What’s nice about the empty nest is that there’s no reason Mistress can’t entertain “guests”. So Francois stopped by for a little iced tea and some conversation.

(Mistress has directed me to keep a little veil of privacy down about whatever else might be happening between them, and her wish is my command on that front).

“He couldn’t stay very long, Slave… he had some personal business of his own to take care of….”

Understandable. But he does show signs of showing Mistress the sort of extra attention that she certainly deserves.

“So what did you talk about, Mistress?”

“Oh, we covered lots of things…. I didn’t know, for example, that he used to be a professional cyclist.”

“Impressive, Mistress.”

“And we talked about how hard it was for me to find a proper Dom”.

“Did he have any theories?”

“He says I’m way too intimidating for most American guys…. They wouldn’t know what to do with me….”

“I definitely buy that theory….”

By now I was experiencing a certain degree of pain below the belt.

“Would you consider unlocking the cage, Mistress?”

“Ohh… my poor Slave…. is this uncomfortable for you?”

(Did I mention that when I got home she was wearing a black tank top. And nothing else.  The site of her clean shaven folds may have contributed to my discomfort).

Soon we were in bed. (Actually, Mistress was in bed, and I was on my knees.)Slave was grazing. And when I made sure that Mistress had a suitable orgasm, she was kind enough to free her cock.

At that point, our bike ride was put on hold for about an hour as we resorted to more amorous forms of exercise.

I wonder if the “drive by Dom” will stop by again today?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One cheap and easy way to fill up a Tuesday morning blog is with some leftover switch day shots of my beloved Mistress. 

With our “overtime” activities here on Tuesday morning, “defiling” our far away teen’s room and bed, as Mistress put it, I had plenty of opportunity for photo-op breaks, and it seems unfair not to share them with you all, doesn’t it?

In the meantime, Slave is getting re-accustomed to the daily cage routine. Up in the am early for blogging, I’ve remembered to grab the steel ring that anchor the cage. While my coffee is brewing, I get to work smushing my balls and then my cock through the tight steel band.


At least it’s easier on a warm summer morning than in the cold of winter. (I think our male readers will understand why).

And then, when I go upstairs, Mistress gropes a bit, to make sure the ring is in place, and will help deliver a particularly hard cock for our morning wake-up sex.

Yesterday, after she closed the lock to secure her cock, I was off to work, and Mistress had some meetings of her own to attend.

But fortunately, she was downtown later in the afternoon and stopped by for a  little worship. Having the taste of those addictive juices on my mouth and cheeks for the rest of the afternoon certainly made me look forward to the end of the workday, when I might get sprung loose from that cage if Mistress was in an indulgent mood.

AS it turned out, she was, though there was another round of worship before the key came out.

We went for a bike ride. Mistress took 30 minutes of lap time at the neighborhood pool, and then it was home where Slave grilled some trout for our later than usual dinner together. (It’s so very nice not to have sullen teens nagging “what’s for dinner… and complaining when the answer is “fish”).

Over dinner we discussed the comments that Suffolk.sinner made questioning this whole cuckold thing. He seems focused on the old goosey / gander rule. If Mistress gets to “fool around”, shouldn’t her Slave?  Of course, this ignores the whole D/s power dynamic.

Mistress expresses a little disbelief from time to time, that there aren’t any other women who attract my eye. And of course, if I see an attractive woman on the street, or at a social event, even Slave can’t resist a visual appreciation.

But do I want to do anything about it?

Absolutely not.

Mistress brought this topic up with Francois, who discussed it with her yesterday.

“He says the cuckold mentality means that when I “stray” and tell you about it, you will be even more devoted to me, and even less inclined to cheat  … is that right?”

“He seems to  get it, Mistress….”

Of course, if Mistress required me to serve one of her friends, like Suzanne has arranged for Tammy from time to time, over at All Mine, well that would be a different story, wouldn’t it?

I live to serve.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Switch Day Meets Empty Nest

Before I get into our after action report from a very eventful switch day, I wanted to call attention to and respond to a long comment made by Suffolk.sinner yesterday afternoon.

He seems troubled by our cuckold dynamics here, and can’t understand why if its not ok for this “gander” to play the field, why Mistress should be entitled to her own “indiscretions”.

Suffice it to say that Slave got in trouble when he concealed his extra-marital activities several years back. The deceit opened up a deep wound in our marriage. And as we struggled to work our way back to a trusting relationship, we stumbled into the world of D/s.

I discovered that the idea of turning my sexual freedom to Mistress was not only a way to make her feel more secure, but also a BIG and surprising turn on for me. 

The contract developed from there, as a fun way to formalize things between us.  It’s a little over the top, but I don’t fear that Mistress will take advantage of her rights TOO often.

As for the cuckold thing? I addressed that in an earlier posting that may be worth reviewing if you are curious about our theories on that particular kink. Under Contract to My Wi#1854AD1.

On our bike ride yesterday, Mistress asked me whether I missed the “freedom” she had under our contract. 

“Actually, I haven’t had any problems with it Mistress. No one’s come knocking on my door, making herself available. I don’t think I’m sending off those “available” signals any more…. But I’ll let you know….”

“Would you really, Slave?”

“Sure…. Who needs all that sneaking around stuff.”

Well, enough of all this philosophizing, let’s get back to the sexy stuff….

So here we are, kids flown the coop, and a full set of switch day options available.

It was almost too hard to choose.

After Mistress read the blog, as I worked her into a steamy arousal with my tongue, I made it clear that she would have to work for her orgasms.

“Stopping now, Slave?… you were just getting to the good part….”

I reached into our bedside table, retrieving her red cuffs, locking them on her then linking her hands behind her back.  They match her red nail polish so nicely, don’t you think?

I also attached some black leather cuffs to her ankles.

“What’s nice about these cuffs is that you can wear them around the house through the day, Mistress.”

“Oh…. Really….”

“Maybe even on our bike ride.  I doubt anyone would notice.”

“Oh… Slave…you wouldn’t…. would you?”

I left the question unanswered, helped Mistress to her feet, and guided her down the hall to the now vacant room of a sullen teen.

You may be amused to learn that her room, and bed, are bigger than her parents. She has a queen. We have a double.

But the nicest part about this now unspoken for bed is that it is of the 4 poster type, with very convenient lashing points.

“This would drive her crazy, Slave.”

“True, she usually bars us from her ‘space’ …. But now she’s far away across the pond…. Tough nuggies.”

Soon Mistress found her self spread eagled, face down on the bed.

I let her languish a bit as I went back to our room for a few more tools. A riding crop. My  camera, and the Hitachi too.

Mistress “enjoyed” quite a few strokes from the crop, interrupted by my stroking and probing fingers.

“Your ass is looking quite red, Mistress…. I hope Francois does not mind.”

“Hmmm…. He’s not had any objections to switch day, at least not yet.”

It was about then that I plugged in the Hitachi, sliding it ever so closely to the promised land between Mistress’s spread thighs.

“Ummmm…. Nice … Slave….. but could you move it a little…. Closer….under….”

She was wriggling as best she could, but I was not going to make it easier for her. Instead, I reached for the crop again, trying to match the blows with the rise and fall of her ass as she tried to match her “sweet spot” with the business end of her favorite power tool.

“This is so mean, Slave…. it’s driving be crazy….”

I tried to “help”, wedging it a little more closely to her clean shaven folds, then stepped back, taking a seat on a chair across the room to admire Mistress’s gyrations at my leisure.

She looked over at me, noticing the rigid cock in my hand, as her hips bounced up and down, trying to get the pulsations that eluded her.

“Slave…. what are you doing?”

“Ohh, just enjoying the show, Mistress…. You look so hot over there, all tied up and frustrated, that I could probably just come like this…..”

“You wouldn’t dare…. Would you?”

I don’t think she was sure.  But it didn’t slow her frustrated gyrations, as her hips pounded up and down on the bed, her arms and legs straining against their bindings.

At moments like these, it would be nice if I knew how to operate the video function on that camera. But here is a still photo from my vantage point. (Sorry for the stuffed animal in the background).

“It would seem like a waste, come to think of it, Mistress.”

But Slave is merciful, of only because the tables can so easily be turned here at the UCTMW World HQ.

Soon I was back at her side, taking the Hitachi in hand, and guiding it manually where I knew it would have it’s highest and best use.

And soon thereafter Mistress was quaking and shaking through a primo cum.

When the aftershocks finally subsided, I flipped off the switch, but also noted the error of her ways.

‘You forgot to ask permission, Mistress…. There will be consequences.”

“Just fuck me, Slave….”

So I did, sliding in from behind, pumping into her slowly at first, then with more gusto, bringing her to another cum as she moaned her release into the pillows under her head.

But we were not done just yet.

I released her for a moment, only to flip her over, and re-restrain her, face up this time.

And then I reapplied the Hitachi treatment.

At least she remembered to ask permission the second time around.